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How Long Will It Take for Skin Dryness to Decrease?

I'm starting Accutane next month (May 25), and how much can i be out in the sun while taking this if i can Very Fair skin. Ive tried every type of... READ MORE

Will acne return after I stopped using acnetane?

I have been using acnetane to treat bad acne I had on my back. I used it for 3 months and I was on a 30mg dosage per day. After I finished my... READ MORE

Accutane for Acne on Face, Back, and Buttocks?

My daughter has been insisting me to buy her Accutane since we don't have medical coverage. She is 16 going on 17 and has acne on her face which is... READ MORE

Should I Try Accutane for Adult Body and Face Acne?

I am a 35 yo female who has face & body acne since my late teens. Over the yrs. I have tried everything including clindamyacin, tetracycline,... READ MORE

3 mths into Accutane my jawline broke out & still hasn't healed and my chest & back are not seeing much result. Advice? (photo)

Hello, I have been on Accutane for around 12 weeks now. Accutane was primarily for my chest and back not as much for my face. When I began to get the... READ MORE

Is It Normal That Accutane Worked for my Back but my Face Got Worse?

I am in my 5th month in accutane , and my back got really clear , but my face has gotten worse , i had mild acne on my face , but what i feel that my... READ MORE

Is 40 mg/once daily of Accutane for 4 months enough to take care of back acne?

I am a 31 yr old male, I weigh 140lbs and have mild acne that scars really bad. I went to the dermatologist and told him how I have tried everything... READ MORE

I've been on Accutane for 4 months, and my condition is still getting worse. What is causing this?

When I started acctuane it was primarily for my chest and back, my face had acne but wasnt too bad. I am now ending my fourth month soon, first month... READ MORE

How long do you think it will take to see improvements in my acne while taking Accutane?

I've been taking accutane for about 10 days now mainly for the acne on my back and shoulders. The acne on my back is not cystic, but I have many large... READ MORE

Is 3 months of 30mg a day of Accutane enough for back acne?

My doctor said I don't really need it but eventually perscribed me accutane because of my mild back acne for 3 months on 30mg a day. I was using... READ MORE

Should I be using Accutane if there's another solution at mind for my facial acne, but no solution left for my back acne?

My face has mild acne, oily, and every now and then has lots of black and white heads. I've been doing facials to remove the heads and my... READ MORE

I'm 16 years old, I suffer from acne on my back and face, occasionally body, would Accutane be a good solution?

I usually get acne on my back, and it leaves a mark. i've already treated them with creams but they dont stop. also, my face suffers from acne, not... READ MORE

I want to take Accuntane for my chronic back acne. I also take Propranolol, am I working my liver too hard using both?(photo)

I already take 80mg of propranolol twice daily. My dermatologist already said ok but I want a second opinion. READ MORE

I've had severe cystic body and facial acne for 15 years. Is accutane an option for me?

I've been breaking out on my face, neck, ears, back, chest, all the way down to my stomach and the top of my buttocks since I was 11. I'm now 26. I've... READ MORE

Joint Pains Side Effect from Accutane?

I'm a 120lb woman just starting my fourth month of Accutane. I've been bumped up to 80mg since 60mg wasn't working for me. I've been experiencing... READ MORE

Currently on Isotretinoin (Aka Accutane). How Long Until I Can Get Fraxel Re:Pair?

Hello. I'm currently on Isotretinoin (commonly known as Accutane). How long after my treatment before I can get Fraxel Re:Pair on my face? Also,... READ MORE

Does Accutane Work on Fordyces?

Im recently being placed on accutane for severe face and back acne but I also have probably the worst fordyces on my testicals and shaft. I've heard... READ MORE

Is my Accutane dosage too high?

I started taking Accutane a little over a month ago, I was started at a 40mg per day dose. My appt last week my derm upped my dosage to 110mg per day.... READ MORE

Can I get back pigmentation loss completely?

As a teenager I had quite severe acne and was treated with roaccuntane, however I was left with post inflammatory pigmentation loss on my chest and... READ MORE

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