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Like Botox, this injectable wrinkle eraser makes foreheads smooth, but XEOMIN doesn't require refrigeration. LEARN MORE ›
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After going to Dr. Patel's office, I was determined to get Botox for a clean, fresh and soft look on my face. When meeting the Dr. she offered an alternative product Xeomin, another form of Botox. Thinking about the reputation of the brand, Dr. Patel assured me that the product was parallel to... READ MORE

I never wanted to be the girl who was getting procedures done in my early twenties who looks like a wax figurine by the time I'm 40, but I had been noticing some unattractive forehead wrinkles that left some distinct lines even when my face was expressionless and I wanted to do something about... READ MORE

1st Day So far so good. I got a little anxious because I've only done Botox in the past so trying something new was scary. However, I trust the staff at where I go so I got 20 unit of Xeomin 8 in each 'crow feet' area, and 2 above each eye brow to raise them slightly as I just got 30 unit of... READ MORE

I have done prior Botox treatments and have had fillers before through my dermatologist. Though I was happy with the outcomes, I was charged a fixed amount per area and that started becoming expensive. The areas were the crow's eyes, forehead and glabella. I sometimes felt rushed although I... READ MORE

I wanted to have xeomin injected into my chin to relax the mentalis muscle after genioplasty and double jaw surgery with another doctor. The result of genioplasty and double jaw was amazing, but I had a square chin from swelling and the bone being moved. I did not appreciate Dr. Taghizadeh ... READ MORE

I having been going to Dr. Ort for several years for all of my dermatologist needs. I most recently went in for botox. Dr. Ort is very good at making sure he injects the right places to give you the best results. I am so pleased with the outcome. I highly recommend Dr. Ort and his fabulous... READ MORE

Dr Cody Koch from Koch Plastic Surgery is an amazing miracle worker. I've been going to Dr. Cody for several years and have always been pleased with my results. I inially went to Dr Cody for Botox, after several years of use the produce became less effective for me. Dr Cody consulted with me... READ MORE

I have been going to Dr. Ort's office for several years. He does an amazing job with injectables. I have been very happy with him and the office. He always takes time with you and makes sure that you look natural and will not overdo anything. If you aren't 100% satisfied, he wants you to... READ MORE

I have had Xeomin in the past but this was my first treatment with Dr. DiFrancesco. I always get squeamish around needles and kind of dread getting it. Dr. D and her staff made me feel comfortable during the visit and this is probably the first time that the injection was painless, it has... READ MORE

I have used Botox off and on for the last 15 years (not even once a year) for forehead wrinkles and frown lines between my eyebrows. 5 days ago the nurse I go to suggested Xeomin. I was hesitant to try something new since Botox has always worked for me with the only side-effect being a slight... READ MORE

I always wonder about the sincerity and honesty when you go for an elective procedure. Are you "really" getting what you "need" or are you being sold something? After all, it is always about the bottom line. It is never that way when you see Dr Sudarsky. Maybe it is because she is a woman and... READ MORE

I started using Botox at least 15 years ago. I began with modest amounts of units with great results. I then wanted the frozen, wrinkles look for my forehead. I was given 45 units. It was spectacular and lasted 6 months. The next time, I received the same amount. I was fighting a flu at... READ MORE

Dr. Dickerson has a deep understanding for understanding what I'm trying to say what I want as an end result and delivering with the utmost care and concern. I like that he doesn't waste time while working but allows for much wait time if I need to numb first. I've been with him for YEARS and... READ MORE

Dr. Schaffer was very thorough in my consultation. Explained exactly what I could expect -- and the results are AMAZING! I look ten years younger with these injections! Would recommend this surgeon to family, friends, and anyone looking for a confident, professional plastic surgeon. Will... READ MORE

Let me start of by saying "VIP Plastic Surgery is TOP OF THE LINE" ! From the moment I booked the appt to when I was seen and treated by Dr. Khorsandi everything about this Doctor, practice, and staff was on point! When I came in for my appt to get injected for Xeomin I was def nervous, I hate... READ MORE

Dr. Weber is amazing. He is kind and sympathetic. He listens to what you want and does not try to push other treatments. He is super nice, and does a fantastic job. Nothing artificial looking. He makes me feel relaxed, comfortable, and makes me look refreshed, not fake. I would totally... READ MORE

I had a xeomin treatment 2 weeks ago with Dr. James Pearson of Hermosa Beach, CA. My sagging eyelids have been very noticeably lifted yet I look completely natural and am thoroughly satisifed with my results. Dr. Pearson is so thorough, patient and knowledgeable that I am going to entrust him... READ MORE

I have been getting Dysport injections from a celebrity dermatologist in Beverly Hills for years. I was introduced to Dr. Pearson as he was recommended to me for a cyst removal procedure on my chest. Because Dr. Pearson was local and I was really impressed with how thorough he was in my... READ MORE

Went in for a check up and was asked if I wanted anything more and being shy I said, "sure what can you give me." It's a smart response but, they took it easy going and took the time to understand my concerns and ended up just gorgeous and feel great. Very relaxed and understanding environment .... READ MORE

At 57, I'd been receiving Botox and Dysport injections for quite a few years, but I'd stopped because the last few times I was left with a "Botox Face", not the fresh, well-rested look I wanted. Then a coworker showed up at the office looking great and I asked what she's done (I knew she hadn't... READ MORE

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