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I have oily skin and my nose has many whiteheads and blackheads. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

I'm male, 16yrs. My skin gets super oily after like 2hours and i have so many bumps in my face and my nose has so many whiteheads and blackheads but... READ MORE

My daughter is 10 and has acne, what can she use to cleanse and moisturize, to help stop the acne?

She's not menstrating there but it's going to happen soon it's affecting her self-confidence she already feels awkward about her height and weight 5'4... READ MORE

Retin-A and Antibiotics Before Considering Other Acne Treatments?

My 14-year-old son has acne. The dermatologist recommended Accutane but I'm concerned about the side effects. Should we start with antibiotic and... READ MORE

10 Year Old with Horrible Acne

My daughter had early puberty ( before turned 10 years old) since that she has this horrible acne infection, she picks her face daily, the... READ MORE

Best Laser or Light Treatment for Juvenile Acne?

My 12 year old daughter has been developing acne lesions on her face(currently mild) and back(severe with + dark pigmented scars) in 2 months. Both me... READ MORE

My acne and post scars are depressing. Can someone please help me? (photos)

I'm a 17 year old girl and lately my skin has been really bad. It's depressing to know that I can't go anywhere without covering up my acne and scars... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Choice(s) in Treating Acne, Acne Scars, Clogged Pores, & Dark Spots?

I am 17 yrs old and I am curious as to what would be in my best interest for treating my acne related issues. My acne is very light and pretty much... READ MORE

How Long for Acne to Resolve Without Accutane?

In 9th grade, my face was almost spotless. Then in 10th grade, I got very severe acne; so bad that I am now planning on taking Accutane asap. I am in... READ MORE

I Have Had Chronic Folliculitis on my Butt for 8 Years and Nothing Works!?

It started when I was 8 and now I'm 16 I have been to multiple dermatologists. I have been prescribed everything under the sun. Antifungals,... READ MORE

Can Using Isotretinoin Make my Skin Condition Worse?

I have start doing this treatment from past 3weeks my tablet name (xeractan isotretinoin),,my skin is now full of small pimples and dryness READ MORE

My Acne is Getting Worse and I've Taken Doxy at 100mg/day?

My acne is localised around the mouth and glabella. I am 16. Doxy usu. takes about 4-6 weeks for improvement however after my 4 weeks, the acne has... READ MORE

Is There Any Way That Recover Cystic Pimples ?

Um i have lots of pimples but those cystic pimples come for a while n then go but it really hurts n it takes a while until it goes ... i started... READ MORE

Im 16, a Boy. I Have Very Stubborn Pimples on my Nose. I Have Tried Alot of Products but to No Avail? (photo)

Hello i am 16 and a boy and i have tried nearly every product and every way however to no avail. i wash my face many times a day, and i wash with a... READ MORE

How Old Do You Have to Be to Get an Acne Treatment? (photo)

I'm 14 and my face is just horribly covered in acne... I've tried everything in stores, on tv, I even had two persctiption medications but they all... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Use Differin Gel 1 As a Teen with Clogged Pores and Some Pimples but with No Acne?

I am 15 and I ve been using it for almost a week and some pimples have been popping out .I know it s normal but should I really go trough all the... READ MORE

Is Tretinoin+Clindamycin and Ducray Keracnyl Safe for a 9 Year Old Girl with Acne? (photo)

Hi, My nine year old daughter has developed ance on her forehead. It appeared last year when we moved from England to Bangalore, India. A locally... READ MORE

Murad vs Rodan and Fields. Which is better for my skin?

I normally use Murad acne solutions and it seems to be working, but slowly. I've read that R&F works fast and works well! I'm just afraid it will mess... READ MORE

Is It Normal to Break out After Getting the PDT Treatment?

I am a seventeen year old male and I got the PDT treatment one week ago. I am now breaking out on my face in places I did not have acne before, is... READ MORE

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