Smaller + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Options For Making my Wide Asian Nose Smaller? (photo)

My nostril flares so im considering alarplasty, as well as alar base reduction, so that it would not be as big when i smile wide, but still retain its... READ MORE

Can my Bulbous Nose Be Fixed by Using a Closed Rhinoplasty? (photo)

I'm of mixed Asian-Caucasian heritage, and I want my nose to look more Caucasian rather than Asian. I really dislike how bulbous it is and how wide it... READ MORE

Which Kind of Rhinoplasty is Better to Make my Nose Smaller? (photo)

I hate how my alar looks bigger when I smile. In general, I hate how my nose looks. I want to know which is better for me to choose to fix my nose... READ MORE

Advice and suggestion on Asian nose (female)? (photo)

I want my Asian nose to be smaller and have a nose bridge. I am always being teased by friends that my nose is too big. I have a big nasal tip and... READ MORE

I have a bulbous nose and I'm an Asian. Which rhinoplasty procedure would make my nose appear smaller? (Photo)

I don't have high bridge and I don't mind about it. All I want is to get a smaller nose and a sharper tip. May I known what rhinoplasty procedure... READ MORE

How to change my flat bulbous nose to a smaller feminine nose? (Procedures and type of implants) (photos)

I researched a lot on real self but want to get opinion on my pictures from other doctors. I do want it to look natural. The bridge needs alot of work... READ MORE

I need Asian rhinoplasty revision. I can't find a plastic surgeon who is experienced in Asian faces near me (KCMO). (Photo)

Orig surgery was 3 years ago in CA, a lot of experienced surgeons specific to Asians. Two weeks after surgery, stitch came out of R nostril, that side... READ MORE

If my nose is lifted up - will the nostrils get smaller or it is separate procedures. My priority is fixing the nostrils. (photo

My nostrils are big and the annoying thing is they get bigger when I talk or laugh. If this is my biggest issue - can I fix it without putting a... READ MORE

How can I find an ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon in New England area? (Photo)

Plan on getting a RhinoPlasty in the next two years!, but I would like to educate myself on the process, types and cost associated with the surgery.... READ MORE

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