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How to Get Rid of Acne and Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

I'm a african american who is 20 years old who still get really bad acne which follow into post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. it is all over my... READ MORE

Hormonal Acne After Miscarriage - Best Treatment?

Ever since having a miscarriage i have started to break out only on my cheeks, chin, beck areas. i believe this is hormonal. i have seen... READ MORE

Male Hormonal Chin Acne

I always get acne on chin and always have two cysts that form in same spots on left and right side of chin. Ive tried all kinds of topicals and even... READ MORE

How Can I Get Rid of Constant Adult Acne?

Since I turned 18 or 19 (Im now 21) I have had really bad acne around my chin and cheeks. I get a little on other parts of my face but they don't last... READ MORE

I'm 62 Years Old. I Have Had Nodular Cysts for the First Time in Life. How Do I Clear This Up?

It has attacked chin the most with a few on cheeks I have been to two dermatologists and have been on doxycycline for 6 months and acanya gel. Still... READ MORE

I am 30 and have had lower cheek and chin acne for 4 months.What type of acne is this and how can i get rid of it? (Photo)

I have always clear skin my whole life..I didn't experience acne past 29 years.sometimes just a little pimple it get cured very soon just like... READ MORE

How do I minimise or get rid of acne (aka 'quit zits')? (Photo)

I smoked 4-10/day betweenage 16-23. About 2 weeks after quitting sore spots appeared. The clusters, mainly on my chin & cheek bones but also on my... READ MORE

What acne treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I have struggled with acne since high school. I am now 25years old and still struggle with it. It's embarrassing and I am tired of not having smooth... READ MORE

I am on my 9th week of spironolactone and increased it to two 50mg doses a day. Is this too much?

I am 31 and female, my face is not covered in acne but I get cysts around my chin area and hair line. I also get a few random pimples on my cheeks and... READ MORE

3 months on Claravis for mild acne on my chin. Skin is clear. Should I stop?

I have been on Claravis for exactly 3 months now for mild acne on my chin. I weigh 130 pounds and am on 60mg a day. My acne was gone within the end of... READ MORE

i have big pores on my nose, chin, and cheeks. Also pimples everywhere! Help? (Photo)

Ive had acne since the 3rd grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im in high school and its still here! WHY? Ive tried everything! Asked docters but tgey couldnt even... READ MORE

I have a cyst on my chin that has persisted for the past 3 years. I need help in finding treatments that could heal it. (Photo)

I have had a cyst on my chin for the past three years. It came after I popped a pimple with a pin (I know extremely stupid) that became infected. I am... READ MORE

What to Do with Dramatic Breakouts on African-American Skin?

I am a 35-year-old African American female, and my skin is breaking out dramatically. Both cheeks are bumpy and my chin has a huge bump on it. My skin... READ MORE

Cyst Under my Chin for Almost 4 Months. Will It Permanently Distort my Skin or Leave It Loose and Saggy?

May 9th I felt a lump under my chin. Being prone to cystic acne I was immediately worried. I like it go for a month but then saw my dermatologist.... READ MORE

38 years old with hormonal acne. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I am a 38 year old woman and have embarrassing acne on my chin and jawline. I have cysts and smaller pimples. I am on 100mg of spirinolactone and... READ MORE

differin for closed comedones? Or laser?

After three shots of kenalog, spaced a month apart i developed a case of adult acne (i am 40). i have closed comedones on my cheeks and chin and... READ MORE

Getting rid of long-time acne around my chin & mouth. (photo)

I'm 20 years old. I've constantly had this area of my chin red-ish and acne prone for the past 3 years! The red-ness and "flat" acne right below my... READ MORE

Is it safe to use Nicomide, tretinoin (0.05%) cream, and Finacea at the same time for pimple/acne treatment?

I just went to the dermatologist today for mild acne. I started breaking out around the chin area two years ago and my dermatologist said it is due to... READ MORE

Is my face normal after 10 wks of epiduo? What should I do to clear my acne? How to see a dermato in Montreal quickly? (Photo)

Im 14. I have always had a dry skin. I only have pimples on the chin, the forehead and the contour of the mouth and the nose. I have whiteheads and... READ MORE

My insurance prohibits me from seeing a Dermatologist. What can I ask my Internist for to treat cyst-like acne? (photos)

Age 58, was infertile, last period age 40. Cyst-like acne on chin, jawline. Hairs sprouting on chin for many years. Intercourse now excruciating.... READ MORE

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