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Face Has Completely Cleared Up on 30 Mg of Accutane a Day. Do I Increase Dosage?

I have been on 30 mg of accutane a day for 90 days (3 months) and the only real side effects are a bit of dry skin around the mouth and of course the... READ MORE

How Many Mg of Accutane Should a Person Take Per Kg of Body Weight and for How Long?

I have taken accutane 3 times. i started at 40 and went up to 60 but had to stop due to high liver enzymes. I took it 4 months. After 2 years my acne... READ MORE

My Doctor Wants Me Stop Taking Claravis Today, After Being on It for 4 Months. Is my Total Amount High Enough?

I have been on claravis for 4 months, and my doctor told me stop taking it today because my liver enzymes are elevated. I also lift weights 5 out of 7... READ MORE

Rosecea concerns on Accutane. (photo)

I've been on accutane for 6 months now. I'm 5'10 150 pounds. I am currently alternating 40mg one day and 80 the next day. I had mild/ moderate but... READ MORE

I'm taking Isotretinoin 20 mg a day and have Erectile dysfunction. Is this normal?

I have been taking Roaccutane for my acne for over two months now. I am taking a very low dose of 20 mg a day over a 6 month period. My body weight is... READ MORE

Is my Accutane dosage accurate @ 20mg twice a day? Side effects are only excessively dry lips and noticeably thinner hair.

I'm 5ft 11, 175lbs. I'm 3 months in. I was also never asked my weight during the initial prescription so I wonder how he determined the dosage. I feel... READ MORE

I finished a six month round of Accutane in mid April. Why has my alcohol tolerance so suddenly dropped?

I finished a six month round of Accutane in mid April. I drank in May and June and my tolerance was its usual; around 6-8 drinks. However, in August,... READ MORE

My acne is severe with acne scarring. Can I start on Accutane with 80 mg?

Is this a lot? i read on these boards everyone starts at 20 and increases. i think I'm supposed to take this for 6 months. i am 152-158 lbs and 5 9.... READ MORE

Is it safe to take Accutane with high cholesterol/triglycerides levels?

I am 24 male (6ft, 190 lbs) with relatively high cholesterol levels. Is accutane out of the questions when it comes to clearing my back and facial... READ MORE

I have been of Accutane for about 5 weeks and going back on. Will I break out worse again?

I've been on accurate since mid November pretty consistently (with small gaps due to getting the prescription mailed but usually less than a week). I... READ MORE

I have mild acne and have been on 20mg Accutune. Is it ok for me to up my dose to 40 mg after 2 weeks?

I am a 21 year old female,5'8, 60kgs. I have mild acne. I have been on 20mg accutane for about 10 days now. I am not experiencing much difference... READ MORE

My Son is 15 Yrs old, 61 Kg, 5'11. He is currently taking Roaccutane. Should I take him off his meds during his camping trip?

My son is 15 yrs old, weighs 61 kg, is 5.11 feet tall and is Hypercholestrimic with a fasting lipogram of 7.3. He is currently taking 20mg Roacutane... READ MORE

Can Isotretinoin cause any form of Alopecia ( like bald patches)?

28 year old male, 5'9" height, weight is 165 lbs. I've been taking Isotretinoin 20 mg once a day for the past 30 days (first month). My dosage has... READ MORE

I'm off Accutane 6 months. I was on it for my back but now I'm geting face spots. What can I do to clear it up quickly?

I have never had bad skin on my face but six months off accutane my back is completely cleared up and my face is getting worse. What can i do, i clean... READ MORE

Am I losing my hair after only being on Accutane for 1.5 months?

I took accutane 40mg a day for 45 days. I am a 5'8 155 lb. female. I recently stopped because my hair had begun shedding more than normal. I cans see... READ MORE

After almost 3 months my 16 year old son hasn't seen any significant change while on Accutaine (Absorbica). Should I worry?

Son is 5'10 and 160 pounds. First two months on 30 a day, third month on 40 a day. He had some significant side effects so the doctor felt it best to... READ MORE

What dose of Accutane do I need?

My weight is 60.3 my height is 5.9 f READ MORE

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