Raised + Acne Scars Treatment

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Raised Acne Scars on Nose - How to Get Rid of Them?

I'm a Male,22yrs,having Raised Acne Scars on my Nose for Last 7yrs. How to Get Rid of Them? my face has a T-zone.where my nose and forehead is... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Raised Acne Scars?

What's the best treatment for raised acne scars? READ MORE

White Acne Scars on Chest and Back, Some Raised, Some Indented. Options? (photo)

I have white acne scars all over my chest and back.Some are a little raised and some indented.After I tried derma roller they got so much worse-it... READ MORE

What is the best treatment suited for these raised acne scar on my nose? (photo)

Some say it's called sebaceous hyperplasia. I used to have cystic pimples on my nose and every time they begin to heal, they leave me with a slightly... READ MORE

How to Treat Raised Acne Scars on 14 Year Old Girl of East Indian/White Origin

How to treat raised acne scars on 14 year old girl of east indian/White origin. scars are still red in color on the cheeks and uses Retin-A Micro... READ MORE

Treatments for Raised Scars on Nose? (photo)

Hello there, I have had acne on my nose a few years back and it has left me with raised scars; I have went for a session of fractional CO2 laser... READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for acne scar?

I have a small soft raised bump on my chin left over from an acne cyst. One doctor says its a small vascular lesion and cautery would sort it out.... READ MORE

Small White Little Raised Acne Scar?

Can fraxel treat small little white raised(not much ; less than 2mm) scar? I have it on the nose. Two of them. READ MORE

Cauterised Raised Acne Scar?

I had a raised acne scar right in the centre of my nose removed by cautery. It has been two weeks and has healed well. However, It's not as flat as I... READ MORE

Will Sculpt Work for Me? (Acne Scarring)

I have had 7 fraxel lasers with 3 combining the fraxel laser with the Co2. I was advised to stop getting treatment as I had no improvement. I have had... READ MORE

I have a slightly raised skin after scab peeled off. Is the slight bump a sign of a growing pimple/sebaceous cyst?

I squeezed two blackheads close to one another (I know I shouldn't have!) about five days ago, and a thin scab formed over both of them. Last night... READ MORE

How do you get rid of raised acne scars? (Photo)

I suffered from acne from a young age,managed to get rid of them now stuck with raised bumps all over my body (expecially my back) im 18 now, its... READ MORE

How to get rid of scarring and persistent discoloration on face?

I am only 20 years old, I have broken out for about 9 years with nodules and cystic acne. I got on a program called Face Reality for the past 2 years,... READ MORE

How do I get rid of a raised scar on chest?

I had a blemish on my chest that I popped and since then there has been a raised scar with what seems to be fluid underneath.  This is going on a... READ MORE

Which treatment would be best to clear my chest acne raised scars ? (photos)

Acne for a couple years on chest and now.left with white bumps and raised scars , what can I do to clear my chest? READ MORE

Improve White Raised Scars on the Nose with Fraxel Re:Pair or Re:store?

I have some white raised acne scars on the nose.Can fraxel re:store or re:pair improve them?What other alternatives are available? READ MORE

What procedure is needed to smoothen out raised skin-colored acne scars on my nose? (Photo)

When I break out on my nose, I get mild cystic pimples. In the past they all ranged in sizes, but the same problem I always have is that once the... READ MORE

How can I get rid of that raised scar on my nose?

It has been there for many years because of acne .. is there any easy homemade way to do it ?? what are my options ?? once i had a pimple on my nose... READ MORE

I went to pop a supposed zit on my face and it turned into a scar. What are treatments w low downtime 4 redness? (photo)

It literally went from raised bump to a scar within a second of applying pressure to it. Another one showed up a day later but I left it alone and it... READ MORE

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