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I Have a Birthmark on my Forehead, how Can I Remove It?

This birthmark has been with ever I was born and its really embarassing. How can it be removed? Is it safe to be removed? Will it leave a scar after... READ MORE

My 8 year son has a raised nevus on his cheek. Will he be left with a scar?

We would like to have it removed but our concern is the scar it will leave on his cheek. How do you choose a plastic surgeon to do this? Pediatric or... READ MORE

Black Man with Port Wine Birthmark. Can It Be Removed?

I am a black man with what i think is a port wine birthmark. can it be removed? READ MORE

Can I remove a birthmark from my tongue? (photo)

I have a minor birthmark on my I've had it since I was born, but I want to get it removed. It is on my tongue so is it possible? If it is what is the... READ MORE

Cafe au lait birthmark on cheek: Is the laser treatment working? (Photo)

Hellob. I have cafe ay lait birthmark on my right cheek and I did laser treatment using q switched laser and the doctor told me that he wanna see me... READ MORE

Revlite Vs. VBeam PDL for purplish Port Wine Stain?

I am 38 years old with a port wine stain on the left side of my face around the eye and forehead. I have a consultation with a Dr. tomorrow that has a... READ MORE

Cafe au lait spot on the chin

My 3 months old son has a cafe au lait birth mark on his chin of size 2 cm in hight and 1 cm in width. What are my options? How can it be removed? Who... READ MORE

How to remove a deep dark scar (more or less a birthmark of some sort) between upper part of nose and eye?

Hi my name is Milan, a male from India and my age is 22.I want to know whether the appearance of this scar/birthmark which is there since my birth &... READ MORE

I would like to remove a birthmark via laser treatment but was told several years ago that surgery was the only option.

I have birthmark on the thigh area as attached. I consulted with a nurse a few years back at a local Skin (in fact that is their name) clinic in the... READ MORE

I'm 16, male, and I have a birthmark from my mid back to bottom. I feel embarrassed to show my body. Can it be removed?

Like said I'm 16 year old boy I feel embarrassed when I go swimming I don't take my shirt off and at footy training if we have no shirts I always have... READ MORE

Would it be possible to remove my birth mark, and how much would it cost? (Photo)

How can I fully remove my birthmark? How much does it cost? READ MORE

I'm 15 a male I have a couple small Café-au-lait birthmarks on my right inner thigh. What home remedy can I remove this?

I haven't tried anything yet. I don't know if that will affect anything I don't want to undergo lazier surgery READ MORE

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