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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction may also be performed, most often on flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›

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Hi RS friends! Been reading tt reviews for a few months now so now it's my turn. Been doing hundreds of abdominal's weekly at my local gym, along with swimming, biking , walking. I'm 5-2, 135lbs but can't loose this flabby belly!! So after a lovely visit with my favorite ps Dr. Daniel Atwood in... READ MORE

Pro's: to get My post Children figure back. The motivation to get on an exercise program and lose weight to maintain my new lease on life. Most of all a flat tummy once again, loose saggy skin removed from midsection forever. Con's: The biggest fear was loss of blood during the procedure. The... READ MORE

Hi everyone! I have been navigating this site for about a week now debating if I should make a post. And well, here it is. I am a 25 year old mom of a beautiful 5 year old boy and I have decided to get a Tummy Tuck. Is it weird that just typing those words gets me excited?! I would have to... READ MORE

I am a 36yo mom of three. I finally realized no amount of dieting is going to change my "mommy" shape. I am for the most part happy with my weight, could always loose that last 5 pounds, but my belly is a constant distraction. I have a super strong core, but look constantly bloated & thick. TT... READ MORE

Starting with a tummy tuck, Long overdue. 7year old and 5year old, both by C section. My belly stretched out leaving me looking a gooey 5mo. pregnant. I'd like to have a trim wasteline and be able to look good in my jeans. I had minimal scars on m y c section line and dr says scar will be under... READ MORE

After losing close to 200 pounds, I was left with a lot of loose skin. The bulk of my skin issues where in my upper body. I had a Body Lift about 4 months ago which got rid of 11 pounds of skin (Please check out my body lift review for more details). To finish up removing the excess skin off my... READ MORE

I am super excited and nervous at the same time. I am a mother of two children and i am final getting my pre-baby tummy back. I have waited 10+ years to have this procedure and it's finally my time. I have enjoyed reading about everyone's stories here on real self, so I decided I should post... READ MORE

Oh.. 10:58pm the night before surgery!! Excited mostly, a little nervous. My 12 1/2 year old was over 11 pound, stretch marks galore and a large / long Caesarean scar to boot! My weight has yo-yoed since having him. Last year I finally got fit and healthy and realised that no amount of diet... READ MORE

Hello, I had been looking into getting a TT done for a very long time. I have finally got it I'm on day 1 after surgery not only did I get a tummy tuck I also had back & flank liposuction as well. It is what I was expecting, not able to move around too much lots of swelling....as of right now I... READ MORE

I originally consulted for a tummy tuck when I went to get my breast lift and augmentation. At the time I could not afford to do both so I decided to wait on the tummy tuck. Back at my first surgery I only weighed 130 lbs, now I am at 155 lbs due to some complications with my PCOS and hormone... READ MORE

Looking forward to a smaller waistline! I've been wanting this procedure for a very long time. I've always had to postpone it. But it's almost time. I've paid in full and I've been cleared from my primary care physician. I can't believe this is happening for real. I'm scheduled for June 15, 2015... READ MORE

I am a 31 year old mother of three kids & it was about time for me to get my grown & sexy body! Dr. Salz was the best person for the job, he's confident & a master sculptor if that's even a word. I am over the moon! GOD bless his hands. I had a tummy tuck, bbl, & lipo. Never felt pain just... READ MORE

I have always wanted to get a tummy tuck. But because i was a single mom, i never had the opportunity. Now that my children are adults and my money is all mine! lol! I am now living my life for myself. I have gained and lost weight over the years, so the lil pouch has gotten saggier and less... READ MORE

I finally received my passport in the mail. I set my surgery date with Tania Medina for July 22nd. I will arrive in DR on July 21st and I am traveling alone. I'm very nervous cause I've never been outside of the US, and of all things I'm about to have surgery. I will be staying at My Home... READ MORE

Hello every one i'm trying to get some Good feed back on tummy tucks. I'm currently in the process of looking for a doctor to perform my surgery. I Live in Baltimore but haven't seen any results I liked. I saw alot of Dr. Baez Work and I love it. THE start of my New journey begins today. Hope I... READ MORE

Originally I was set for surgery last year with a Dr in Mexico. After 2 years of researching for exactly what I want and who I want I've come to a desicion. Duran is my 1 and only choice. Money is not of importantance when it comes to my life but I like to think of it as a bonus. Even if she... READ MORE

This is something I have wanted for about seven years, since my only child was born. I gained 80 lbs with him, then list all the weight but over the past couple years have fluctuated about 30lbs. Needless to say, I had some stretched out day skin with stretch marks and fat deposits around the... READ MORE

I am 29 years old and a stay at home mom to three kiddos ages 5, 3, and 2. I had a c-section with my oldest, and gained a ridiculous amount of weight with each pregnancy. I was diagnosed with hashimotos thyroiditis after my oldest was born, which is why I never could lose the weight after she... READ MORE

Hello World! I know that everything I say here has already been said by so many women on this site. I first met with my plastic surgeon Sept last year, I've lost 20kg in weight since then and this has now slowed but I am trying to loose another 8-14lb before surgery. As the weight loss has... READ MORE

I'm done being shaped like a pear. The Dr says my Ab muscles are split from my rib cage to my pubic bone. It's called diastisis recti commonly caused by multiple pregnancies. I've wanted a tummy tuck and breast lift with volume implants done for two decades. I think I'm ready to take the plunge.... READ MORE

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