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A non-invasive radiofrequency skin therapy, the FDA-approved Thermage aims to smooth and tighten sagging skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles by stimulating collagen growth. LEARN MORE ›
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I'm a 44 year old woman with 3 kids and naturally my face has begun to droop. On Friday February 8th, I had my procedure, after just 4 days, I see a huge difference on my face, jaw line and the the area under my jaw. My 20 year old daughter couldn't get over how tight my jaw line looked, she... READ MORE

I had my face done b/c i was hesistant to get a face lift. The results were subtle, but very good. It was not nearly as painful as I had heard. The technician worked with me the whole time. I always hated the folds on my cheeks. They were improved tenfold. I would recommend this to anybody... READ MORE

I've had severe acne & scarring for probably 15 years on my face and chest. I also had a lot of red splotchiness on my cheeks. After one treatment, the redness almost completely disappeard. I couln't believe it. Blemishes that show up are a shadow of their former selves (smaller, not red,... READ MORE

If you are considering thermage and have read a lot of reviews here and there, please understand the simple fact that most of the people are not satisfied at all. Some have seen no results at all, while most have seen horrible results. I am one of those who have suffered with thermage and... READ MORE

For me, thermage was like getting a facelift without the surgery. When i heard that this treatment can erase wrinkles without any incision or surgery, or even injecions, i was all for it. I was thrilled at the results and saw that thermage had actually given me a far younger looking skin, a... READ MORE

I had thermage about a year ago. I thought my skin looked great about 3 or so weeks later, however, everything started to reverse after that to make me look worse and worse. Today I have dimples in my skin, lumps, weird sagging - it is nasty. My face is always swollen now. I have an... READ MORE

I had Thermage done in January 2007. I had no redness, swelling after the procedure. One week later I started feeling a pulling down sensation on my lower face. Also I felt my mouth was paralized. I called the nurse who performed the treatment and she said that I could have some sensations... READ MORE

In 2005 I had two Titan treatments. I was actually quite happy with the subtle results. I saw immediate improvement under the chin after the first treatment. A year later, I wanted a Titan tuneup, but when I called to schedule, my Dr had eliminated Titan at his practice and was... READ MORE

You might not believe it.. but nothing happened after thermage on my face. I got it done last year and except for some mild changes in the wrinkles and folds, there was no noticable difference on my face. It was so bad that even my closest friends could not tell that i had something done and... READ MORE

I agree with all you women who think that thermage is a waste of money.I have not had thermage done personally and never will. I am writing this after watching what thermage did to my sister. Her face was severly sun burnt and the bright sun had caused before-age wrinkles. She decided to go for... READ MORE

Today is my two-month Thermage anniversary and I didn’t expect to feel so down about it. I was prepared to celebrate “the new me” after my “miracle cure” but I have not been able to do that. I had Thermage done on my face. My skin had begun to sag over the years and I was looking... READ MORE

So i am not the only thermage victim here. I see many of you ladies. I am so sorry for you. I regret getting thermage done too and wish i had read more about it before going in. I have a thing for looking good. Tried and tested botox, got a nose job, got chemical peel and finally, got... READ MORE

I just got thermage on my stomach, 3 days ago.  I went to a very well respected plastic surgeon.  Over 2  years ago I lost 100 pounds and even though I work out every other day, I have loose skin.  Too little for surgery and I wouldn't want to go that route.  I took no... READ MORE

I felt that my Thermage face treatment experience was much more uncomfortable than I was led to believe Although not too painful during the thermage treatment (because of drugs given), I was sore and numb for quite some time after wards. . ... ...I just felt "strange".  Also... READ MORE

After reading so many frightening reviews about thermage, i now feel that i have been very very lucky. I had no side effects, no break outs, no scars and no bumps. The procedure worked just fine for me. I now feel a bit scared because i think i took a huge risk ( very evident from the reviews),... READ MORE

If i earn bread by selling cigarettes, i will never talk bad abt them. The case is the same with thermage. If you ask a doc who offers the service, she will never tell you how bad it can be. She will just tell you how great it can make you look. Watch out for it. Don't get conned. I got thermage... READ MORE

Thermage has been an excellent experience and i feel great and glad that i decided to opt for it. Earlier, i was in 2 minds about thermage or chemical peel, but i decided to go for thermage as i believe that it is far more effective. I was right and it has really worked for me. My looks... READ MORE

Ever since thermage first became popular a couple of years ago I have been watching to see what happens. As I get older I have been considering getting a face lift. I know the dangers, I've heard the horror stories and the success stories. Thermage seemed Like a good alternative to the knife. I... READ MORE

Thermage is a nightmare that has turned my life upside down. I have spent thousands of dollars on rectifying the damage, running in and out of  clinics. I really agree that it was not good of Oprah to recommend it... it is a disaster. It is dangerous and can damage your face, your mind and... READ MORE

I have read a lot of reviews about thermage and i would like to say is that it is not all that bad. I am sorry for all those who have had terrible experiences with the procedure.I feel bad that you had to undergo so much emotional stress and trauma. It is also possible that not all skin types... READ MORE

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