Caucasian + Asian Eyelid Surgery

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Can I Change my Caucasian Eyes to Asian Eyes?

I live in hong kong almost my whole life and I have caucasian eyes. Now I was thinking about getting my eyes operated. Is it possible to change my... READ MORE

Eyelid Surgery to Look Asian

I am Caucasian with very small eyes. I have a "double fold" eyelid so I don't think the traditional Asian eye enlargement I've heard... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Make Caucasian Eyes Look Asian? (photo)

Im 1/4 cherokee, 1/4 korean, and 1/2 irish. I look verry Irish but am proud of my korean heratige. I know its possible to make asian eyes look more... READ MORE

Monolid Creation Surgery?

I personally really like the look of asian eyes, but I have caucasian double lids, and I was wondering if it would be possible to get a surgery to... READ MORE

Caucasian to Asian Makeover.

Round cute face, more narrow jaw (not exaggerated), and an epicentral fold. I would love it if my upper eyelid was a bit more puffier. If possible,... READ MORE

Can Asian Eyelift Surgery Be Done on Caucasian Eyes?

I see doctors that do procedures for asian eye lift surgery specializing on asians. A lot of caucasians have droopy double eyelids that would like to... READ MORE

Can I Change my Caucasoid Eyes to Mongoloid Eyes? (photo)

I'm searching for a surgery to build an (chinese) epicanthic fold on each eye. I've never been contented with my European eyes, though I do get... READ MORE

Can I get Caucasian eyes with double eyelid surgery? (Photo)

I'm a Burmese girl.My eye is a double eyelid type.But I wanna have western double eyelid type.I wonder it's possible for me to get Caucasian's eyes.i... READ MORE

Can Asians get Caucasian-like eyelids through surgery? (photo)

I'm an Asian who wants to get surgery to make my eyelids look like a Caucasian's. But in real life, as to where a lot of Asians receive surgery that... READ MORE

Caucasian man who will be moving to Seoul, South Korea soon. I really want to have surgery to look like the natives (Photo)

Want to get Korean eyes, love them so much, love Korean culture, I currently have saved up $40,000 for the past 7 months any idea where to go? any... READ MORE

I'm a Caucasian girl and I've always loved Chinese and Korean eyes? (photo)

I was wondering if there's a plastic surgery to make my eyes look more Asian. READ MORE

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