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Minocycline: Long Lasting or Quick Fix?

I am a 27 year old male with moderate acne my whole life(breakouts more severe once I quit smoking 6 months ago). I eat healthy, well balanced... READ MORE

Persistent Acne and Hyperpigmentation: How Can I Permanently Resolve it?

I have been on all oral medication that you can think of and topicals like Differin etc. The second I stop and ween of off it the acne comes back... READ MORE

What Should It Cost to Drain Small Pimple on Edge of Eyelid.Took About 8 Minutes

I had a very small white pimple drained on the edge of eyelid.It was one sixteenth inch diameter and took 5 minutes.About what should that cost? Thank... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation and Acne?

How can I get rid of hyperpigmentation & acne, they ruined my skin. Also Plz tell me the approximate cost. READ MORE

I have small acne scars (deeps) on one side of my face, which should I opt laser/chemical peels or derma roller?

I got acne deeps on my cheek, they aren;t too deep though but they look worse. i wanted to ask for which procedure should i go with? laser/peels or... READ MORE

How much does it cost to remove dark acne spots on back?

They are very noticebale. And make me insecure..ive had them for a while ive tried over the counter scrubs..ambi...bleaching cream and conceal cover... READ MORE

Low Cost Acne and Bumpy Skin Products

Are There Any Products That Are Not Too Costly (Think College Student) That Can Help with Acne and Bumpy Skin? have been having a very hard time with... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for Acne Scars with less downtime and cost effective? (photo)

Interested in treatment for acne scars. Less down time and cost effective. I heard of fractional laser and ematrix sublative rejuvenation. READ MORE

What is the average cost for cystic acne treatment? Can it be done in one day or will it take longer? (Photo)

I feel no pain but sometimes times a strong itch happens once in while on the larger one. Can this be done in a day or will it take longer. READ MORE

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