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I got lipo done 6 years ago when I was 20- loved results! But now that I've had my first baby I wanted to get procedure done again and will be doing it in less than 3 weeks! He said since this is my 2nd go-around the results won't be as drastic but will still look good. I only weigh 121 lbs so... READ MORE

I am late twenties healthy female. I had lost 35 pounds 3 years ago through diet and exercise but my stomach/pooch never got flat enough for me. I work out 4-5 times a week. The only thing I was unhappy about my body because I am otherwise happy with it. I found Dr. Victoria Karlinsky online... READ MORE

I wanted to feel better in my clothes and just better about myself in general. From beginning to end this was the best experience! I did many consultations and never even met the doctor that would perform the procedure. At Laser, Lipo and Veins I went in for a consultation and actually got to... READ MORE

I was diagnosed with Stage 2 Lipedema in June 2014 and the treatment plan that Dr. Herbst gave me included Tumescent Liposuction--as a cure for Lipedema. I consulted several plastic surgeons who were clueless what Lipedema was, and one offered a 'thigh lift' in place of the liposuction--a major... READ MORE

I had a rare but horrible complication as a result of having a small amount of tumescent liposuction done to my abdomen in 2003. Basically, the trauma of the procedure caused me to become a Type I diabetic. (Before that I had always had perfectly normal blood sugar.) I was 47 at the time and in... READ MORE

It was not as painful as the other reviews said it was going to be .The nurse was very helpful everything that she said was going happen .Happen Jill and marie was my nurse they were very helpful .As long as you take your pain medicine you will be OK. I will tell every boby to see for them self ... READ MORE

It's 10/20/14, and I had my procedure at 9:45 am. Dr. Sotomoyer's assistant, Julia took me in to a room so that I could change into a paper thong and and a lavish robe. I was really comfortable and nervous at the same time. The procedure went well, I will post before pictures that I took this... READ MORE

So glad I did it! I never thought I would have skinny legs! Even as a teen my legs where a little heavy, but thanks to Dr. Bancroft Thats not a problem anymore. Hardest part compression garment for 6 weeks lol. My results were smooth and contoured, not lumpy or uneven. These are the fears I had,... READ MORE

I am 5ft 1" & 52kg. I had tumescent lipo 15 days ago on my upper & lower stomach & hips. At my pre op my PS estimated he would take 1000cc's. I found out at my post op appointment that he only took 250cc's. He said this was pure fat and not fluid (the total including fluid was 450). I see no... READ MORE

So I've been browsing this site ever since the idea of liposuction came into my head a little while ago. How did it come into my head? I was getting desperate. I am a 25 year old female athlete. I'm a cheerleader and gymnast and have training 5-6 days a week. I eat regularly and fairly healthy,... READ MORE

I got this done because I work out with a personal but I still had that pooch. I was always asked was I pregnant. How rude. I went to Nubody Comcept I memphis Tn. The whole team awesome, very courteous and caring. Surgery went well a little sore for 2 days but bearable. I stop using pain meds... READ MORE

At first, I want to say that English is not my first language and I am still working on getting used to it, so my expressions may not be that clear sometimes, this did bother me a bit about whether writing this review or not, but since I had the thought of doing liposuction, this website has... READ MORE

Finally I had it done!! The first day was very uncomfortable. I was draining a lot and very sleepy do to the meds. I just change the garment like five times and then went to sleep. I slept through the whole night with no problem at all. It's the second day and I feel very good. Not as sleepy as... READ MORE

I have been thinking about getting some work done. Not really overweight, just getting a pooch and flabby thighs. Up until today, I was not certain if all I needed was Lipo, or if I needed a TT and lipo. My main concers are: belly fat, saddle bags, and flanks. I weigh 119, am 5'3" and wear... READ MORE

Well, I'm scheduled for tumescent microcannula lipo to my arms on Monday, and I'm NERVOUS. I had my abdomen done more than a year ago with the same doctor (Dr. Puneet Gupta in London) and am thrilled with the results and his skill as a surgeon. This said, I'm a little concerned that how the... READ MORE

I had tumescent liposuction 2 years ago. I'm one year past full recovery time. During my first consultation I was guaranteed a 1 inch reduction around my outer thighs, which was exactly what I wanted. I was also guaranteed that it would be quick, and I would see results within a month or two.... READ MORE

I'm amazed as to how my body is transforming just 3 weeks post-op. I will post photos a little later. Still in the compression garment but was worth every penny spent. :). The first week there is bearable soreness and swelling but the compression and pain killers help with that. I was back to... READ MORE

Its been 2 weeks and I'm doing well. I had a great surgeon and so far I've received many comments about my surgeon doing a great job. I'm a bit swollen and bruised but had lymphatic massage yesterday which helped a lot! Looking forward to see my final results. The pain was bad for a week but... READ MORE

I had lipo completed on my abdomen and my love handles. I had Lipo yesterday and I feel awesome. Rod and his staff were excellent , very professional, very comfortable environment answered all my questions and was completely catering to me. Rod made me very comfortable the whole procedure. I am... READ MORE

I was dieting & exercising but not getting rid of the love handles and belly fat. I read about tumescent liposuction and was excited to find out I could treat these specific areas without much downtime. I gave it a shot, was very happy with the overall experience, minimal downtime as described... READ MORE

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