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Daughter Went On Accutane and Her Liver Enzymes Went Up. Discontinued, What Are Her Options?

My daughter went on accutane and within 2 weeks her liver enzymes went to 39. She was taken off the medication and her enzyme level continued to go up... READ MORE

Will Accutane Make the Redness Go Away from Nodular Acne? Am I a Candidate With Heart and Liver Problems? (photo)

Will Accutane Make the Redness Go Away That Has Been Present with Nodular Acne? Also, patient on heart transplant list with elevated labs for liver... READ MORE

Can I Take Paracetamol While on Accutane?

I am on accutane 50mg.It is been 3months now and I am scared that causes my liver .I would like to know if I need to take victamin C to protect my... READ MORE

Should I Take Liver Support Supplements on Accutane?

I'm 110lbs and was just given 40mg Accutane from my GP (no derm in my area) I took it 8 years ago, it worked but I feel that it has affected my liver... READ MORE

My Doctor Wants Me Stop Taking Claravis Today, After Being on It for 4 Months. Is my Total Amount High Enough?

I have been on claravis for 4 months, and my doctor told me stop taking it today because my liver enzymes are elevated. I also lift weights 5 out of 7... READ MORE

After Being on Accutane, How Probable is It That my Liver Isn't Dealing with Alcohol Too Well?

I was on accutane for a couple years. I've had blood work in the past when on it concern my doctor about my liver. Sometimes I feel after drinking... READ MORE

Is It Okay to Do Liver Cleanse While Taking Accutane?

After 1 month of taking accutane, my blood test was a little high for my liver. I've been trying to drink beet juice every day to help nourish my... READ MORE

What is the Maximum You Can Take when on Acutane?

My 21 year old son is presently on acutane. He's done one blood test and it shows a high liver count. Should I be concerned. Can he continue his... READ MORE

Accurate blood test readings while on accutane?

For a blood test while on accutane, do i have to refrain from it for 1 or 2 days to get an accurate reading of lipid and liver profiles. READ MORE

I drink every weekend in college on Accutane; will it severely affect my liver?

I have about 5 drinks a weekend, sometimes 10 and take 80mg of Accutane. READ MORE

I want to take Accuntane for my chronic back acne. I also take Propranolol, am I working my liver too hard using both?(photo)

I already take 80mg of propranolol twice daily. My dermatologist already said ok but I want a second opinion. READ MORE

Accutane causes high AST, concerned about liver damage, what should I do?

Hi, I am a27 girl.I've been on Accutane for about 13 months 20 mg twice a day, till last month all my blood test results were normal, but tthis month... READ MORE

What Type of Natural Products Can I Take in Order to Clean my Liver While I Am on Accutane?

 A type of cleanser for my stomach, liver and blood. I am so scare of the side effects that I may get for life. READ MORE

Accutane caused liver enzymes to go up and my doctor wants to keep me at a low dose for longer. Will it still help?

After 1 month of 40mg/day on generic accutane my liver enzymes ALT went from 19 before accutane to 43. I do not drink alcohol at all. My derm (I see a... READ MORE

My doctor has been prescribing me with isotretinoin for almost 2 years. What could happen to me?

I took it for 23 months like this: Almost a year 40mg a day. Then I started taking 20mg one day 40 the next, and so on... After a few months 20mg a... READ MORE

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