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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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I have been stocking this site for months now trying to build courage to go ahead and get a much needed tt. So, finally I have decided to do it! I am so excited but nervous at the same time. I have 3 kids via cs and was left with a horrible looking stomach. (Stretch marks and recti diastasis)... READ MORE

I am so ready for my TT. Hello ladies, I'm new to RS, but I have been reading a lot since I made the decision to have my TT done. Today, I paid my deposit and my surgery date is scheduled for 3/20/15. I am having a full TT and lipo on flanks. I am a mother of 4 (19,17,10,6) and this has been... READ MORE

My first pregnancy was in my early twenties, via a c-section. The next two pregnancies were in my mid-late twenties, vaginal births after cesarean (VBACs). I had extreme stretch marks up the centre of my abdomen after the first pregnancy and minor 'extensions' of those marks in the second... READ MORE

It feels like I have been waiting forever for this to happen. So much so to the point I can't even believe I'm actually writing a post in real self!!! I have been stalking the site for six months and am so thankful I found it because it was a big deciding factor on who my ps would be!! First a... READ MORE

Looking forward to being able to. Wear a bathing suit & other clothing without having to hold my stomach in. Also looking forward to having curves. Had lipo on abs last year but ready to go all the way. Excited but nervous. Consult on yesterday & paid deposit today. Procedure in a few weeks.... READ MORE

Hi ladies I'm New to this site and so far I've been reading Dr. Johles reviews and I have a friend A friend that went to her and she looks amazing. I weigh 225 pounds and after my first son it took me a long time getting use to being this big. But now I'm ready to get this weight off. I was... READ MORE

(I will post pics soon). I was in severe pain due to my diastasis recti & barely able to function. I had to take a muscle relaxant every night just to get through the next day and had to go to the chiropractor at least once a week & this was even after 5months of physical therapy. My neighbor... READ MORE

Im 29 and im hesitant cuz of the upcoming pain but excited for a new ME! My surgery is set!!!!! After 3 long years of postponing this its finally time to treat myself. I have 2 beautiful children i was blessed with a boy and a girl. I think that is more than i can ask for.... i am having a ETT,... READ MORE

Time for the outside to match the inside..again(If only I had a crystal ball at 18 when I didn't see the point of the gym and Pizza was suitable for breakfast)and to no longer hear "But you have such a pretty face" Thanks I think  2 days post op and I know I should be... READ MORE

I am 38, 5'5", 155 pounds. I have two teenage children. I was always slim before my children and once I was through with two very close pregnancies (they are 16 months apart), my stomach had the dreaded apron. I actually knew it while pregnant with my second child because I had asked my OB Dr.... READ MORE

Over 40, few kids, multiple abdominal surgeries... I never wanted a tummy tuck but I desperately want and need my abdominal muscles repaired and to revise/remove my scar. My abdominal muscles are overstretched on the right side due to major emergency surgeries. I still have issues regarding my... READ MORE

I am 23 days out and having regret I had tummy tuck and lipo in flanks and hips. I feel tingling and unlike myself. I am so swollen in my hips and back.my back is killing me now Im swollen in my right side of my belly and scar,i cant walk straight yet ,I just want to feel normal again :( will I... READ MORE

I'm so excited to be going under the knife . I am anticipating Being able to wear jeans and actually be comfortable. Started with a cough on Thursday, it has gradually gotten worse . I called Dr. Gallegos and he said we need to cancel till I feel better :( .. I will keep you all posted... READ MORE

Well after lots of lurking I am stating I decided to post about my story. I went three years ago for consultation but even though I really wanted it at the time I just couldn't imagine going through with it when my kids were that small (less than a year and 2) so I put I to the back burner and... READ MORE

OMG Im so nervous, I just scheduled my surgery and its less than 2 weeks away. Ive been waiting for this moment since forever. I am 31 with 4 kids and have had 4 c-sections so my of course I have a huse amount of laxity and fat that I need to get rid of. Im going with Dr. Heppe of Plastic... READ MORE

I am a 36yo mom of three. I finally realized no amount of dieting is going to change my "mommy" shape. I am for the most part happy with my weight, could always loose that last 5 pounds, but my belly is a constant distraction. I have a super strong core, but look constantly bloated & thick. TT... READ MORE

After extensive research decided to take the plunge appointment made procedure paid for. I will be having a full TT and lipo. Ready to get my curves under control. I'm 5'6 195 lbs. I've been working out and trying to maintain a good diet. Procedure is in 2 1/2 weeks and I'm still hoping to lose... READ MORE

Always been active, but after my second child everything went down the curve. I am looking to have a tummy tuck and possibly a fat transfer to my buttocks. I am a little worried with the idea of leaving my kids for 10 days but I want to feel happy when I look at myself in the mirror. I dont... READ MORE

Disappointed that no one answered when I called....I had to leave a voice mail. I hope that doesn't happen if I decide to go with him. The research I've done so far, he seems to be more expensive than other PC's in the area......................................................................... READ MORE

Im 22 years old. I currently way 288. I plan on getting a tummy tuck, fat transfer to butt and breast. Lipo of back, arms a thighs( I'm really not o sure about the thighs doe) I don't wanna pay more than 7500 for everything. Everything includes travel, procedure, garments, Meds, recovery house... READ MORE

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