Age Spots Treatment

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Age spots are patches of hyperpigmented skin. They can be treated in a number of different ways: laser resurfacing, chemical peel, dermabrasion, and more. LEARN MORE ›
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On 11/24/10, I went in to have dark brown spots (caused by sun damage/age) removed from my face with IPL. I am a 49-year old, fair skinned, blonde hair, blue eyed, freckly person; and I had developed a dime sized brown spot on my lower right cheek, a smaller brown spot over my left eye lid, and... READ MORE

I had been thinking about laser treatment for a couple of years. I have a very tenacious sunspot high on my left cheek and some chronic redness around my nose(which were actually very small veins) that depite numerous over the counter treatments, creams, scrubs...etc would not go away and I had... READ MORE

I've tried IPL and fraxel to remove my "sun spots" but haven't had any results, so the doctor recommended DOT therapy. Removing the sun spots is my main objective, but it's also supposed to improve skin texture and fine lines, which would be an excellent side benefit since... READ MORE

I got several courses of IPL for very dark sun spots that suddenly showed up after a Greek vacation. I was dissappointed that they did not go away entirely - they are still visible. But they did fade a lot. I even used a hydroquinine cream for a while and it seemed to do nothing. If I could... READ MORE

I'm a medium tan island girl with a Fitzpatrick skin score of IV. I wanted to do IPL to get rid of age/brown spots that are so common with women of my decent. I had the procedure done by a reputable facial plastic surgeon and was warned my skin type is not ideal for IPL. It works on... READ MORE

I went into a med spa which advertised ktp laser for removal of brown spots and capillaries. I asked a million questions as I am an aesthetician and knew going into the treatment that there would be some down time- brown spots darkening and some crusting which would naturally fall of and leave... READ MORE

After pregnancy I had melasma and age spots started appearing. My dermatologist recommended Obagi Blue chemical peel. I decided not to do this...was too expensive and he warned me I needed to stay out of the sun for a period of time. This isn't possible because I work at a plant nursery... READ MORE

I had my brown age spots zapped with a laser. I hated the way they picked up the self tanner when I used it. But it made it worse. I had brown age spots zapped with laser because I hated the way they darkened when I used self tanner. Now when I use the tanner, they look worse. Is it possible... READ MORE

I had 3 laser treatment on my face. Soon after the skin color turned a dark brown within the area that was treated. Dr said that was because of hyper-pigmentation. I did it to remove sun spots on my face. My question is: My doctor, a dermatologist, knew I had a hyper-pigmentation condition... READ MORE

As a 48 year old with many years of sun damage and those pesky newly appearing age spots, I decided to uncover some new skin without the high price of a spa or dermatologist.  You CAN do it safely if you are very careful. Start with only a 12.5% solution (a small bottle of this can... READ MORE

I was 39 years old with really fair, freckly skin. I was bad about wearing sunscreen in the past and had some really bad sunburns/tanning attempts when I was younger. Add some hyperpigmentation from a pregnancy in there and I was really unhappy with the irregular spots and uneven tone and... READ MORE

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