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I'm 30 years old, 5'3, 144 lbs. I am having my upper and lower stomach, flanks, hips, inner and outer thighs, knees, and arms done. Current Measurements are: Under bust 31" Waist 33" hips 38" Thighs 25 left-25 right Arms 11.5 left -12 right Knees 18.5... READ MORE

So I decided in Tumescent Liposuction for my abdomen area & Back. I'm comfortable with the doctor I've chosen. But originally I wanted my upper back bar line area done and my doctor wants to do my lower flanks area instead. Not sure why because I feel I don't have much in the area. I would... READ MORE

I have been fit and slender all my life. I take good care of my health and body, eating a mostly organic plant based diet with the occasional detour and exercising regularly. As menopause kicked in I was at my ideal super slim weight. Four years into the journey and I had acquired a serious tire... READ MORE

Hi All, i am due to have smart lipo next week. I'm nervous but at the same time ready to get it over with. I am 5 ft 2, 150 pounds. I live on the east coast. I'm happy to share questions and/ or concerns with any of you who may be on the fence about where to start or what to do when it comes... READ MORE

I wanted to reduce my belly fat. I'm at the slightly higher end of the healthy weight range (BMI 23.6) and not especially fit. I've been slimmer in the past, but my belly never reduces as much as the rest of me. I am a classic "apple" shape and have the exact same figure as my mum - I know that... READ MORE

I was always very thin but then gain excessive weight on my stomach after my 2 nd pregnancy 2 years ago. after dieting and millions of sit ups i still could not get rid of it. So I decided to get lipo.My lower belly still looks the same 5 days after lipo.I had Tumescent Liposuction on my upper... READ MORE

Hey. So I got my procedure done yesterday. So far all is going well. I know everyone might say that it is too early to tell, but I feel great. The dr. And his staff were amazing. I am in a bit of pain now that the tumescent fluid is draining out. And I am draining quite a bit. But over all is... READ MORE

- no vitals are taken prior to and post procedure - no explanation of medications prescribed including type of medication, dosage, etc - no marking of surgical site - ambulatory or is old and run down - no surgical post-op supplies/patient must supply gauze etc - poor pain management; felt every... READ MORE

I went to Dr Namdiri for tt consult. He told me I had a double pannus and it would be too dangerous to do a tt. He told me large volume liposuction would give me good results. He showed me after pictures and I again asked him that it would take care of my mid section that I wanted taken care of... READ MORE

Seeking a doctor that does Tumescent liposuction for Lipedema patients and they accept insurance. Willing to pay some portion of this but I would also need a consultation for better determination. Accepting all suggestions for doctors in the Maryland, DC, and VA areas. Had previous surgeries... READ MORE

I have never considered myself fat, obese or overweight. However I have always had a little bit of a wobbly belly which has made me very self conscious. I had previously tried to get rid of my excess fat through exercise and diet (I am a strict vegan and ex International athlete), but with... READ MORE

Very competitive pricing, but I would not chose them for anything that required an artistic touch. What I needed was very basic and minimal so for the great price I chose Dr Bedford who did a fine job but did not have good bedside manner. You are awake for the procedure! At first I loved this... READ MORE

I'm a 40 year old female with one child who has had thick knees and love handles that I just couldn't get rid of despite years of exercise and a healthy diet. I've had these ever since my early 20's. I finally got the nerve up to try liposuction. I know that this isn't a weight loss program... READ MORE

Help! I'm 38 Years old and is have lipo done on my stomach and bra line. I'm very nervous and want the best results possible. Has anyone used Dr. Sergey Voskin from Brooklyn NY? Were you happy with his work and results? Was going to change my mind and do smart lipo intstead, but was told... READ MORE

I received smart lipo & a mini tummy tuck from Dr. Singer at American Lipo Centers. Although he has excellent customer service skills, I hate my results. It's been 2 months & my stomach still looks super fat & he left two stitches in when he was supposed to remove them. I don't know what to do... READ MORE

I was ready to make changes to my body shape after kids and up / down weight for the last 10 years. I decided to have liposuction to my thighs, abdomen, arms and under the chin as well as a breast reduction and lift. I was very realistic with my expectations and knew that I was not going to turn... READ MORE

Okay, so I went in on a Thursday at 6:50 p.m. I was told about the numbing and the feeling of the injection sites. But back up a bit. I was given Valium to sedate me and 2 Hydrocodone and Acetaminophen pills for pain. After about 30 minutes, I was like "come on yall before I fall asleep". I was... READ MORE

WOW! I should have gotten this done a long time ago. I now have a flat stomach and NO love handles. The procedure was very easy-- minimal pain / discomfort. Hardly any bruising ! I'm still a little sore and a little swollen after 1 week, but other than that I feel great! I'm looking forward to... READ MORE

After three children I had the tummy pooch- under my belly button that rubbed against jeans and made things just uncomfortable. I finally decided to go for a consult at Sonobello in Edina, MN to see what could be done. My areas of concern were primarily my tummy and also my legs (especially my... READ MORE

I had a TT a few years ago with a PS in Jupiter, FL. He left me with a terrible scar; I basically had a "T" scar with two bellybuttons, the old one was still there but lower and the new one. After a few years, I noticed that my pubic area was "fatty" compared to a fairly flat tummy. The scar... READ MORE

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