Moisturizer + Acne Treatment

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Does Applying Moisturizer Along with Tazorac Decrease the Efficacy of the Tazorac?

I have read that in order to decrease any potential irritation while using Tazorac that you should use the medication in conjunction with a... READ MORE

To Moisturize or Not to Moisturize?

I have medium severity adult acne. I went to see a skin specialist today and the derma nurse prescribed a strict skin regimin which includes a... READ MORE

Is Aloe Vera a Good Moisturizer?

I am using aloe vera, directly from the plant to moisturize my face, because I am using 10% Benzoyl peroxide to treat my acne. Do you think aloe vera... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Use a AHA Moisturizer While Using Tazorac 0.1% Cream?

Is it okay to use an AHA moisturizer while using Tazorac 0.1% cream? The moisturizer also contains SPF 15 as well, however am worried it could cause... READ MORE

I Am a 22 Year Old Female and I Want to Know What I Should Use to Care for my Skin?

I have very light skin that is extremely fair and any blemish is easily noticeable. I hear so much information about what I should and should not use... READ MORE

My daughter is 10 and has acne, what can she use to cleanse and moisturize, to help stop the acne?

She's not menstrating there but it's going to happen soon it's affecting her self-confidence she already feels awkward about her height and weight 5'4... READ MORE

Should I put moisturizer on my entire face, including the acne areas, before putting on my Epiduo acne treatment?

I'm very confused at how I should use epiduo, because I've been using it for about 2 weeks and it's been leaving very clear visible red patches on my... READ MORE

Moisturizer for Oily Skin Necessary?

Hello I have extremely oily skin (face and scalp). Due to hairloss i have to shave my head, so the also oil is visible on my scalp. after washing my... READ MORE

Can I use Neutrogena oil free acne wash and then apply Skin Effects glycolic moisturizer after?

My considered regimen: Morning, 1.Cleanse with Neutrogena acne wash which has saliycic acid in it. 2. Apply Neutrogena clear pore oil eliminating... READ MORE

I use a .1% Tazorac Cream on my face, will using CeraVe Moisturizing Cream appropriate to help with irritation?

I just want to make sure if the Cream is ok on the face compared to the lotion. My acne is completely under control outside of minor breakouts usually... READ MORE

Crepey dry Skin when using Differrin Gel

I'm African American and I use Differrin for acne, but dries out my skin and leaves dry patches that flake off, but my skin is still crepey and uneven... READ MORE

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