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How to Treat Butt Pimples?

Hello,i'm 20(India).I'm suffering from pimples on my butt for several years goes off in 2-3 days,wit few small bumps,1or2 become big... READ MORE

How to Eliminate Acne Permanently

Hi, i have acne since 11 years old and it has spread from face to body until now (im 18). I have acne on my face, neck, ears, back and breasts. I dont... READ MORE

Is There Any Treatment That Can Get Rid of Acne Forever?

I've been suffering from acne since I was 9 years old. Fortunately now at age 19 it's not that severe anymore but it bothers me immensly to the extent... READ MORE

Persistent Acne and Hyperpigmentation: How Can I Permanently Resolve it?

I have been on all oral medication that you can think of and topicals like Differin etc. The second I stop and ween of off it the acne comes back... READ MORE

MY pores look more visible after using tretinoin gel. Is this normal and is it permanent?

I've only noticed this with the pores that are a little clogged. on my forehead the pores that looked like they had a dark middle (blackhead/ clogged... READ MORE

I have small acne scars (deeps) on one side of my face, which should I opt laser/chemical peels or derma roller?

I got acne deeps on my cheek, they aren;t too deep though but they look worse. i wanted to ask for which procedure should i go with? laser/peels or... READ MORE

I'm 20 and have suffered from acne since I was 14. Would laser treatment cure it?

Acne have left so many scars on my cheek...they sometimes go meanwhile and they bump out again with even more intensity... i am just tired of... READ MORE

Is there any permanent cure for acne?

I am 28 and getting acne since i was 25 yrs. i had treatment but after some months of that i again started getting acne. The worst part is that the... READ MORE

What Procedure is Recommended for Facial Lines, Wrinkles, Acne Scars, Etc? (photo)

I am 53 years old and have had oily skin and acne growing up. For the past few years my skin has been on the drier side. I do use moisturizer daily... READ MORE

Can I risk permanent skin discoloration from a benzoyl peroxide burn? When will it go away?

I recently used a 10% benzoyl peroxide lotion on small spots I had on my face, only to wake up the next morning with giant red blotches where the... READ MORE

Would like to know about yellow laser and hydra cleaning. Is it a permanent treatment for acne?

I have problem of acne, open pores n black spots on face.Small acne comes everyday on face filled with white fluid n leave either open pore or black... READ MORE

Are red patches caused from benzoyl peroxide 2.5% gel (medicine name is "Epiduo") use permanent? (Photo)

I went to a dermatologist cause of my acnes . She gave me 2 medicines one of them is the EPIDUO which has benzoyl peroxide 2.5%. I used ot for 5 days... READ MORE

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