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Abdominoplasty (commonly known as a tummy tuck) removes excess skin and fat around the stomach, while also tightening the abdominal wall. This surgery is often performed after pregnancy or weight loss, when the skin has become stretched or saggy. A new belly button may need to be surgically created by an umbilicoplastyLiposuction might also be performed, most often on the flanks or “love handles." LEARN MORE ›
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I have lost a total of 198 lbs and have a lot if excess skin in the abdomen area and thighs. I have completely lost my chest. I am just ready to complete my weight loss journey. I am looking forward to these procedures. In about 3-6 months later I will be having a thigh lift. I am nervous but I... READ MORE

I have been wanting to do this for years and have done many PS consults around Atlanta before finally taking the plunge and committing to doing this. I am getting a tummy tuck with lipo of sides, back, and chin. I was planning on doing a fat transfer to rear, but now plan to wait to do that... READ MORE

I was originally going to do a laparoscopic or DaVinci hysterectomy, but after reading about the possible complications (and really not wanting anything pulled down through my V!!) and knowing that I have some large fibroids anyway, I decided to go ahead and do the open procedure, and have a TT... READ MORE

I have my Full TT and waist lipo scheduled with Aaron Gorin (Portland, OR) on Dec 12th. I am beyond excited, but also have all of the same reservations as everyone else. My (free!) consultation visit with Dr Gorin was great. ZERO pressure. I never would have thought I was the type of person who... READ MORE

Hi I'm in the uk but this site has really helped me. I've been for my pre- op assessment and the date is fixed. Nerves and excitement are all mingled into one. I have terrible stretch marks and loose skin following two pregnancies. Then over the years I've and put on and then lost weight.... READ MORE

I am a 29 yr old mother of 1! Love my little man to death, but my body never bounced back from my 65lb weight gain during pregnancy. I have managed to lose the weight and even had smart lipo of upper/lower abdomen and flanks on 1/25/14 (son was 9mo old). Lipo helped on flanks but left my abdomen... READ MORE

Well, I've always wanted a breast augmentation, however; I didn't feel I needed it until after I had kids. I was a full C before having my kids and after I deflated to a B cup. Besides of one day having BA, I dealt with an extra skin above my c-section scar. I worked out as much and diet, but... READ MORE

Finally after twenty years I am having a tummy tuck.. I took my photos today and they are disgusting...but as I have drawn immence courage from the lovely people on this site, I feel brave enough now to put these before pictures online. On 2nd of December I am going to a clinic in Prague for my... READ MORE

I will be having a TT with lipo of abdomen, hips, and flanks. I am very excited and also a little nervous . I have read many stories here which are helpful in knowing what to expect during the recovery proces. Some scare me a little but in the end it will be worth it. I will try to post a... READ MORE

Hi Everyone! I'm 26 years old and have 2 beautiful boys. I have always been skinny and small, but when I get pregnant...I get PREGNANT! My first born I gained 70lbs, which was mainly water retention and a big belly. I lost it all right away but suffered a lot of stretch marks and some loose skin... READ MORE

Well I'm less than 48 hours away from having my tummy tuck. I have lost 70 lbs and have kept it off for about 8 years but I have excess skin on tummy not only from weight loss but also due to several pregnancies. I'm kind of nervous about the procedure but I'm looking forward to seeing the end... READ MORE

I have been wanting to get a TT for about 3 years now. Somehow, it was not meant to be before, Life always came in the way and the TT always got postponed. After having 3 kids and no matter how hard I try, my stomach still hangs and looks very nasty. I call it my two pack (of rolls...LOL) 1... READ MORE

My Tummy tuck was done  10/13@700am it was done under general Anesthetic and honestly wasn't sure if I could still have the surgery because of my white blood count being a little higher then normal but after clearing surgery with my PCP n Hematologist,  I was good to go.... I lost a large... READ MORE

Here we go. My pregnancy with my last daughter did me in....I started at 135, and 9 months later....ended up leaving the hospital at 238. I somehow managed to gain all that weight while throwing up almost every day during the pregnancy. I really think it was a hormonal thing. My body just gains... READ MORE

So I went to have a consult with a Plastic Surgeon in Dec 2013 and she was wonderful! I'm 99% sure that I want to have this surgery. I'm a 33 year old single mom of 3 kids and a serial yo-yo dieter. You see every time that I've gotten to my goal weight in the past I always got discouraged... READ MORE

I will be 49 in March, I have four awesome adult children and the most adorable 8-year-old grandson. My life has been focused on being a mother and a caretaker and my weight yo-yo'd. About four years ago, I lost 60+ lbs and kept it off, but losing that much at the age I was, after years of... READ MORE

Lost 80lbs after gastric sleeve surgery almost 3 years ago. Waited until 2 years after the weightloss to get tummy tuck and breast lift. Height 4'10" Weight 125lb before surgery and now 122lb. Surgeon removed 3lb excess skin and fat Had tummy tuck and breaf life without implant in June. ... READ MORE

I'm 5'7 and 127 pounds. Married mommy to one but she was a whopping 10 pounds at birth and I had a Caesarian. Throughout my life no matter if I gained or lost weight, one thing remained toned and beautiful.... my tummy. That is until after I had the cesarean and then gained nearly 100 pounds.... READ MORE

I have dropped 25lbs since an strict effort to lose weight but my tummy will go down but it won't leave. I have been debating on this procedure far way to long now I'm just going to take a leap of faith and just do it. I'm not sure on what doctor to choose just yet but im still searching on who... READ MORE

I have lost over 41 pounds, so my weight is 158 now. I workout everyday, it's somethings we just can't fix and that's my stomach, lord knows how much I hate it but it will be getting fix asap!! I'm not sure if I wanna go in December or January but it's getting done.. Just a lil scared about... READ MORE

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