Alar Reduction + Asian Rhinoplasty

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Scarless Method for Alar Base Reduction?

Hi, I'm interested in alar base reduction but worried about the scarring issue. Is there a way to avoid scars, and especially those I think I can... READ MORE

Options For Making my Wide Asian Nose Smaller? (photo)

My nostril flares so im considering alarplasty, as well as alar base reduction, so that it would not be as big when i smile wide, but still retain its... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Reduce the Thickness of the Alar Itself?

Like most Asian women that seek rhinoplasty, I have very thick alar. I heard that there is no technology that can reduce the thickness of the alar.... READ MORE

Am I Good Candidate for Alar Base Reduction? (photo)

Hello Everyone, I'm having an alar base reduction operation this November. I have to admit I am quite nervous about the outcome. After initial... READ MORE

I Had Surgery 2 Yrs Ago.I Have Had Narrowing Wide Nose & Nostrils .

I have had surgery 2 yrs ago.I have had Narrowing Wide Nose & Nostrils (Alar Base Reduction). i think i am having breathing problem doctor... READ MORE

Reducing Thickness of Flesh/skin Around Nostrils

I am Asian with a rather fleshy nose with a bulbous tip. My rhinoplasty has improved my tip definition. However, i notice my alars(which are also very... READ MORE

Revision Rhinoplasty After Tipoplasty and Alar Base Reduction? (photo)

It's been a month since my tipoplasty and alar base reduction with ear cartilage. I feel like my nose is still too wide for my liking althought it has... READ MORE

Alar Base Reduction Scar, Laser Treatment?

I'm 2 months post-op. There's redness and a few visible holes in the scars along the creases of my nose (I had to pull out 2 or 3 stitches myself at 1... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Rhinoplasty Procedure(s) for Me? (photo)

I'm in my 20s, and I've always disliked my nose for being too wide. I'm considering an alar base reduction, but what else? I'm not sure if I want to... READ MORE

Recommendation for asian bulbous tip and wide alars? (Photo)

My nose tip is very large and my alars are too wide. Is there any way that can help reduce the bulbosity of my nose and make it look narrow and... READ MORE

Fluid from Rhinoplasty Infection is Not Draining. Where Will It Come out From?

I had a closed Asian rhinoplasty with silicone implant + tiplasty + alar reduction 20 days ago. Developed an infection at the incision site that... READ MORE

Im asian,had 4 rhinoplasty/revisions,nose is SO crooked/uneven nostrils! What needs to be done to fix/rebuild? Who is right doc?

First did alar reduction/implant bridge w/tip.I LOVED the look,but had redness in tip of nose.6 mnths later replaced it with smaller,flatter... READ MORE

I have wide tip, bulbous nose. I feel my nose is too wide for my face. Should I have an alar base reduction? (photos)

I feel my nose is shapeless but want a natural result and not a harsh "pinched" look. Should I have an alar base reduction, or will cartilage trimming... READ MORE

What kind of nose procedure do I need to have a high bridge, and reduce the alar? (Photo)

I want a narrow and high bridge nose, to reduce the alar and has a high bridge nose. I have broad nose and broad alar and also low bridge nose. READ MORE

What type of rhinoplasty should I have and what's the difference between alarplasty and nose lengthening surgery? (photo)

Can you please advise me on what type of rhinoplasty should I have? Because every doctor I contacted, advised me differently. Surely I will augment... READ MORE

Alar base reduction for 14 yr old girl; is it too young?

My 14 years old daughter is a laughing stalk for having big Asian nose and it widens when she smiles. We're thinking for doing alar base reduction,... READ MORE

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