Antibiotic + Acne Treatment

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When You Stop Solodyn or Mino(antibiotics), Does Your Acne Usually Come Back?

I have been wondering this for a while before I actually start taking something. I just want to be 100% sure before I take this pill everyday. READ MORE

Wedding in 5 1/2 Weeks, How Can I Get Rid Of My Acne?

I was taking amoxicillin that was working well before but I guess I started to become immune to it after 6 months so I was given another one doryx by... READ MORE

Blue-light Therapy and Antibiotics Combined?

My dermatologist prescribed me oral antibiotics (doxycycline hyclate), clindet wipes and clindoxyl gel. I know I become light sensitve with... READ MORE

How Long Can I Be on Antibiotics for Acne Treatment, and What Strength Can I Use?

My dermatologist put me on tetracycline(sp?) for 3 mo. for acne. i had reservations about long term use, but was desperate. the antibiotic didn't... READ MORE

Differin and Antibiotic for Acne?

I have been taking a antibiotic twice a day for about a month and have my acne 85% clear now. I also just got Differin .03 which I was on before... READ MORE

Does Switching Antibitoics for Acne Treatment Cause Any Negative Effects?

I was prescribed monodox for my acne for 6 weeks, and recently was switched to solodyn. I've been using the antibiotic in conjunction with a... READ MORE

What is the best way to stop taking acne antibiotics after 10+ years?

I am now 26 and have been taking bactrim for nearly 10 years. I never got perfect skin from it, but it was manageable. I recently switched to... READ MORE

‚Äč35 yrs old, I'm having cystic like acne with blackheads and ingrown hairs. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I started to get acne when I was 29 /30 years old I am now 35. I not only have cystic like acne have lots of blackheads and ingrown hairs I have I... READ MORE

How can I treat acne without drying my skin out?

I have severe keratosis pilaris rubra faceii and severe acne at the same time on my face. Tried and failed: Accutane for 3 months(Did not reduce acne,... READ MORE

Will the antibiotic medication I am taking for my acne make contraceptives less effective?

I have been prescribed both 100mg of doxycycline a night and diane-35 for my acne. I am worried that the antibiotic will make the contraceptive less... READ MORE

Will slowly cutting back on acne antibiotics help reduce a breakout?

I have taken several different acne medications including bactrim on and off for years. My dermatologist says that my acne is hormonal and I am on... READ MORE

Can I Use Retin-a and Fucidine Which is ( Fusidic Acid Antibiotic ) Together?

So I have mild acne never come to a head but they hurt alot .. The doctor told me to mix retin-A and fusidic acid together and apply it at night ..... READ MORE

Which would you recommend for Acne Treatment; Accutane or Antibiotics?

Hi, I think have moderate-severe acne. My cheeks are all red with many small pimples around the cheeks. In terms of scarring, I have hyper... READ MORE

Oral antibiotics indefinitely to treat corticosteroid induced acne?

After auffering with cystic acne most of my life, I was put on flonase and started noticing large cysts in places I never had them before. I wasn't on... READ MORE

Is this a yeast infection from antibiotics? I stopped the antibiotic instantly after getting these symptoms.

I used to be on minocycline for about 3 months for acne even though it cleared me 2 months before, I just wanted to stay on it to prevent breakouts... READ MORE

I have a resistant acne rosacea. Do I have any other options such as Accutane or higher dose of antibiotics?

Hello! I have a resistant acne rosacea. I tried metro gel and finacea in addition to oracea and 100 mg dexocycline but nothing worked for me. Do I... READ MORE

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