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I have a 4 session procedure scheduled for a full body make over. I recently had a baby and gained 100 lbs! I have been trying to lose the excess weight for the past 6 months with no results, I keep losing and re-gaining the same 10lbs...it's been a horrible journey. I have finally decided to... READ MORE

It has been almost 2 years since I had my tumescent liposuction on my love handles from Dr. Bonelli. I think i was about 115 lbs then and am 135 lbs now (i'm just a tad under 5' 2" short). I waited a while to write a review, but I was pleased with my results when I left his office. So now, 2... READ MORE

Im 43 years old and weigh 170, I had a tt 1 1/2 years ago I loved it but my back side is lacking. I will be going to Vegas on the 12th and having the lipo on friday Feb 14th. I will be having my lower back, love handles, hips, my upper bra area and the lower bra area, i will also have my arms... READ MORE

I am 4 days post op full abdomen and pannus liposuction. I had a BMI of 35 and was initially told I needed a full tummy tuck and liposuction or I needed to lose 25 pounds in one month. I read several reviews from real self doctors thats seemed harsh in nature to anyone who was obese. First of... READ MORE

My journey of rediscovering my lost confidence .After kids birth i lost my shape, big tummy and big side bulges on the thighs.Did all kinds of diets and worked out with trainer but could not loose that fat.Finally after 11 years i made my mind i have to do something for myself too and made my... READ MORE

I went for a consultation to meet with Dr. Hotchandani in Appleton, WI. in May 2013. I have always struggled with the stomach area. I have some "fat rolls" and stretch marks. Dr Hotchandani recommended tumescent liposuction. I decided to go ahead and have the surgery done. Dr. Hotchandani... READ MORE

The procedure was done under sedation and went very smoothly. Bruising was not too bad. The first two days post-op were painful (as expected), but I was in full walking order by the end of first week. I did work out since the surgery (lots of walking and hiking though), which, according to the... READ MORE

I went to dr cuber after having a botched procedure with another dr in west orange. i was initailly supposed to get lipo of my arms, bra roll, underarms inner and outer thighs, flanks, upper and lower abdomen. the other doctor took my $6000 spent 1 1/2 hours on my procdure and left me looking... READ MORE

So this is me: I come from a family of doctors and I mean the medicos, not PhDs. I’ve never been thin but have never been disproportionate or ungainly. I have a voluptuous, Indian frame and love my body. History of PCoD, two Cesarean sections and one endoscopy left me with a pouch that... READ MORE

I've booked my procedure, flight and hotel. I chose to go to LV for the procedure for both the anonymity and the cost savings (was quoted between 15-20k here, and all of the surgeons wanted to put me under). I has considered a few other medical tourism destinations (including over seas), but... READ MORE

Back in March I had my inner thighs and inner knees lipo'd by Dr. Su, Artistic Lipo, located in Tampa. Yesterday, 24 May, I just had my outer thighs lipo'd. For the inner knees and thighs, it was quite a long procedure but after he was completed and I looked in the mirror, I was utterly amazed... READ MORE

Hi, I am a 50 year old in the Palm Springs area. I had my upper and lower abs and my flanks and outer thighs done. I had one area of concern around a my gallbladder scar and he did a follow-up touch up today. It did really concern me since I have a very well shaped stomach and that little... READ MORE

Hi so I am getting tumescent lipo on my abdomen to help sculpt and flatten my belly I am 5'2 118 lbs I am not fat but have a belly the bulges out which sticks out and looks like I am prego sometimes and I have decided since I am getting a BA I should also just get lipo and remove my deposit fat... READ MORE

I am 6 days in to my recovery from: tumescent liposuction under general anesthesia, a very small mini tuck (in doctor's words) because he said i didn't have enough loose skin for a full mini tuck, and he plicated my fascia muscles (muscle tightening). I decided to have this surgery after... READ MORE

I am on day six post op. Only had drainage one day. Pain has not been bad. No pain Meds were used. Still have a lot of loose skin but a flat upper abs. Sore and numb. Going for my follow up visit today. I don't mind the compression garment too much. I just wish more was taken off my flanks.... READ MORE

Had my saddlebags done. Total fat expirated: 1000ml. No post-op pain but I took a vicodin an hour before the numbness wore off just in case. Haven't had to take any more. 3 days post procedure: I still see some saddlebag definition. Is this just swelling or should more fat have been taken... READ MORE

Dallas, Texas has some very good PS and then we have some great ones. Part of the reason for this may have to do with the fact that they get alot practice on all the baby boomers and their children. I had gone to several doctors in the area and every single one of them told me that due to the... READ MORE

Long story short- I used to be very overweight. I lost about 50 lbs and now hover between 145-150, and have for about 8 years :) I feel really good, and I've become athletic, but I can see where I screwed up by being fat in the first place. I have love handles and a deposit of fat under my arms.... READ MORE

2 days post op here in CA. I trust my doctor, and I know that my skin may need tightening. Right now I am feeling sore and tired. Using "vicoprofen", antibiotics, steroids, arnica gel and tabs, tylenol. Drinking lots of water. I can tell i am smaller already, but very bruised and sore "burning".... READ MORE


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