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Does Tretinoin Uncover Previously Unseen Pitted Acne Scars?

I have been using tretinoin for the past eight months, and about two months ago I started noticing more indented acne scars, pits on my face.... READ MORE

What's a good acne/melasma treatment for someone who uses tretinoin and is prone to PIH? (photo)

Also want to address minor acne scars? I've been using tretinoin .05% for 5 months now & the effects are starting to plateau so I was considering... READ MORE

Do I need to stop using Tretinoin before have Laser Treatment for my acne scars?

I'm considering getting laser treatment for acne scars within the next couple of months but I'm currently using tretinoin/retina. Do I need to... READ MORE

Can Tretinoin and Azelaic Acid be used simultaneously?

Doctors, whether Tretinoin and Azelaic Acid can be used simultaneously or night and I use Tretinoin In the morning I use Azelaic Acid is not a... READ MORE

After Using Tretinoin for Eight Months, Will It Continue to Uncover More Pitted Acne Scars?

Previously I asked why I was starting to see pitted acne scars after six months of using tretinoin and received some great answers. I really want to... READ MORE

Are Spironolactone and Tretinoin Bad for Me?

I am going into the military and was temporary disqualified when the MEPS doctor told me that I couldn't be on Spironolactone or any retinoids. He... READ MORE

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