Thighs + Birthmark Removal

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Microdermabrasion for Birthmarks?

I have lots of birthmarks at the back of my left leg and thigh. It's pink. Will Microdermabrasion work for me? READ MORE

I Am Infected with Giant Congenital Nevus Include Most of the Trunk and Thighs Black and Hairy Nevus? (photo)

I am infected with giant congenital nevus include most of the trunk and thighs black and hairy nevus I need cosmetic surgery to remove the birthmark... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Cafe Au Lait Birthmark Treatment?

Hi, I was wondering if laser treatment is the best option for me. I have a large birthmark on my thigh and would like to know which laser would work... READ MORE

Can I Get a Laser Treatment for Cafe Au Lait Birthmark on my Leg?

Im 13 years old and i have this HUGE cafe au lait birthmark on my leg.. it covers half of my thigh.. and I HATE it!!. I really really want to have... READ MORE

Can I get rid of a birthmark? (Photo)

All my life I've had a shadowy birth mark all over my butt and down part of my thighs . I hate it, I used to be very embarrassed by it and I'm not so... READ MORE

My port wine stain birthmark is awful. It's on my right bum cheek and thigh. How much would it cost to get rid of?

My birthmark is on my right cheek on my butt and my thigh and I've always been self conscience and sometimes it burns in salt water or in high... READ MORE

Where is the best clinic to remove a deep-brown birthmark in Sydney? (Photo)

I would like to remove a oval-shaped birthmark on my thigh. I have consulted with a surgeon, where it require to cut an oval- shape and then stitch it... READ MORE

I would like to remove a birthmark via laser treatment but was told several years ago that surgery was the only option.

I have birthmark on the thigh area as attached. I consulted with a nurse a few years back at a local Skin (in fact that is their name) clinic in the... READ MORE

Need to find a dr in the Tampa Bay, Florida area who does laser treatments.

Have port wine birthmark on knee and thigh want it removed. READ MORE

Can my birthmark be removed by a laser? (photos)

I am 99% sure my doctor said it was a congenital nevus last time I had a check up about it. It is around medium sized (its 2.8 cm long and 1.7cm in... READ MORE

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