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What is the Cost of Arm Lift?

I can't stand my lunch lady arms and i'd like to have them gone! what kind of money are we talkin about here for arm lifting? READ MORE

Would a Mini Arm Tuck Help Me? (photo)

I really wanted lipo on my arms but I have stretch marks even though I was never overweight. The doc said my skin is too soft and won't do it but... READ MORE

Thigh Lift, Butt Lift, Arm Lift, and Lipo in One Procedure?

I need an arm lift, thigh lift, and butt lift with Liposuction. I come from Texas and was wondering, what is the average cost of these procedures in... READ MORE

How Much is an Arm Lift and Can It Be Performed Under Local Instead of General?

After loosing 120 lbs, I just got a TT and an augmentation (800 cc right, 850 cc-left, saline unders) on May 21st. I was left with alot of excess skin... READ MORE

Axillary Fat and Skin Removal? (photo)

I have an enormous amount of fat/breast tissue under my arm, and was wondering what is the cost of removing excess skin and fat, and down time I am... READ MORE

I Am Wondering if a Mini Arm Lift Would Work for Me? Or if I Need a Full Arm Lift? I Have Excess Skin on my Arms. (photo)

Can you tell me what procedure I might need and a ballpark of what the procedure will cost? Thank you! READ MORE

Arm lift with Lipo cost and recovery? (photo)

Ever since I remember my arms have always been bigger for my body. I see pictures of my grandma and it ended up with her arms. I am a plus size girl... READ MORE

I'd like tight upper arm so I can wear sleeveless or strapless dresses. How much would it cost and what is the recovery time?

I don't need any liposuction just need a little lift in my upper arms, but I don't want a big that possible to have small scar if yes what is... READ MORE

How much would an arm lift/lipo procedure and fat transfer from tummy to buttocks cost? (photo)

I've had one child birth, C - section with small scar, 5 yrs ago. I'm nervous about arm scarring. Is an "invisible" arm lift scar possible from the... READ MORE

I have loose elbow skin. Am I a candidate for an elbow lift?

Hands and elbows apparently show your true age. Mine look much older than I am (I'm 33). I know I can make my hands look better with fillers and... READ MORE

What is my best option for arm lift procedure, and how much would it cost? (Photo)

I am 40 years old and always had an issue with excessively large upper arms compared to the rest of my body, even in my late teens. I look at my arms... READ MORE

How much is Arm Lift?

I live in Elizabeth NJ I lost about 50 p. I can't wear tank top cause l look like a skelton. I don't have that much skin sagging a mini arm lift would... READ MORE

Cost & number of Pre & Post visits?

How notable are the scars on the arms after surgery? What is the length of healing time? What are the dangers? READ MORE

Would like to get quotes from surgeons in Mexico for Brachioplasty? (photos)

I would like to get some quotes for Brachioplasty for Sept/Oct 2013. 145lb weight loss from VSG surgery. READ MORE

Balls of tissue under my arms: how much does it cost to have this excess breast tissue excised? How long to recover? (Photo)

I noticed the large lumps developing in my late twenties before any significant weight gain. I had a doctor do a physical exam and he said it was... READ MORE

Cost of arm lift in or near Concord/Walnut creek CA? (Photo)

I'm seriously considering having a brachioplasty done, I have lost 90 lbs and plan to lose another 30 or so... I'm 99% sure that I won't ever be happy... READ MORE

Arm Lift

Is West the only place you can get a reasonable price for Arm Lift? READ MORE

I'm scheduled for my second plastic surgery but having second thoughts. Could I do this at home for the same price?

I had a lower body lift in October 2014. I'm scheduled to have my arms lifted and breast lift with liposuction on my knees and calf and ankle in a... READ MORE

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