Tazorac + Acne Treatment

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How Do You Properly Use Tazorac Cream?

Hello, What is the best way to use Tazorac cream (0.05%) to take full advantage of all the skin benefits? How often? How much? Before/After... READ MORE

How Long Until I See Results on Tazorac? Or Do I Need Something Else?

I'm still seeing clogged pores/blackheads after 5 weeks of nightly use (the 0.1% strength, gel type). Does this mean it's not effective? Would... READ MORE

Retin A, Tretinoin, Tazorac, Differin, Renova, Generic Gel Cream- Which is Best?

Are they all the same? Which is better? Which is more advanced/latest? Doesnt cause irritation? Most preferred by people? Let me know your experiences... READ MORE

Does Applying Moisturizer Along with Tazorac Decrease the Efficacy of the Tazorac?

I have read that in order to decrease any potential irritation while using Tazorac that you should use the medication in conjunction with a... READ MORE

While Using Tazorac Cream 0.01 for a Month, is It Normal to Break out More Than Usual?

I have been using Tazorac Cream 0.01 for about a month, i dont see no improvement. I actually see that my skin has been breaking out more that the... READ MORE

What is an Alternative to the Tazorac Cream?

I do not have insurance yet and I have a prescrption for Tazorac but it is $300. Are there any cheaper (possibly over the counter) alternatives? READ MORE

I Use Tazorac Everyday Twice a Day and my Face is Always Red. Is my Face Wash to Blame?

Right now i use st. Ives Apricot scrub for blackheads. Do you have a recommended face wash? READ MORE

Could Tazorac/retinoids Weaken Healthy Collagen Production?

5 months ago tazorac cracked my forehead (which looks like wrinkles), my checks (which looks like wave light scratches from left to right). I spoke to... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Use a AHA Moisturizer While Using Tazorac 0.1% Cream?

Is it okay to use an AHA moisturizer while using Tazorac 0.1% cream? The moisturizer also contains SPF 15 as well, however am worried it could cause... READ MORE

Hi, i am currently on Tazorac .1 gel. How long does it take to see clear skin? I am still breaking out daily.

I used Differin 0.3 gel for 3months with no results at all and I used it twice a day because I have oily skin. I did have the bad purging for about 2... READ MORE

Been Using Tazorac For a Month or Two, Less Sleep and Bad Diet, Big Cysts Returned?

I have been using it for about a month or two now and the first two weeks was breakout and peeling. I noticed the pimples are smaller and less... READ MORE

I Have Been Using Tazorac for More Than 3 Months and my Acne is Still Bad?

I have been using tazorac for about 3 1/2 months and my acne is still bad. I had clear skin for a while using Retin-a, but then broke out after a year... READ MORE

Obagi Nightmare?

Help! i normally use benzaclin and had a small blemish on my nose. my wife gave me some of her obagi c-20 serum to clear it up. stopped after a week,... READ MORE

I have been on retinoids for a little over 6 months. Should I still be breaking out?

Also I have Ulcerative Colitis...So oral meds aren't an option for me. I have been on Differin 0.3%, Avar Cleanser, Panoxyl 4%, Clindamycin 1%... READ MORE

I'd Like to Find a NY Dermatologist That Will Do These?

1) Write me a prescription for birth control to help with acne. During my teen yrs I was on birthcontrol and I feel it was more effective than the... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Tazorac to Be Fully Absorbed into the Skin?

I know about short contact therapy. I'm wondering how long it takes for it to be fully absorbed. READ MORE

Tazorac Cream (.5%) and Clarisonic- okay to use together? (photo)

I am 24 yr make. I started Tazorac cream ~ 3 weeks ago and it is working great. My acne was mild and I did not really have any initial redness or... READ MORE

What is the difference between .05 gel and .01 gel? What should my Tazorac .05 gel morning and night routine be?

I have very bad cystic acne. I was using retin a but it wasnt working. What do you think if this regimen? Morning: Wash face with Neutrogena Clear... READ MORE

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