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Birthmark Removal Recovery for a 12 Year Old?

My twelve year old daughter would like to have the cafe au lait birthmark removed from her chin (if possible). She's becoming more self-conscious... READ MORE

Pulsed Dye Laser Risks for a 2-year-old with hemangioma?

My 2-year-old daughter is having a pulsed dye laser treatment on her quarter size hemangioma on her face next week. I am wondering, what are the risks... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Get Rid of Café-au-lait Birthmarks Using Lemon Juice? If Not is There a Natural Remedy?

Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl and I have a Café-au-lait birthmark on the inside of my left leg and I'm pretty self conscious about it, I don't feel... READ MORE

Nevus of Ota? (photo)

Hi , my 17 year old daughter has neavus of ota on her forehead and left cheek , we have tried the co2 laser 3 times with no sucess at all. Can you... READ MORE

I Am 16 Years Old and from Kentucky. I Have a Medium Sized Birthmark on my Left Breast and I Would Love to Get It Removed?

My mother called a plastic surgeon and he said he would remove it but he would not give me implants until I am 18. I know I am young and still growing... READ MORE

How Do I Get my Brithmark Removed ?

Im 13 and my birthmark is so embarrasing and unattractive.its on the side of my belly and as its summer,all the girls my age are wearing belly tops,im... READ MORE

How much would it cost to remove a stork bite?

I have a stork bit and I am fifteen so I believe it won't fade away, how much would cost for a treatment and is there a chance to do the treatment on NHS READ MORE

what is the best treatment for neavus of ota?

My baby girl is 7 weeks was born with birthmark and then the pediatric diagnosis as nevus of Ota. please i need an advice. the doctor checked the eye... READ MORE

Can I Get a Laser Treatment for Cafe Au Lait Birthmark on my Leg?

Im 13 years old and i have this HUGE cafe au lait birthmark on my leg.. it covers half of my thigh.. and I HATE it!!. I really really want to have... READ MORE

I have a child who is 1 year old and has hairy Nevis birthmark. It is a bathing trunk mark. How can this be treated?

I have a child who is 1 year old and has hairy Nevis birthmark. It is a bathing trunk mark. On the back it has hair and front the mark. It's a big... READ MORE

Is there any known treatment for her birthmark?

What treatment can help? My grand-daughter is 3 years old, was born with a large birthmark on under her bottom lip to her chin. It has been checked by... READ MORE

Cafe au lait spot on the chin

My 3 months old son has a cafe au lait birth mark on his chin of size 2 cm in hight and 1 cm in width. What are my options? How can it be removed? Who... READ MORE

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