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Swelling After Bilateral Brachioplasty

Hello, I have swelling in my elbow joint which has started 6 days post brachioplasty, only in my left arm. Is this normal? Thanks READ MORE

Under Arm/arm Pit Swelling After Removal of Fatty Breast Tissue? (Photos)

On 12/13/12 (about 3 wks ago), my doctor cut away a section of hanging/flabby skin under my arm (near pit) that was about 3"x4". He also removed fatty... READ MORE

Swelling and Unable to Extend Arm 5 Weeks Post-op Arm Lift / Thigh Lift / Tummy Tuck - is This Normal?

I am recovering from an arm lift, tummy tuck, & thigh lift near 5 weeks post-op. I am unable to fully extend my right arm up (short scar)without... READ MORE

Under Arm/arm Pit Swelling After Removal of Fatty Breast Tissue? (photo)

On 12/13/12 (about 3 wks ago), my doctor cut away a section of hanging/flabby skin that was about 3"x4". He also removed fatty breast tissue. Still... READ MORE

Asymmetrical Swelling After Arm Lift?

I am 3 weeks out from an arm lift. I have been healing well - minor issues like a small hole in the right armpit and a yeast infection on both arms... READ MORE

How Long Will Arms Stay Swollen After Bracioplasty?

Its been 4 months. the arms look great but they are still swollen and tender to the touch. i can feel when they are swelling and getting tight.... READ MORE

Has anyone with a arm lift had this problem? (photo)

I had arm lift 6 months ago and although Iove the way they look, I still have swelling. Its bad enough that when i bend my elbow you can see a crease... READ MORE

Worried about excessive swelling and pain/itching after bilateral brachioplasty. Should I be concerned? (photo)

I am 8 days out and live alone. I am worried that I am not doing a good job putting on my bandages myself and I may be using my dominant arm (right)... READ MORE

Lumpiness 7 Weeks Post Op Brachioplasty? (photo)

Had Brachioplasty 7 weeks ago, I still have swelling and tenderness on the back of the upper arm. It feels a little like an old wash board. The right... READ MORE

What can I do about swelling and tenderness in forearms and backs of upper arms 2 months after bilateral brachioplasty? (photos)

My arms are still quite swollen, though they have gone down nearly 5 to 6 inches from their original circumference. The scars are healing nicely, but... READ MORE

Should I be unhappy with my arm lift? (Photo)

I had a brachioplasty in 9/2014 and so far am very disappointed. The arms still seem quite flabby and large, and the scar is oddly curved, with a big... READ MORE

Could I have nerve damage after arm lift surgery?

I had arm lift surgery last year, it was great hardly nothing to it, and results fab, however when one arm is outstretched it hurts like its pulling... READ MORE

Arm lift, 7 weeks post op. Is this still swelling? (Photo)

I am 7 weeks post op from an arm lift. My recovery has been great, and I think my scar looks great. I am concerned though because I feel like my arms... READ MORE

Swelling 5 weeks post brachioplasty I realize some is normal

Significant swelling at elbows feel like I have water balloons on each elbow. Wondered if lymphatic massage or compression or both would help. I am... READ MORE

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