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A body contouring lipo technique that can help speed up recovery time and may increase positive results. LEARN MORE ›
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I had tumescent lipo to my abdominals, waist, & inner thighs 6 months ago. I noticed an immediate difference, even with the garnment. I continued to wear the garnment for 6 weeks even though my surgeon said I could d/c at 3 weeks. The tiny incision sites were a bit hypersensitive for up to 3... READ MORE

I went through a large-volume liposuction. I recently had my whole body done, outpatient, over the course of 4 days (three weeks of surgery). I experienced leaking afterward which was expected (I drenched all the towels in my home). I also felt some pain during the procedure, and vomited after... READ MORE

I have had two separate liposuction procedures with this PS , both of which exceeded all of my expectations. The first time he had to do revisions from a previous liposuction I had, and I know that isn't always easy, but he combined his artistic abilities and surgical expertise and gave me... READ MORE

I just got home from having the procedure done. I have to tell you I had some anxiety about it before hand and was concerned w/ mostly the outcome and the after pain as i kept reading there was no pain during the procedure. LIES...during the first part of the procedure I whilst... READ MORE

My experience has been surprisingly fantastic so far! I was a size Aust10 -12 and had six areas done just yesterday. I was under local anasthetic, i did feel some pain during the surgery but i was also under light sedation so it was uncompfortable but not severe. I threw up after the... READ MORE

9/7/10 Okay, tomorrow morning is my procedure. I had my consult last week, my pre-op today and surgery tomorrow! I know it seems fast but I have been getting ready to this for quite a while now... and we have some scheduling complications due to family illness that make this the perfect time... READ MORE

I have worked on my legs for years and there was nothing that would help. Once I researched the procedure I was sure that is what I wanted to do. I went into the office at 7:30 and was walking out by 2:20. I was awake the whole time. As the procedure was taking place I would tell the doctor or... READ MORE

It is currently 7 weeks since the procedure. I didn't really have much to lipo (1.5 pounds only) but privmarily did this because of the excess skin post childbirth. I was told the laser part would tighten the skin. I know it takes time to see results, but it is week 7 and I look exactly the... READ MORE

I did it in his office I was fast asleep the whole time and woke up feeling great no pain till later the next day it wasn't that bad at all and now im 5 days out and just swollen. READ MORE

You may notice that I spent more than others for my procedure. I assumed you get what you pay for, I was wrong.Let me begin with the positives:the doctor and staff were exceptionally nicei had virtually no pain even through recoveryi was up and doing normal activities within 1 day post opNow the... READ MORE

Two days ago, I had Lipo on my upper abs using the tumescent technque method meaning I was given a local anesthesia and awake for the entire procedure. I am 100 percent thrilled with it.The procedure itself is relatively pain free. You feel a few small pinches but nothing more. The... READ MORE

I had tumescent liposuction of the tummy, sides, and back with a fat transfer to the buttocks. I'm only 3 days post opt and therefore am VERY swollen and have yet to see a good result.However, with all that said my doctor was a referral from someone I trusted, and being that I had NO TIME to... READ MORE

I am six weeks post-op from having tumescent liposuction. The doctor put me under general anesthesia and removed 5,000 cubic centimeters of fat from my hips, inner and outer thighs, lateral buttocks and medial (inside) knees.From the front the results are remarkable - I've clearly lost at least... READ MORE

I had tumescent lipo done on April 13 on my upper arms, upper back, flanks, abs, and inner thighs. I am currently 8 days post op and I'm feeling almost back to normal. I have a small frame and I'm 4'll and weigh in between 105 to 108 lbs. So I didn't have a whole lot of fat but... READ MORE

My life is a miserable hell it has been six months and i am in horrible pain and looked deformed.i am 50 and my procedure was 6 months ago. i have fibro and arthritis. i signed release forms for all my medical records to be given to the doctor who did my procedure and i also told him all that... READ MORE

I am 43 years old and have always had heavy ineer thighs. I had tumescent lipo with laser 4 weeks ago today. The procedure was less painful than I expected. I had the normal discharges for about 5 days and some minor swelling. It is important to wear the compression garment to keep the... READ MORE

Liposuction was performed on Tummy, hips - love handles, bra line to remove stubborn pockets of fat after having 3 children. The results are good so far.I had tumescent liposuction 3 weeks ago. I do look slimmer but I have gained weight since the procedure. I weighed 131 pre op and am now 140.... READ MORE

I had tumescent lipo of the inner thighs yesterday and already I can see the results and am so happy!I had a baby 3 months ago and all the weight I gained seemed to be on my inner thighs. At 3 months postpartum I was at my pre-pregnancy weight and could not get into a single pair of pants... READ MORE

I am a 21 year old female in good shape. I had a problem area on my tummy and I decided to get liposuction. I had tumescent lipo. on my tummy June 6th and by june 17th I was told by my massage therapist, who works at the clinic under my plastic surgeon, that i could stop wearing my compression... READ MORE

I am concerned about my results so I can not go in depth abot the pros and cons. But the pain was not tooo tooo bad. Going between positions (sitting to standing to laying) was UNBEARABLE! but while I was already doing one of those I was fine.Anyone who has had tumenescent lipo with closed... READ MORE

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