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I Squeezed a Blackhead on my Forehead and Now Im Left with a Small Deep Black Hole. What to Do?

I Squeezed a Blackhead on my Forehead and Now Im Left with a Small Deep Black Hole. What to Do? READ MORE

Chemical Peel for a Beginner? (photo)

I have got some acne marks on my cheeks but not too severe and I often get one now and then. I want to go for chemical peel but I dont want to shell... READ MORE

Slight Indent on Tip of Nose in the Middle, I Think Due to the Squeezing out of Blackheads?

I was squeezing blackheads out of my nose about a week I have noticed a slight indentation in the middle of my nose. Im not really sure if... READ MORE

What is the Best Treatment for These Kind of Nose Scars? (photo)

Ive had these scars for almost 10 years now. These were the results of popping cysts and humongous blackheads. What is the best treatment for them? READ MORE

Acne Scars. Struggled Since I Was a Teen? (photo)

Which treatment would be best for me? I have struggled with acne since a teen and I am now 28 and still can't seem to get it under control. I have... READ MORE

Mild Acne and Scarring from Years of Acne, What Treatment Would Work Best to Improve my Skin?

I am a 20 year old Caucasian female, I have had acne for years and only recently with prescribed oral medication I found some relief from the... READ MORE

Treatment for Dark Acne Scars?

I get dark scars after I squeeze pimples and blackheads. I was wondering, are there any treatments for dark acne scars? Is it even possible to treat this? READ MORE

Ice-pick Scars and Clogged Pores on Nose? (photo)

Hello Doctors, I really need a serious help and advise. I have ice pick scars on all over my nose area and many blackheads.I have quite oily nose... READ MORE

I have what seems like white heads, blackheads, scars and acne on my nose and I have no idea what I have to do to deal with it?

I used to have very big pimples on my nose when i was a child. i am 19 right now and the condition of my nose have just gone worse. i am not even sure... READ MORE

Cure for 'pitted' scars on my nose from black head squeezing.

I have for years squeezed with a tweezer and my finger tips blackheads that come up occasionally. My skin otherwise is very smooth elsewhere on my... READ MORE

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