Breakout + Acne Scars Treatment

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Best Acne Scarring Options at the Age of 40? (photo)

I am 40 years old and for the last 2 yrs my skin has gone skin has degraded drastically. I seem to scar horribly after any and all... READ MORE

Persistent Red Marks Left Behind Acne/Breakouts? Red Scars or What? (photo)

Dear all, I wonder is my redness mark 1) a flat scar? 2) post inflammatory erythema? 3) prolonged/persistent acne (still bacteria beneath)? 4) diluted... READ MORE

Can You Have Near Perfect Skin Again?

Hi Dr, I'm a female in my early 20s I have ALWAYS had great complexion (no acne experience, not even a single zit) Dec 2011, my skin broke out from an... READ MORE

Can my Acne Scars Be Considered Old?

I've had acne since around 3 years now, and I am still getting breakouts. Sometime in the last 2 years or so, I have been scarring along with (I... READ MORE

My Daughter Has Severe Acne at Age 35. It Just Seems to Be the Worst I've Ever Seen. What Kind of Diet Can She Go on to Help?

What food would help clean out the body to cleanse and stop acne? It is so painful for me to look at her and I know she is trapped inside suffering.... READ MORE

Is Cystic Acne Scar Treatment Recommended While Still Breaking Out?

I've had cystic acne for 10yrs and it's left awful scars, large pores, and sagging skin (I can pull skin away, not attached to anything beneath). I've... READ MORE

Acne Scars Still looking for answers. Surgical techniques over lasers? Microneedling? Rf Had 3 fractional and 2 full co2.(Photo)

Hi I've asked several questions on here desperate for advice. I've already had 3 fractional and 2 full co2 lasers. Should I try surgical tech instead?... READ MORE

I'm 15, never had acne on cheeks but 2 mths ago I started breaking out. I'm left with some scaring & hyperpigmentation. (photo)

What should i do? Please keep in mind i am only 16... I have been to dermatologist before for acne vulgaris and they were cleaned in no time... Year... READ MORE

Seeking help for best treatment for deep multi type acne scarring? (photos)

I have been plagued with cystic acne since age 13.  I was treated successfully with Accutane, however twenty years later I’m still battling... READ MORE

Is it possible to get have close to 100% improvement in these kind of acne scars? Traditional co2 laser? (photos)

I've done fractional treatments and one light two pass traditional co2 resurfacing. I'm disappointed in the little results I've gotten. Maybe 20%... READ MORE

What kind of acne scars do I have and what kind of treatment would work best for me? (photos)

I have super sensitive skin. Everything breaks me out. I had a acne for 8 years, now 21. What treatment would work best for sensitive skin and acne prone READ MORE

What Kind of Treatments Should I Do? (photo)

I have been suffering from acne for years now.i have done a lot of treatments already like,pixel,microdermabrasion different kind of products but... READ MORE

What kind of scars are these and what treatment is suggested? (photos)

Hi, I have had acne problems since I was a teenager. Well the breakouts have stopped, but I do have some acne now and then. This combined with my... READ MORE

I didn't see no improvement after my first subcision with my Doctor for rolling, ice pick scars. What should I do?

My doctor is one if the best plastic surgeon in my state.. & still I didn't see no improvement after my subscion. By the way I'm constantly breaking... READ MORE

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