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A body contouring lipo technique that can help speed up recovery time and may increase positive results. LEARN MORE ›
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I did a LOT of research and finally decided to just do it! I am 44, attractive, work out about 4x week for about an hour....but was having difficulty in the ab area (which has been a lifelong battle). Heard about this doctor on the radio!! Researched him and finally got a consultation. From... READ MORE

The surgeaon I choose to do my procedure suggests Tumescent Lipo because that is is specialty and he will be removing a large volume so I will be staying in hospital overnight. I trust his skills two friends of mine have had procedures done by him I am just very nervous about the pain and... READ MORE

I had this procedure on my full abdominal, full back and my waist! My procedures were 1 week apart, and I paid 3000$ for all to a obgyn. I am a month in today. My result are amazing compare to my before pictures. I had 7 1/2 lbs from my abdominal and 5lbs from my back. Now in the beginning... READ MORE

I had lipo in mid - August, 5 months ago. I am 5'7 and weigh 150, (nothing much has changed there, no gain, no loss), and "lipo in not a weight loss tool" as they always say. I has it done to my upper hips and inner/outer thighs, the tumescent technique where they fill you up with fluid first.... READ MORE

Tumescent liposuction is a much safer alternative to traditional liposuction because you heal faster. I was unhappy with my body for a very long time, but after seeing the end results of both my aunt and cousin, I decided liposuction was the right thing for me. Due to the tumescent... READ MORE

I had tumescent technique 6 weeks ago on my back hips thighs knees calves and ankles. I am very pleased with the results. I am getting laser accent treatments to increase the firmness of my flesh as well. Will post before and after pics as soon as I get them. Dr Bennett done a... READ MORE

My family doctor say I am healthy for my height and weight. I wanted to improve my body contour (my neck, abdominal, and arms), therefore I worked out for 5 years and make little progress losing the fat on those area(I believe it's genetic) that is when I turned to liposuction. I did... READ MORE

Pro's looks thinner already despite the swelling con's rather unpleasant treatment one leg looks thinner than the other -due to uneven amount of incisions? why i didn't like the puffed up look of my thighs. they were not in balance with the rest of my body. Hi, I... READ MORE

I had tumescent lipo to my abdominals, waist, & inner thighs 6 months ago. I noticed an immediate difference, even with the garnment. I continued to wear the garnment for 6 weeks even though my surgeon said I could d/c at 3 weeks. The tiny incision sites were a bit hypersensitive for up to 3... READ MORE

I went through a large-volume liposuction. I recently had my whole body done, outpatient, over the course of 4 days (three weeks of surgery). I experienced leaking afterward which was expected (I drenched all the towels in my home). I also felt some pain during the procedure, and vomited after... READ MORE

I have had two separate liposuction procedures with this PS , both of which exceeded all of my expectations. The first time he had to do revisions from a previous liposuction I had, and I know that isn't always easy, but he combined his artistic abilities and surgical expertise and gave me... READ MORE

I just got home from having the procedure done. I have to tell you I had some anxiety about it before hand and was concerned w/ mostly the outcome and the after pain as i kept reading there was no pain during the procedure. LIES...during the first part of the procedure I whilst... READ MORE

My experience has been surprisingly fantastic so far! I was a size Aust10 -12 and had six areas done just yesterday. I was under local anasthetic, i did feel some pain during the surgery but i was also under light sedation so it was uncompfortable but not severe. I threw up after the... READ MORE

9/7/10 Okay, tomorrow morning is my procedure. I had my consult last week, my pre-op today and surgery tomorrow! I know it seems fast but I have been getting ready to this for quite a while now... and we have some scheduling complications due to family illness that make this the perfect time... READ MORE

I have worked on my legs for years and there was nothing that would help. Once I researched the procedure I was sure that is what I wanted to do. I went into the office at 7:30 and was walking out by 2:20. I was awake the whole time. As the procedure was taking place I would tell the doctor or... READ MORE

It is currently 7 weeks since the procedure. I didn't really have much to lipo (1.5 pounds only) but privmarily did this because of the excess skin post childbirth. I was told the laser part would tighten the skin. I know it takes time to see results, but it is week 7 and I look exactly the... READ MORE

I did it in his office I was fast asleep the whole time and woke up feeling great no pain till later the next day it wasn't that bad at all and now im 5 days out and just swollen. READ MORE

You may notice that I spent more than others for my procedure. I assumed you get what you pay for, I was wrong.Let me begin with the positives:the doctor and staff were exceptionally nicei had virtually no pain even through recoveryi was up and doing normal activities within 1 day post opNow the... READ MORE

Two days ago, I had Lipo on my upper abs using the tumescent technque method meaning I was given a local anesthesia and awake for the entire procedure. I am 100 percent thrilled with it.The procedure itself is relatively pain free. You feel a few small pinches but nothing more. The... READ MORE

I had tumescent liposuction of the tummy, sides, and back with a fat transfer to the buttocks. I'm only 3 days post opt and therefore am VERY swollen and have yet to see a good result.However, with all that said my doctor was a referral from someone I trusted, and being that I had NO TIME to... READ MORE

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