Technique + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Asian Rhinoplasty - What's Right for the Asian Nose Job?

What's the difference in nose jobs for westernized, caucasian noses and for an Asian (Korean, Chinese, etc). Is the technique used in Asian... READ MORE

Asian Nose Job for More Defined and Built Up Nose?

I am Asian and I want rhinoplasty surgery to make my nose to look more defined and built up. What do you do in these cases? READ MORE

Alarplasty? Weir Incision? Or Base Reduction? (photo)

Hello, my nostrils are like a little pig snout. Would you reccommend a weir incision or a base reduction? How prominent are the scars? I 'm half... READ MORE

Can Asians have western noses? Westerners Get Asian noses too?

Can Asians have western noses? Also, can westerners have Asian noses too? Do they combine well? READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty Technique for Flat Nose ?

Is it possible, in Asian rhinoplasty, to have the nostrils taken in if the root of the nose is flat or underdeveloped? READ MORE

Can I Elevate my Tip to Disguise my Hump Without Dorsal Rasping? (photo)

I am ok with my small hump, width of nose bridge from frontal view, nostirls & alar base.I want to change my droopy tip. It points downwards,... READ MORE

What Asian Rhinoplasty Procedures Gives the Illusion of a Longer Nose?

For a low or flat bridge, what rhinoplasty technique will give my Asian nose a more defined angle? READ MORE

Recommendation for Asian Revision Rhinoplasty, Replacing Implant?

Could you please recommend doctors who are experienced in revision rhinoplasty replacing silicone implant with _______? If you are one, I want to know... READ MORE

With Asian Rhinoplasty for Nose Humps, is the Nasal Bone Broken or is the Hump Simply Shaved Off?

Is recovery from a bone shaving for rhinoplasty lengthier than a broken nose correction for rhinoplasty? READ MORE

How Do Asian Techniques Different from Other Nose-job Techniques?

What are the 2 main techniques that every Asian rhino specialist should be well skilled? READ MORE

Which Kind of Rhinoplasty is Better to Make my Nose Smaller? (photo)

I hate how my alar looks bigger when I smile. In general, I hate how my nose looks. I want to know which is better for me to choose to fix my nose... READ MORE

Should Asian Nose-concerns (Ie:fractures, Broken Nose, Sinusitis) Be Approached & Diagnosed Like Other Ethnicities?

I am an Asian female, and I was recently headbutted directly onto the bridge of my nose. My nose physically feels different(indented?) and my... READ MORE

Asian/ethnic rhinoplasty: cost and methods? (Photo)

I have always been self conscience about my nose i want come ic rhinplasty to make my nose more defined specifically my tip, bridge and septum, the... READ MORE

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