Black + Acne Scars Treatment

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Acne Scars and Pigmentation for Black Woman: What Can I do?

I'm Black, I Have a Lot of Acne Scarr and Pigmentation All over my Face,what Can I Do? I´m 30 years woman and had this problem with... READ MORE

How Do I Cure These Black Marks? (photo)

Hi, ive tried loads of different methods and im now fed up,.. Can you give me some advice please. See photo READ MORE

What is the best acne treatment for acne scars on my skin? A skin peel or a laser treatment suitable for black skin? (photos)

Since I was young (age 14) any form of spots I got on my face I would pick at them with an unexpected reward of black scars on my face several days... READ MORE

What Can I Do About Severe Scarring From Laser Used for Acne Treatment on a 14 Y/O?

Three years ago doctor had his tech do 2 laser treatments on my 14 year old daughter. He advertised this in a brochure in his office as a replacement... READ MORE

I've been getting those red and black pimple on my butt. When I pop them they leave black ugly spots. Any suggestions?

I've been getting those red nd black pimple on my butt nd when i pop thrm they leave black ugly spots i try evry body cream,soap,specific closeg... READ MORE

I have acne on my forehead and it leaves behind dark scars, What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

Hello. I have been getting acne on my forehead and even if I don't touch the pimple, it leaves a small black mark behind. How can I get rid of the... READ MORE

How to remove my black spot on my cheeks after acne?

How to remove black sport on my cheek through pimples this pimples create all months my face and after black sport . my skin is normal i am try many... READ MORE

Is there anything I can do to help fade this spot? (photos)

I have a black spot on my nose that all started from a pimple, i have been using Mederma, Procelana, and Tretinoin Cream to make it fade but is not... READ MORE

Will the black marks ever go? (photo)

A while ago I started having acne and my skin was normal. I would have few spots and marks would almost never be left behind, (even if i popped the... READ MORE

How to Remove Black Mark after giving by pimples and also pimples ? (photos)

And also in right side eye having dark circles but only in right side what the problem ia this ? READ MORE

How to treat Spots from acne? (photos)

I got pimple few days back. And its still painfull and it left black marks there. Please tell me how can i correct this. READ MORE

My face has black marks and pimple, how to fix this?

My face have black marks and they was not remove for my face and pimple some time pimple make black marks please help help READ MORE

I am suffering with post acne marks on my right and left cheeks and on my forehead. What should I do to get rid of them? (photo)

I want to get rid of my acne marks on my cheeks. And there is some black coloured strip on my forehead what should i do to remove it? Whelther laser... READ MORE

I am having a black area around my acne scar (looks like keloid) which was caused after by some peeling of skin. (Photo)

This was beacuse of some skin rubbing a towel over it really hard by me. This will go by itself or I have to use an ointment?However now my... READ MORE

how to remove these black marks and how to avoid the occurrence of pimples. (photo)

I have black marks all over my face, and this is making to become complex. i get regular pimples and due to this black marks occur frequently. READ MORE

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