Shape + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Pulling on Eyelids

Beacaue I have obssesive compulsive disorder. I'm obsessed witm my eyelids. does always pulling your eyelid really hard can change your eye shape?... READ MORE

Asian Epicanthoplasty for Mixed Heritage (photo)

I wish to change the shape of my inner corners of the eyes to have similar shape to that of east- asian and since im mixed (black,white samì)... READ MORE

What Surgeons Have Experience with Asian Upper Eyelid Surgery Revision? Do I Need an Oculoplastic Surgeon?

I had a rather aggressive upper eyelid asian blepharoplasty ( full incision,sutures) 20yrs ago. Fat, skin & muscle removed resulting in hollowing.... READ MORE

I'm Asian But Do Not Want To Change My Eye Shape- Can Eyelids Surgery Help My Sagging Lids? (photo)

My upper eyelids have gotten very droopy, right eye is worse than left. They've always had 2 creases (not just 1, unusual for Asians!). My lower... READ MORE

Can I Change my Caucasoid Eyes to Mongoloid Eyes? (photo)

I'm searching for a surgery to build an (chinese) epicanthic fold on each eye. I've never been contented with my European eyes, though I do get... READ MORE

How does a lateral canthoplasty work? (photo)

I have pretty round eyes (for an Asian) and natural double eyelids, but I don't like the round shape of my eyes.  I'm not looking for bigger eyes... READ MORE

Is a Brow Lift Ever Recommended with Eyelid Surgery for "Westernizing" Eyes?

As a person of Asian descent with very small eyelids, would eyelid surgery alone help "Westernize" my eyes, or would I need a brow lift as well? READ MORE

Recommended Types of Eyelid Surgery to Achieve a Much Larger Rounder Catlike Eye Shape?

I do not want to look "white", as I believe that rounder eyes are not necessarily racially specific, only a stereotype, but what are the reccomended... READ MORE

What Techniques Can Make my Eyes Look Almond or Korean? (photo)

Mostly like the first girl below I have American eyes and I just don't feel I look right. so I Hope someone can please help me I just hope it does not... READ MORE

Asian double eyelid surgery gave me deformed eye shape. Is this normal due to swelling or is it something worse? (Photo)

I had my surgery about 3 weeks ago and I noticed that one of my eyes is shaped very weirdly post-op. The inner upper corners cut into the almond shape... READ MORE

Revision for my asymmetrical eyelids? Not even the incision lines are the same. (Photo)

It's been 2 weeks and 5 days since my Asian eyelid surgery. While I'm aware it hasn't been long, I'm growing distressed because 1) the creases aren't... READ MORE

Can a Scar on the Eybrow Change the Shape of the Eye Below It?

I have a scar on my eyebrow, that goes vertical. its located about the center of my left eyebrow, needed 6 stitches but only received 4 since i got to... READ MORE

Can you have surgery to gain an 'Asian Eye' appearance?

Growing up in has a half Asian, half White child was an interesting, but troubling thing. Out of all the half Asian children in the region, we all had... READ MORE

Can I change the shape of my Asian eyes ? I look Asian, though I'm not (Photo)

Everyone tells me my eyes look asian but I'm not asian and I don't wanna look like Asian people. In pictures my eyes look asian, I m not bothered by... READ MORE

Can there be a correction surgery to make my both eyes be the same shape? (photo)

I had upper and lower blepharoplasty 3 months ago, but now I considered it a botched one because my right is bigger than the other and there is a gap... READ MORE

My eye shape. What can I do to fix it? (Photo)

I know I asked this question already however I accidentally left some details out. I'm a 16 year old with very sensitive and easily scarred skin, who... READ MORE

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