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Asian Blepharoplasty and Rhinoplasty at the Same Time.

I'm considering having asian blepharoplasty (upper lids only) and rhinoplasty at the same time. Is it usually cheaper to combine the two... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty with Diced Cartilage Wrapped in Fascia?

How much does it usually cost (price estimation) for an asian rhinoplasty with diced cartilage and wrapped in fascia ? Will the result look really... READ MORE

Wide, Low, Depressed Nasal Frontal Angle. What Do You Suggest? (photo)

I am an Asian and my nose is wide,low/flat and has slightly depressed bone on one side. Can my nose be reformed as "expected" pic, which is... READ MORE

Can a Surgeon Do a Rhinoplasty and Sinusitis Surgery at the Same Time?

I have sinusitis but i also wanted a rhinoplasty. i asian so my nose is really flat. i was wondering if both can he done at the same time and if so,... READ MORE

Whats the Cost if You Just Want to Reduce the Width of Your Nose?

Whats the procedure called? Weir incision? And where can it be done it melbourne. Im thinkingnof doing it overseas. Thanks READ MORE

Doctor for nasal polyps removal and rhinoplasty, specialty in Asian nose preferably in Toronto area. (Photo)

My nose profile has always been my complex, additionally i have grown nasal polyps on both nostrils which made me hate my nose even more and pursue... READ MORE

Cost of Tip Reshaping in the San Francisco Area?

I feel that my nose is too wide(maybe the nostrils?) and would like to make it thinner and more feminine. What exactly is this procedure called and... READ MORE

Dorsal silicon implant with/without tip work or dice cartilage wrap fascia? How much/which procedure get me these result?(photo)

Thank you all for taking the time to answer my question. Overall I like my nose but I want it to look more narrow, higher bridge & less bulbous tip. I... READ MORE

Asian Male Nose Job - what are my options and how much is it going to cost? (Photo)

Would like to correcr my nose shape. Please let me know what are my options and how much tentative it is going to cost ? READ MORE

How much would my nose operation cost, including medication?

I am a Filipino citizen and wanted to improve my nose shape. My bridge is flat and it's too big. READ MORE

How soon can I get a Asian Revision Rhinoplasty?

1 month ago I got a rhinoplasty and I am unhappy about the size of my bulbous / tip area. It is really big ( I wanted definition , narrower elongated... READ MORE

Asian Rhinoplasty - If you were to perform a rhinoplasty on my nose, what would you do and how much would you charge me? (photo)

If you were to perform a rhinoplasty on my nose, what would you do and how much would you charge me? Alarplasty is a must as well as more definition... READ MORE

How much does Asian rhinoplasty by a top surgeon in Australia cost? Also I am 18 so would that be an appropriate age?

I know that a proper quote cannot be given without seeing me in person, but most consultations are around $300 AUD so I would like to have a approx.... READ MORE

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