Hormones + Accutane

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Electrosurgical Device HR-5000: Better Than Accutane for Hormonal Acne?

Long story short: I have hormonal acne on my chin.I do not want to go on Accutane.After many hours of research, I found a few articles on something... READ MORE

Started Roaccutane but it got worse? (photos)

I started Roaccutane 2 weeks ago for my hormonal cystic acne that shows up like clumps under my cheeks and around my mouth. It's been 2 weeks and all... READ MORE

I weigh 50kgs with moderate Cystic Acne. I've been prescribed 20mg Accutane for 4 months. Is this an appropriate dosage?

My 1st doctor put me on 20mg accutane. I took for 2 months. She wanted to do a low dose regimen. I changed my doctor but the new doctor wasnt happy... READ MORE

Would Accutane Work for the 3rd Time?

I have taken 2 courses of Accutane for the past 5 years. The first course for 4 months, then acne returned then the second for 6 months but the acne... READ MORE

Options for Male Hormonal Acne?

What are my options for a male with extremely oily skin plus persistent acne at the age of 22? Ive been on Accutane once 70mg for 5 months (weigh... READ MORE

Which would be more effective a low dose of accutane for one year or a regular dose for 5 -6months?

I'm not sure if my acne is hormonal. I certainly have oiler skin when I'm not on bcp but I also seem to get pimples just whenever. And certainly when... READ MORE

Dose Accutane help with getting red of stubborn pigmentation due to hormonal things??

Im 21 years old and i have been on accutane for a month now !still havent seen any sever side effects but my lips and skin are very dry the thing is... READ MORE

Should I change from Dianette to Accutane, and will it help skin as oily as mine?

Hi, Im 27 and I've had awful acne since I was about 13. I have the oiliest skin I've ever seen on a person it's awful. I started taking the acne... READ MORE

Can I take chinese medicine herbs while on accutane?

I've been to a chinese medicine doctor a week before starting to take accutane. I felt so good on the herbs health wise as they include lots of anti... READ MORE

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