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Does Acne Scar Excision Leave a Scar?

I have a shallow depressed scar on my left cheek. Will excision of this scar leave a noticeable scar? I went to one doctor and they told me that would... READ MORE

Is 3 Days Too Quick to See Results from Vbeam Treatment on Red Acne Scars

My son has completely shut down his life due to his acne. After 5 months on accutane, his acne has improved but left rather large red scars. Three... READ MORE

Radiesse the Best Way to Decrease the Visibility of Acne Scars?

Compared to other acne scar treatments, how does Radiesse rank? READ MORE

Improved Scars Permanent or Not?

Does Improved scars from ematrix or any other lasers, stays permanent (will not go back to the original form such as shape and depth?). Some says yes... READ MORE

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