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Permanent Damage from Sunburn While on Accutane?

I've been on Accutane for about 3 months. Unfortunately, I got badly sunburned last week while playing golf. To make matters worse, I went running... READ MORE

Skin Damage from 2nd Degree Sunburn While on Accutane

About 8 months ago, I got a severe 2nd degree sun burn on face while on Accutane. It healed right after but a few months later skin on face is very... READ MORE

Did Accutane Affect Healing from Sunburn?

I just stopped Accutane about three months ago. I recently got mild sunburn on my face and when I went to my doctor, she gave me Cutivate and... READ MORE

Photosensitivity After Accutane?

I've read a few medical articles that have found no photosensitivity in patients on Accutane, but there are stories all over the internet of people... READ MORE

What Can I Do About the Redness From a Sunburn While on Accutane?

I've been on Accutane for a month now and a few days ago I got sunburned. My legs and my stomach are really red and I'm not sure how I can... READ MORE

Isotretinoin, Acidum Azelaicum and Sunburn?

Hello,4 days ago I stared Isotretinoin treatment 40mg per day.Before I used cream with acidum azelaicum that my dr. told me to continue.Skin was quite... READ MORE

Working for Extended Periods Outdoors Whilst on Roaccutane. What I should do prevent sunburn to my face?

I've been on Roaccutane for about 3.5-4 months now. I am just about to start working long 10-12 hour days outside over the summer and am wondering... READ MORE

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