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Day 151 on Accutane and Getting Bumps On Skin, Is This Normal This Far In?

Ok so i got 79 days left on accutane (almost three months) and i've been getting these really tiny bumps for a few weeks(they're pink and... READ MORE

I'm currently on my 2nd month of Roaccutane and Differin, how can I remove the hyper-pigmentation and brown bumps? (photo)

I'm on my second month of roaccutane (dosage 30 g) and i had these red hyper pigmentation before taking roaccutane. Also the brown bumps which my... READ MORE

Should I go back on Tretinoin? I stopped using it because my skin got too light. I never had acne, just problems with texture.

After using too much Tretinoin for a couple of months, I stopped using it and i have been 7 months without it so far. I never had acne, I just wanted... READ MORE

Small raised bumps returning to my skin only one week after stopping Accutane treatment. Is there anything I can do about these?

I have been on 20 mg for 4 months but will be travelling and have been advised to stop as it may interfere with anti-malarials. Now that i have been... READ MORE

Tiny Flesh Colored Bumps After Isotretinoin Treatment

I recently finished my accutane treatment about 1 month ago. Since then, I have had these tiny flesh colored bumps on only the left side of my face.... READ MORE

White Bumps After Quitting Accutane

I have been taking Accutane for 7 years -last 6 @20mg/day. I'm 48/F. Skin very oily,I had little white cauliflower looking bumps. Acctane fixed. I... READ MORE

Post Accutane Acne is Gone but Fairly Red Skin (Bad Texture) and Occasional Red Itchy Bumps?

I have been on a second round of accutane and finished it about 3 months ago. My acne is gone but my skin texture is very bad (no scarring). It's just... READ MORE

Small White Bumps on Cheaks After Accutane Treatment?

I have just completed my 6 month accutane treatment. (40mg, twice a day) My acne is gone, HOWEVER it has been replaced by small white bumps on my... READ MORE

Went Off Accutane 1 Month Ago, and Have White Bumps On My Left Cheekbone? (photo)

I came off a course of accutane one month ago (my skin is now really oily again) I've just noticed on my left cheekbone and the side of my jaw I have... READ MORE

On Accutane but Started Getting Uninflamed "Spots" Again?

Hi, I've been taking Accutane (40mg/day for last 7 months) but the past 5 weeks I've started getting these small to medium sized acne like bumps,... READ MORE

Accutane Dosage?

When I 1st started, I was on 20 mg BID, & saw amazing results; this was the 1st month. My doctor upped it to 30 mg BID and I had multiple bumps... READ MORE

6 months post op of Accutane, my acne came back. Should I take it again?

15 when started taking Accutane 10-30mg/6 months now I'm18 & the acne returned on my forehead-not pimples but goose-bump-like spots about 5months ago... READ MORE

Are small raised bumps after Accutane treatment normal?

I just finished a six month cycle of Accutane. While I am quite pleased with my results, I did notice that after a week of getting off the drug and... READ MORE

I have hormonal acne, comedonal, and inflammatory. Will Accutane be an answer for me? (photo)

I used to have hormonal acne at 15 yr old i was prescrib diane-35 and it worked well i then stop taking the pill a yr ago and never had such a perfect... READ MORE

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