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How should you stop taking Accutane? (Isotretinoin) Cold turkey or tapering the dosage?

When it comes to finishing your course of Isotretinoin, is it better abruptly stop the intake of it or slowly lower your douse from 50mg a day to one... READ MORE

How bad is stopping Accutane intake for a week during 6-months period? (photo)

I ran out of accutane 20 mg pills n havent taken them in 1 week 3 days now , new pills arrive tomorow how badly is this gonna set back my treatment? READ MORE

Must i stop taking Accutane if I have a seizure?

I was at a concert last weekend and i started feeling dizzy. I sat down for a while and felt better. A while after standing up, i felt dizzy again and... READ MORE

Can stopping accutane after 8 days at low dose cause skin to flare-up permanently red or is it a drug you can go off easily?

I am 130lbs Caucasian female. I went on accutane at 20mg/day and stopped after eight days because: 1) I wasn't positive I wanted to take it, 2) I was... READ MORE

I'm 16 yrs old female and have been on Accutane for 3 months. All acne gone and scars fading, should I stop taking it?

All my acne is gone and all that is left is some previous scars which have started to fade, should I stop taking accutane? I was on 40mg per day. If i... READ MORE

If I'm still getting some pimples right after Accutane, will I continue to break out or will it stop?

I'm a 17 year old boy and I just finished 6 months of 80mg a day. I took my last pill a week and a half ago. My skin is pretty clear but I've been... READ MORE

I'm taking Isotane-10 and now I'm missing my period for the third month in a row. Should i stop taking this medicine?

I have acnes all over my face and for that my doc suggested me to take isotane-10 capsule but after taking that i m not having periods and my doc is... READ MORE

Accutane: How long does the drug stay in your system once you stop taking it?

Once you stop Accutane, how long does it take to clear out of your system? READ MORE

Can I Stop Accutane if I'm Still Having Break Outs?

In Feb'11,I got alergy frm Doxycyline,then started having more pimples than usual. In May, Other derm gave me total 20 pills of 10mg... READ MORE

When does hair shedding stop after going off accutane?

I have been off accutane for 2 weeks, yet my hair continues to fall out in clumps. When will this stop? READ MORE

Stopped accutane after 10 days. How long will redness and dryness last?

I am about 66KG and have been taking 60mg accutane for 10 days. I have become very dry and very red in the face. I have something very important I... READ MORE

Can I use Tretinoin for 2 months and then stop to try to get pregnant ? (photos)

I have severe acne on my face and the dermatologist says it's hormonal. The flaring is less these days, but I have a lot of marks on the face which... READ MORE

4 months post op, I have a high test result while on Accutane and had to stop for a month. Will my acne return?

Hello i been on accutane for 4 months (2months on 10mg ....2months on 20 mg) .....and i have a real high blood result (ALAT and ASAT) my doctor... READ MORE

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