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Arm Lift Incision Location?

I gather that the incision for a brachioplasty can be along the inner arm, or on the back of the arm. If the latter, is the incision dead centre down... READ MORE

Postero-medial Incision Placement in Brachioplasty

I have read about the postero-medial incision placement (Brachioplasty).One time it said this incision was at the junction of the posterior and medial... READ MORE

Limited Incision Brachioplasty Doctor

If it were you or your significant other, who would you have do the limited incision brachioplasty? I would like to have this done now, but I'll... READ MORE

Tips/advice on Open Wound/cut After Extended Arm Lift. Pictures Attached- Infected? Too Big?

My Dr. knows, say "keep it clean and dry w/ gauze" 5 weeks post op from Breast augmentation with extended arm lift One side open for about 20 days... READ MORE

Should my arm still be this bruised & hard 19 days after arm lift? I don't want to bother PS if unneeded (Photo)

11 days post op PS prescribed antibiotics since arm was hard and hot (finished meds 8/16). Since surgery my left arm has always had significantly more... READ MORE

Is burning normal after arm lift? How to help itchiness while healing? (photos)

I have a continuous burning sensation under right arm. I am 10 days post op. I thought it was due to my garment rubbing. I cannot see incision due to... READ MORE

What Steps Can We Take to Prevent the Armpit Opening After an Arm Lift?

I am having an arm lift in 3 weeks and I know it's quite common for the armpit area to open. What steps can I take to prevent this from happening? I... READ MORE

Should I panic? Has my arm lift incision opened? (Photo)

I had an arm lift two weeks ago and well I'll let the pic speak for itself, I also had a tummy tuck the same day and I'm still draining 600 to 700 ccs... READ MORE

Minimal incision brachioplasty? I'm reading many horror stories about it though. It sure is cheaper with a shorter scar. (Photo)

My ps recommended this for me along with lipo. I'm reading so many horror stories about it though. It sure is cheaper with a shorter scar. Does anyone... READ MORE

Incision opening. Should the wound be stitched since it is unstable and opening wider (Photo)

Hi I got brachioplasty done August 25 and Wednesday sept 3rd I went for my post op visit and they removed the old bandages and put on new ones. Well... READ MORE

With an arm lift is there method that would almost guarantee incisions remaining intact?

Seems that in the arm pit the incisions often open and they have a longer healing time. READ MORE

Why is a Zig-Zag Incision used in a Minimal Incision Arm-Lift? (photos)

Dear Doctors...your help and a second opinion would be deeply appreciated!! Apparently I'm the perfect candidate for a Minimal Incision Arm-Lift...but... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for minimal incision, short scar or traditional brachioplasty?

I am and recently lost weight through diet and exercise. I dance and would prefer to avoid the visual distraction of a long scar when I raise my arms.... READ MORE

Why am I developing stretch marks along my brachioplasty incision? (photos)

I'm five weeks post-op from my brachioplasty, and I started to develop red streaks a couple of weeks ago. It is unilateral. I followed up with my... READ MORE

I want my axillary skin removed, could that same incision be used to help upper arm skin?

My major concern is my axillary skin because it's a lot! But I was wondering if at the same time I'm getting that removed if I could get a little help... READ MORE

Surgical glue for Arm Lift?

I had a hysterectomy and I was cut hip to hip. Other than a few dissolvable stitches for the drainage tubes my doctor used surgical glue. The incision... READ MORE

How is a dog ear revision performed?

I was wondering how a dog ear revision is performed? Is it extending the incision (cutting) so it will be longer than it is presently? At this point,... READ MORE

How is Hematoma after Brachioplasty typically treated?

I had brachioplasty done on both arms 6 weeks ago, recently discovered a lump under the incision about the size of a quarter, ultrasound says it's... READ MORE

Do I need short incision or long incision arm lift? (Photo)

I am a size 4 & Had liposuction on the back of my arms 4 years ago. This left me with loose skin. I would like to go sleeveless, but am embarressed by... READ MORE

Arm lift: bumps on incision. (photos)

There are bumps on both arms on the incision line. I had one removed by my Primary care physician a month ago. Now I have 5 more. I am 3 months post... READ MORE

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