Forehead + Birthmark Removal

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Will Birthmark Removal on Forehead Leave a Scar?

I have a birthmark on my forehead and it's really embarrassing. I want to get it removed, but will it leave a scar? READ MORE

I Have a Birthmark on my Forehead, how Can I Remove It?

This birthmark has been with ever I was born and its really embarassing. How can it be removed? Is it safe to be removed? Will it leave a scar after... READ MORE

Nevus of Ota? (photo)

Hi , my 17 year old daughter has neavus of ota on her forehead and left cheek , we have tried the co2 laser 3 times with no sucess at all. Can you... READ MORE

What Should I Expect After Laser Treatment on a "Storkbite" Birthmark on Forehead?

My baby son is 8 months old-he had a "storkbite" birthmark lasered on his forehead three days ago. It did not turn purple- only more red. Does this... READ MORE

Is it possible to remove a port wine stain birthmark with laser treatment if it is partially covered with my hair? (Photo)

I have a port wine stain on the top left side of my scalp. It wouldn't bother me at all if it was entirely covered by my hair, but about half of it... READ MORE

How to Remove a Birthmark from Fore Head?

Hi Doctor , I am having a birthmark of dark coffee colour on my forehead, two years back I had gone through the laser treatment for the same , but no... READ MORE

Could this birthmark be easily removed? (photo)

Would removing this birthmark be a simple procedure it's kind of like a strawberry mark but the same color as my skin. READ MORE

How do I go about removing a raised birthmark on my forehead? (photos)

Hey, I've got a small birthmark on my forehead which I would like to have removed. Considering it is raised, I would probably need to have it cut off?... READ MORE

How Much Does the Procedure Normally Run (Range of Cost) to Get an Angel Kiss Removed? (photo)

What's an approximate cost of of having an angel kiss removed that has been on my forehead all my life. It's in my baby photos' from day one. I've... READ MORE

I Have a Birthmark over my Right Eye, How Can I Remove It?

Is brown, and cover my whole eye, til some part on my forehead, i got since i born, can somebody helpme pleasee READ MORE

Revlite Vs. VBeam PDL for purplish Port Wine Stain?

I am 38 years old with a port wine stain on the left side of my face around the eye and forehead. I have a consultation with a Dr. tomorrow that has a... READ MORE

Can I get rid of my birthmark or lighting it without surgery?

My birthmark is really dark on my forehead and big i guess. If i cant lighting it then how much is birthmark remover sugery READ MORE

Which treatment would prove best for the removal of white birthmark on my forehead ?

There is a white birthmark on my forehead while at first in the starting days after my birth it appeared to be red i color and with the time being it... READ MORE

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