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Age spots are patches of hyperpigmented skin. They can be treated in a number of different ways: laser resurfacing, chemical peel, dermabrasion, and more. LEARN MORE ›
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I finally resorted to asking my dermatologist what to do about this stubborn relatively large cheek sunspot. I have had Yag laser 3-4 times on it (this initially helped lighten it but then it came back after some time) and also used hydroquinone. My dermatologist thought we could try freezing... READ MORE

I've always disliked this discoloration on my cheek area of my face. At a recent dermatologist visit for an annual body check he told me he could remove it. So my initial photo is in the office, the four photos following were takenright after the cryotherapy was done. It stung but wasn't... READ MORE

I have brown spots on my forearms, lower legs and shoulders. I have been considering laser to get rid of them but the Dermatologist suggesting spot treating with liquid nitrogen first. Then we can see what is left and use a laser if desired. We used a conservative approach because if you go... READ MORE

I always thought they were beauty marks until somebody said they were age spots. I guess it's all a matter or perspective. Nonetheless once the filter was pulled they were no longer pretty freckles, but ugly age spots. Now I need to find a solution to fix what I didn't even think was broken..... READ MORE

I had a fotofacial 5 weeks ago. This was my 5th session (which alternated with microdermbrasion). The purpose of the foto facial was to remove age spots/brown spots on my cheeks/nose. The procedure resulted in a burn spot on my cheek. It is size of a tip of pencil eraser. First, it was... READ MORE

Had large cancerous melanoma on my neck. It looked like a liver spot. Doctor Del Corral removed it. He did a terrible job on the stitches. The scar is hideous. It is still very sensitive .Gold chains are out of the question, they irritate the scar because that area is very tender. Very... READ MORE

Wanted to get rid of my grandma liver spots! It was an easy procedure. In less than an hour all of my spots on my hands, arms shoulders and legs were treated. The spots sloughed off in 14 days. The areas were mildly itchy at worst. Once the areas sloughed off, they underlying skin was a bit... READ MORE

I went to see Dr. Spies because I had a enlarging red spot on my forehead that I thought might be a skin cancer. Previously, Dr. Spies had removed another skin cancer on my shoulder which the scar faded nicely. I was concerned because this spot was large and on my face. He was able to remove the... READ MORE

Had 1 laser procedure done to reduce brown spots , sun damage. Going back for 2nd treatment in 2 weeks. Spots are already lighter after 2 days. Very easy, not very painful. Small discomfort during procedure. Staff is friendly, explained the procedure to me so I knew what to expect during... READ MORE

I got 4 treatments with the Gemini laser for age spot and pigmentation removal. Not only was there no improvement but more spots seem to be coming since I had the last treatment three weeks ago. My dermatologist said Gemini was best for me because I have olive skin. He also prescribed... READ MORE

I grew up in Hawaii and never used to apply sun screen to my face. The spots appeared, but I just used concealer and makeup to cover them up. As I aged, I just used more of my products. One day, I realized I was using too much product to hide my facial flaws. I called Honolulu MedSpa and... READ MORE

I had ultra clear done a week ago on my face and neck...... I love how smooth my face made my pores only took about an hour to do get it done, after it looked a little red and after about 1/2 an hour it looks normal...I did it on my lunch time...Dr Hankins and all of... READ MORE

I am almost 60 and was looking for something to rejuvenate the skin on my face but was not interested in surgery. Dr LeBeau performed a variety of procedures on my face using the Sciton Joule Lazer which allows him to customize your treatment. Results are amazing and beyond what I thought... READ MORE

I was warmly welcomed and this procedure was thoroughly explained before receiving the actual treatment. Although a little uncomfortable, the discomfort was temporary with minimal swelling and redness. Since returning home, I have had many compliments about how great my skin looks. I wanted my... READ MORE

My dermatologist froze four age spots off my hands with liquid nitrogen. It was very minor ache type pain for a couple of hours, then they turned red, slightly swollen, then scabbed over. Three weeks later they simply peeled off. The areas stayed pink for a couple of weeks then turned skin... READ MORE

He used to be good when I first went to see him 4 years ago. He's become sloppy, uncaring, and makes stupid mistakes that he refuses to fix. READ MORE

I love my skin after IPL. I was a teenage sun goddess and needed to undo a lot of sun damage that started becoming visible in my early 30s. IPL was a quick, effective and positive solution to my skin woes. It removed a number of dark sun spots, improved the texture of my skin and helped reduce... READ MORE

I purchased 3 Thermo-Lo treatments for freckles, (sun & age spots), and it dramatically diminished the appearance of targeted spots on my face. I am amazed at how well this works and how affordable it is! The darkest spots on my face are now gone. This technology also works for broken... READ MORE

My friend looked so great so I decided to do the same thing. Very happy I did. I learned about Dr. A from a friend of mine.  I hadn't seen my friend in several weeks and drove up to meet her in Greenwich from Philadelphia.  She looked great and I couldn't pick out why... READ MORE

Each brown spot is usually smaller than the tip of a q-tip but looks awful and only gets worse untreated. The trick is the ability of the dermatologist; going deep enough to remove the discoloration but not so deep that there is lightening or scarring. It's so much kinder than a facial... READ MORE

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