Acne Scars Treatment Videos

This Woman Gets Her Second Microneedling Treatment to Fight Acne Scars

Hear from this young woman before and after she gets a Rejuvapen micorneedling procedure. VIEW NOW

Venus Viva: See This 62-Year-Old Without Makeup After the Procedure

Hear from Dr. Jason Emer and a 62-year-old patient discuss Venus Viva. VIEW NOW

This Doctor Got Fraxel for Acne Scars — Hear Her Take on the Procedure

Fed up with treatments that didn't work, this doctor got laser treatment for her acne scars. Did it work? VIEW NOW

Fraxel for Acne Scarring: What's Recovery Like?

Hear about this woman experience with Fraxel including how she felt the night after the procedure. VIEW NOW

Facial fat Transfer Combined With SmartSkin Laser for Acne Scars — See This Woman Heal Over 6 Weeks

Dr. James W. Goodnight performs fat transfer and fractional CO2 laser on this woman to improve her acne scars. VIEW NOW

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See This Man Get Bellafill to Improve His Acne Scarring

Dr. Jason Emer injects Bellafill into this man's acne scars. The filler stimulates collagen in scars. The doctor recommends combining the filler with laser or radio frequency energy like Venus Viva, to see further improvement. VIEW NOW

Learn About Skin Rejuvenation With Microneedling and PRP

Dr. Shelena Lalji explains how combining microneedling with your body's own PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma), otherwise know as The Vampire Facial, can stimulate your skin's natural healing process, which can lead to the generation of new collagen. VIEW NOW


PRP for the Face: Watch the Doctor at Work

This young woman gets platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for facial rejuvenation. Dr. Jason Emer explains the process. VIEW NOW


"The Best Results for Acne Scarring That I've Seen" — What's This Doctor Use?

Dr. Jason Pozner explains what he uses to help treat acne scars and other skincare concerns. VIEW NOW


Acne Scars Treatment: This Nurse Explains Your Options

Michelle, a registered nurse at Dr. Cory Torgerson's office, explains several options for removing acne scars. VIEW NOW

The Fractional CO2 Laser at Work: See How It Rejuvenates the Skin

Dr. Jason Emer shows how the fractional CO2 laser works on this woman's skin. VIEW NOW


51 Seconds of Fraxel Laser Treatment for Neck and Chest Wrinkles

Dr. Jason Emer performs Fraxel laser on this woman. Fractional laser can be used to improve scars, wrinkles, melasma, large pores and one's complexion. VIEW NOW

Dermapen in Action: Have The Anti-Aging Treatment Explained

Aesthetic specialist Barbara Tucker performs a Dermapen treatment, explaining it as she goes. VIEW NOW

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Micro-Needling: See How It Works on This Woman

Dr. Michael L. Workman's esthetician Melody uses micro-needling to increase collagen production. VIEW NOW

What Is a Dermapen?

Dr. Jed H. Horowitz explains how a Dermapen can improve acne and other scarring, reduce pore size, soften fine lines, and wrinkles. VIEW NOW

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