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Is ArteFill safe to use for under eye hollows?

Is ArteFill safe to use for under eye hollows? I know Juvederm and Restylane are usually used but they are not permanent and I'm looking for a... READ MORE

Artefill Under Eye Filler Reaction?

I've had Restylane and Artefill under the eyes. Restylane over a period of years; Artefill the 1st time two months ago after skin test w/ no... READ MORE

Had Artefill and It Caused Lumps and Hardening Under Both Eyes.Considering Lower Blephloplasty?

Plastic surgeon will try to remove hardness and lumps.What is your opinion on the best way to remove this hardness and lumps from artefill? READ MORE

Have Artefill Lumps Under Both Eyes and Both Sides of Mouth?

Have been twice to the dermatologist who injected the artefill and he asked if I scarred badly.He shows little concern and I feel he should have told... READ MORE

Could anyone recommend a Surgeon experienced with the removal of artefill under the eyes?

I had an artefill injection under the eyes 3 months and have resulting malar bags, lumping, and pain in several areas. I wish I had known about this... READ MORE

What went wrong with Artefill under eyes? (Photo)

I recently had Artefill injections under my eyes. The Plastic Surgeon put two syringes around the outer lower corner of my eye were the... READ MORE

I had 4 vials of artefill injected in my face 10 days ago. Red lumps. Should I go to my allergist and get prednisone pills?

About 4 days after injections I noticed large red lumps under my eyes. They do not itch just look awful. Should I go to my allergist and get... READ MORE

How long after an Artefil injection can an allergic reaction present? (photos)

2 years ago, Artefil was injected under my eyes. For the past 12 months, I've had edema, raised itchy welts around my eyes with a rash on chest. Can... READ MORE

Fixing below the eye hollowness: fillers or fat?

Just saw a PS who is very experienced with fillers - he said you should never do fat under the eyes, wants to use 10 syringes of Artefill over 2 or 3... READ MORE

My question is: will artefil hardness breakdown over time? If not, can it be removed by lower blepharoplasty surgery?

I had artefil put under my eyes. Sadly the Dr. didn't tell me that it wasn't recomended for this. I now have a long hard lump on the the top other the... READ MORE

Artefill or Skin Excision?! (photo)

When I smile, I have this Horrible eye issue! My doctor recommended Artefill, but because I personally see the issue as excess skin, most accentuated... READ MORE

3-4 years post op Artefill treatment and I feel like my face continues to swell. Any suggestions?

3-4 years post artefill treatment and I feel like my face continues to swell. I originally did it for under eye but when I smile I see huge bulges and... READ MORE

Is swelling after Artefille injection near tear troughs and under eyes normal?

Each side of nose (upper side) and cheeks are red and swelling under eyes and and the whole front cheeks. Took some Benadryl and iced the area but not... READ MORE

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