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When to Expect Accutane to Starts Working?

I just started Accutane and I was wondering when I should expect it to start working. Also, are there any preventative things I can do while I'm on it. READ MORE

When Will I See Improvement from Accutane?

I'm currently in my 6th week of a 4-month course of Accutane 60 mg. I was wondering, when I will be seeing some sort of an improvement? I have a few... READ MORE

Combining Accutane and Alcohol?

Is it OK to combine Accutane and alcohol? Would drinking alcohol while on Accutane make it not work or affect the results?   READ MORE

How Long Are Most People on Accutane?

I'm debating about talking to my dermatologist about getting Accutane. I have had moderate acne for YEARS and every time I go to the derma he just... READ MORE

My Treatment of Accutane Was Interrupted for 10 Days. Do I Have to Start the Treatment All Over?

I had to travel and forgot to take roaccutane with me. I had been talking it for 5 months already. Stayed 10 days without taking it. Do I have to... READ MORE

Is Post Accutane Flushing Permanent?

I recently finished accutane around mid-February with amazing results, but the only downfall of it was the flushing. Everytime I flush my entire face... READ MORE

How Long Until I See Accutane Results?

My son started Accutane 45 days ago. He had gone through the gamut of products and drugs to control it to no avail. His acne was about a 7 on a... READ MORE

Is my Acne Severe Enough to Take Accutane?

I have 4 cystic pimples right now and plenty of other ones. I've used almost every topical acne prescription there is. I've taken... READ MORE

Can the Accutane Dosage be Altered to Speed up Results or Reduce Risks?

Could you change the strength of the pills to make your treatment either faster/slower/less 'dangerous'? I know Accutane can have nasty... READ MORE

How Can I Know Accutane Works for Me?

My dermatologist gave me 30mg/day , this is a low dose , and i want an increse , but he said the first two mouths we go on 30mg then why change..why?I... READ MORE

Will a Three Week Delay Ruin my Accutane Treatment So Far?

If I have to quit taking acutane for 3 weeks in order to get it mailed, will it ruin my first 4 months of treatment? maxed out my insurance so went... READ MORE

Isotretinion Timing?

Hi, I am getting married in a month and started getting acne due to birth control pills which i started for contraception. My doc suggested... READ MORE

Micro Dose Accutane - When Will I See Results?

I am curently on maintainence therapy of 20mg a week and still having small persistent acne. May i ask when exactly can i start seeing improvements? READ MORE

Does Accutane Reduce the Swelling in Rhinophyma or Does It Treat the Acne Alone? (photo)

How long does it take accutane to show the results? If the swelling doesnt reduce, will steroid injections be helpful? READ MORE

Can You Use Vinegar While on Accutane?

When will you see results from accutane. i had an initial breakout two days in i think it was and its been bad ever since and i know its suppose to... READ MORE

Will a Second Course of Accutane Act the Same As the First?

A year ago, my doctor pescribed me accutane 10 mg a day but my acne got worse before better and it takes 6 months to clear my skin. but after 8 months... READ MORE

Will Taking Accutane After Rhinoplasty (Tip-plasty) Affect Results?

Hello Doctors :) I am a 35 year old female. I did a course of low dose accutane in 2007 for cystic acne. I am back to oily skin and acne (although I... READ MORE

What to Expect on Accutane for Acne?

I had severe acne. My doctor told me to take cynomicine for the 1 month (50mg) and 10 days (100mg) now when the acne got settle down and looks better... READ MORE

Accutane Short Term Results?

I have been on accutane (40mg/80mg alternating days) for mild acne/severe blackheads for 6 weeks now. B/c of a cosmetic surgery issue I was advised by... READ MORE

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