Face + Acne Scars Treatment

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Face Acne Scars - Best Way to Remove?

What is the best way to remove acne scars on my face? Fraxel, Chemical Peels, or something else? READ MORE

Is the Dermaroller Effective on Acne Scarring?

Do any doctors here use the dermaroller for acne scar therapy? It seems to be an interesting treatment and is also said to improve the penetrtation of... READ MORE

Fastest Acne Scar Removal for Face and Chest Areas?

I have had acne that I have popped, and they have left a great deal of scars over my chest and face. What can be done for the fastest removal of... READ MORE

Is Subcision the Best Treatment for my Scars? They Seem to Be Rolling Acne Scars.

Hi, I'm wondering if subcision is the best treatment for my acne scars. I have a lot of pitting but what bothers me the most is the uneven texture... READ MORE

Best Treatment for Large Pores and Minor Acne Scarring?

I have very large pores on my face and some small acne scarring. What treatment would offer the best results? READ MORE

Will Weight Loss Make my Indented Acne Scars Look Worse?

I am 34, 5'2" & currently weigh 154 lbs. I have moderate acne scarring on my face - currently trying V-Beam/Smoothbeam treatments to help... READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Acne Scars on African American Skin?

I am having a serious problem with my skin. I'm African-American and have a yellow/brown complexion. On the side of my jaw line, I have really bad... READ MORE

Best Acne Scar Treatment for Asian Guys?

I am an Asian with fairly tan complexion. I would guess maybe a 4 on the fitzpatrick scale. I'm not sure what to classify these scars as, but what... READ MORE

What Can I Use (Non-surgical) to Remove Dark Spots on my Face and Neck? (photo)

I am 22 years old and I have dark sports along my face and neck due to past blemishes. I have been using 30% kojic acid and a bleaching cream (6%... READ MORE

Removing Hyperpigmentation Spots, Craters & Oversized Pores

I am aware that i have to get the acne under control i am on my one month waiting for the Accutane after the blood test. I wanted to know what... READ MORE

Does Any Laser Suit Indian Skin and Can Give Results to 60% Improvement for Acne Scars?

I am looking for best acne scar treatment. I have lighter skin color than other Indians. I had 4 fraxel Restore sittings (Repair not available in... READ MORE

Can a Hydroquinone Cream Be Mixed with a Benzoyl Peroxide Cream?

I have an acne medication which involves benzoyl peroxide. I also have an acne scar removal cream that I supposedly was told could be used at the same... READ MORE

Can Weight Gain Stretch Facial Acne Scars?

I had a some very minor acne scars on my cheeks. You really couldnt tell. Within 2 years, I gained and then lost around 50lbs. The past few months my... READ MORE

What Would Be Better for Moderate Acne Scarring (Non-cystic): MixTo or DeepFX Laser?

I can only afford one treatment and would like to know which of these lasers goes deeper for better results. I am 34, and the scarring is all over my... READ MORE

Are There Any Fillers (Nonmedical) That Can Be Worn Under Makeup?

I have ugly acne scars, a lot of pock mark and ice pick scars and some are red. I have spoke to my dermatologist and known all the options. However, I... READ MORE

30% TCA Peel on Acne Scars?

I am a 40-year-old middle eastern women. Two days ago, I did a 30% TCA peel on five dark acne scars. However, the acne scars seem to be getting darker... READ MORE

Intracel(jeisys), Fractional RF Microneedling

My doctor offered me intracel(fractional rf microneedling) for acne scarring. I have undergone so many scar revision procedures already, from TCA, to... READ MORE

Combining Pixel and Erbium Laser for Ice Pick Acne Scars?

My doctor suggested that I do Pixel over my whole face and then the Erbium on my ice pick scars (cheek area). How effective is this approach? Will... READ MORE

How to Even out Skin Texture and Color from Acne Scar?

I put benzoyl peroxide 10% on a pimple on my chin. It was so painful I even tried to pop it. The next day, the skin on my chin peeled off. It has been... READ MORE

Alternative Treatments to Ice Pick Scars?

Hi. I recently went to a real good plastic surgeon about acne pitting. I have deep ice pick scars on my face, on both cheeks. For the less deeper ones... READ MORE

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