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A non-invasive radiofrequency skin therapy, the FDA-approved Thermage aims to smooth and tighten sagging skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth. LEARN MORE ›

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I am a 40 year old mother of two and over the last 5 years I have had trouble maintaining my weight even though I eat healthy and am very active. I tried Vellasmooth and spent 3,000 for 10 treatments. I was told that the procedure felt like a relaxing massage. "What a lie" I used... READ MORE

I have excess skin to my abdomen since having twins. I went yesterday for thermage and could see the results instantly. When I woke up today I was very impressed, the skin is alot tighter. My belly button moved up 1/2 inch and I lost 2 inches off my upper waist. It was uncomfortable at times,... READ MORE

The most painful thing ive ever exp.more painful than child birth tatoos. To c no result 2hours of pain a million needles going into your face/neck. I went back to c if they would refund at least some of my money.I was told no way-i asked for photos to be taken and sent to me so i can take... READ MORE

I agonized about whether to do thermage. I was most afraid that I would have some awful result (fat loss) and also didn't want to spend money ($4200) and get no results. I am 45 with good skin. Most people think I am in my late thirties. I had some sagging around my jaw line and neck as well as... READ MORE

I had Thermage of the mid-lower face and neck performed in March 2008. Because there was no noticeable change, after the fourth month, the clinic decided to give me two sessions of Refirme to see if the combination of the two procedures would deem positive results. Although there was some... READ MORE

I recently had gone to wedding when I saw the pictures of myself and relies "Man I'm getting old". I am 52 and physically I am as strong and with same energy as when I was in my 30's. Well that not the man I saw in the pictures. I had seen the results of thermage with a friend . The... READ MORE

I am 55 years old and decided to try Thermage after 4 months of facial peels and using various creams. What a difference! I had the procedure 2 months ago and my skin felt tighter immediately. There was a visable reduction in the lines above my upper lip within a few days. Jowls are mostly gone... READ MORE

I spent $3000 for a doctor in Aventura Florida who was an expert in his field of laser treatments. He told me he could get rid of my "waddle" under my chin. I did the treatment, and 6 months later I'm still waiting for results to show. At first he told me to wait 4 months. After 4... READ MORE

I had Thermage about 2 years ago and it hurt like hell. I had to have it done twice because after 6 months there were no visible results from the first treatment. My doctor admitted that it didn't do anything and didn't charge me for the second treatment. A representative from Thermage was there... READ MORE

I had thermage to buttocks and abodomen 5 months ago. I'm 5'8" 125lb. I just wanted loose skin tightened. Very minimal results. It was an extremely painful burning experience. It definitely was not worth the $4,500. I would not reccomend this procedure. I would have been better off spending... READ MORE

I went in for my Thermage treatment just one week ago and had my eyes and face treated. I read all the pros and cons before going in, consulted with my Dr. and made an informed decision to go ahead with it. I was very nervous after reading all the negative statements, but immediately after... READ MORE

I had researched this procedure for 2-3 yrs before deciding to have it done, and thought I'd done my homework well. I had the procedure done on my arms, as I'd read in several publications, including one at my internist's office, that it worked very well on the skin of the arms. Well, it didn't.... READ MORE

I had the Thermage treatment on my neck only about four years ago.  I was not expecting a lot but hoped for some improvement.  I was given something to relax me. I could feel a prickling sensation on and off  for awhile - I believe two or three months.  I can't remember... READ MORE

I have used Botox with good results so I decided to check out Thermage. Truthfully, I allowed myself to be sold and was told the pain medication would make the procedure comfortable. This was a lie. The medication did nothing and it felt as if the tech was touching me with a hot poker. I was... READ MORE

It was incrediably painful. About two days after the procedure my face swelled up until I looked like a chipmunk with staches of nuts in both my cheeks. A few days later, the swelling disappeared and the results were ok...but not $2000 ok. In about three months any skin improvement was gone... READ MORE

I was very satisfied with my Thermage results. The procedure itself was uncomfortable to me. Burning like feeling with each "pop" of the wand. I saw immediate results of firming in my face and this progressed for 6 months. After which I saw no more improvement and gradually my skin... READ MORE

Despite the hype and trappings, Thermage is the modern day equivalent of "Snake Oil."  Lots of  results dependant on the individual/ may require multiple sessions/ must have reasonable expectations etc. etc.----all while you're being shown quasi-miraculous Before & After... READ MORE

The procedure was so painful,I wanted to quit in the middle of it,but thought it worth it to suffer a bit.But I was wrong,there never were any results or difference. It was painful procedure,I felt pain even for a month after words,no results and it is very expensive...definitely wouldn't... READ MORE

I had Thermage performed on my face and neck and my evaluation is that it was a total waste of money as I absolutely did not see results. Was painful and expensive. Save your $ and use it more wisely than I did. I was truly disappointed in the outcome and lead to believe that "over... READ MORE

I had never had work done on my face and I had a chemical peel. I loved the results, but my doc talked me into Thermage. She insists that it isn't hot enough anymore to do damage. I have a very thin, almost sunken face. I have not been happy with the shape of my face since Feb. 2008 when I... READ MORE

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