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Safe to Drink Alcohol While on Accutane?

I went out drinking last night and I'm on Accutane, should I worry? I'm on 60 Mg of Accutane a day, if this is the only alcohol I consume while on the... READ MORE

Can I Have Laser Treatments While I'm Taking Accutane?

I am taking Accutane 40 mg twice a week. Can I have facial laser treatments? This dose was prescribed by my Dermatologist and it has helped to control... READ MORE

Risks of Birth Defects from Accutane Even After Years Later?

I'm just scared I am doing such harm to my body. Is there a big percentage of birth defects after taking medication even years later? I know you have... READ MORE

Got Pregnant 1 week After Taking Oractane. Will my Baby Be Deformed?

Hi i got pregnant 1 week after finishing my 6 months of oractane 20mg. Will i be giving birth to a deformed baby? I am worried. READ MORE

Safe To Use Self Tanning Products While Taking Accutane?

I would like to ask if there is any problem in using selftan products while taking accutane. READ MORE

Getting Pregnant a Month After Last Accutane Safe?

My last accutane was on 10/5/2012. The next period start on 28/6/2012. Is it safe if i want to get conceive immediately after this period? READ MORE

Is Ok to Take Accutane Just for One Month?

Hello Doctors, my doctor gave me Roaccutan 20 mg. He explained me about the risk of pregnancy but didnt explain me much. Then i researched on internet... READ MORE

Risk of Post-Accutane Permanent Redness/Flushing

I have suffered from acne since was 13 y.o (now 24) and have had 1 course of roaccutane when it was most severe aged 16. This helped a lot but I still... READ MORE

I Dont Want to Finish my One Month Accutane Dose. Will There Be Any Side Effects?

I'm afraid of the side effects to be honest..so if I decided to stop the 4 week (one month) 20mg dose that my dermatologist gave me, after taking... READ MORE

What Are the Risks and Benefits from Accutane?

I've had mild acne since my teens and am now 30. I've been on different prescription oral medicines for the last 10 years, currently on Solodyn. I'm... READ MORE

Accutane- Will my Acne Return if I Had Mild Cystic Acne?

Hello docs! I started taking accutane at 40mg per day on Dec.11, 2011. I am still taking it, but I am considering stopping it because of hair loss... READ MORE

Can a Diabetic Person Take Accutane ?

A person with type 1 or 2 diabetes can he take it and what are the risks and complications ? READ MORE

Can the Accutane Dosage be Altered to Speed up Results or Reduce Risks?

Could you change the strength of the pills to make your treatment either faster/slower/less 'dangerous'? I know Accutane can have nasty... READ MORE

Can I wear make up while on Accutane?

I wear oil-free moisturizer spf 20 everyday. But I need to cover my face with make up because I don't want people to criticize me for my acne. At... READ MORE

Should I Use Roaccutane for my Acne Considering the Risks and Side Effects? (photo)

Hello, I am 21 years old. I have mild/moderate acne with minor scars. I have tired using creams, scrubs, antibiotic pills ... etc with minimum and/or... READ MORE

Accutane and IPL Treatment Combination Safe?

I am seriously considering IPL treatment for some brown spots on my face and to even out my complexion (I'm 44). I have been taking low dose... READ MORE

Is my Pregnancy Safe? 6 Weeks After Last Dose of Accutane?

Dear Doctors, I took my last dose of Accutane on March 2nd and got my period the next day. My next period was on the 8th of April and I finish on the... READ MORE

Do Anti-depressants Prevent the Risk of Suicide While on Accutane?

My mom will not let me go on Accutane because of the suicide and depression risks. I currently suffer from clinical depression and am on medication... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Do Liver Cleanse While Taking Accutane?

After 1 month of taking accutane, my blood test was a little high for my liver. I've been trying to drink beet juice every day to help nourish my... READ MORE

Where to Find Quantitative Statistics on Accutane Averse Effects?

My son's doctors tell me that the side effects of Accutane are "rare," but they cannot quote me hard statistics of the users who have suffered from... READ MORE

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