Asian Eyelid Surgery Videos

Can I Reverse Asian Eyelid Surgery? Here's Why You Should Do It ASAP If You Change Your Mind

A patient regrets his Asian eyelid surgery and wants it removed. Hear Dr. Amiya Prasad's advice on if and when to reverse suture method Asian eyelid surgery. VIEW NOW

Reversing Asian Eyelid Surgery: Can It Be Done?

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses Asian lateral canthoplasty and if restoring the original shape and size of the lower eyelid is possible. VIEW NOW

Before and After: Asian Eyelid Surgery — What Do You Think?

See the results of Asian eyelid surgery in these before and after photos from Dr. Charles S. Lee. Do you like the final results? VIEW NOW


Inside the Operating Room: Watch a Multi-Fold Asian Eyelid Revision Surgery

Dr. Philip Young performs a revision surgery to help remove multiple folds from an eyelid. VIEW NOW

If the Look of Your Eyes is Bothering You, It's Likely an Eyelid Issue

Many patient come in asking what they should do about their eyes, says Dr. Joshua Korman, but her says that it's important to realize that it is often an issue with the eyelids or brows, not the eyes themselves. VIEW NOW

Is it Possible to go Blind After an Eyelid Surgery?

Any surgery around the eyes invites the potential for complications, be they temporary sight impairment or permanent sight issues. Dr. Allan Wulc comments on just how often these complications occur and what patients can do to lower their risk. VIEW NOW

Repairing Bulgy Asian Eyes is as Simple as Adding an Eyelid Crease

While Dr. Allan Wulc maintains that bulgy eyes are preferred in the Asian community, he says that a great way to ensure the eyes look less bulgy is to surgically add a double eyelid if there isn't one already, and he explains why. VIEW NOW

What Are the Chances a Patient Will Go Blind During Eye Surgery?

Doing surgery around the eye can be stressful for many patients thinking about the possible complications but Dr. Fred Hidaji explains the likelihood of the patient going blind during surgery is very low. VIEW NOW

When is Creating a Parallel Asian Double Eyelid with the Non-Incisional Approach Appropriate?

Dr. Amiya Prasad details why the non-incisional approach to Asian eyelid surgery is appropriate to extend and make parallel a naturally occurring double eyelid fold. VIEW NOW

Inner Eyelid Swelling After Asian Eyelid Surgery: What is Normal?

Dr. Amiya Prasad details the causes of temporary swelling after Asian eyelid surgery, how long swelling can take to subside, and the factors that can cause swelling to linger. VIEW NOW

Why Wait for Swelling to Resolve Before Having a Revision Asian Eyelid Procedure?

Dr. Amiya Prasad discusses why temporary swelling occurs after Asian eyelid surgery, why final results are seen after swelling takes time to subside, and why one shouldn't panic and attempt a revision too soon. VIEW NOW

This Is How an Asian Eyelid Crease is Formed in the Operating Room

Dr. Philip Young explains on his patient how he plans to create the desired double eyelid fold using the patient's exposed anatomy. VIEW NOW

Asian Eye Makeover Creating a Double Crease and a Larger Inner Eye

This is a live demonstration by Dr. Philip Young of a medial epicanthoplasty procedure to improve the epicanthal folds, or web, in the medial part of the eye. VIEW NOW

How DIfferent Are the Treatments For the Upper and Lower Eyelids?

The eyes are said to be the windows to your soul, and Dr. Biesman addresses how one should properly treat the area around the eyes for best results. VIEW NOW

An Asian Eyelid Fold Is a Very Desirable Trait, But How Is It Created?

Asian eyelid surgery creates a double fold for those of Asian descent born with a single lid, explains Dr. George Min. VIEW NOW