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WORTH IT RATING based on 298 reviews
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Thermage uses radio frequency (RF) energy to tighten and tone sagging facial skin. It is non-invasive and requires no down time, but you may have to go back for maintenance. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $2,400

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After reading so many frightening reviews about thermage, i now feel that i have been very very lucky. I had no side effects, no break outs, no scars and no bumps. The procedure worked just fine for me. I now feel a bit scared because i think i took a huge risk ( very evident from the reviews),... READ MORE

If i earn bread by selling cigarettes, i will never talk bad abt them. The case is the same with thermage. If you ask a doc who offers the service, she will never tell you how bad it can be. She will just tell you how great it can make you look. Watch out for it. Don't get conned. I got thermage... READ MORE

Thermage has been an excellent experience and i feel great and glad that i decided to opt for it. Earlier, i was in 2 minds about thermage or chemical peel, but i decided to go for thermage as i believe that it is far more effective. I was right and it has really worked for me. My looks... READ MORE

Ever since thermage first became popular a couple of years ago I have been watching to see what happens. As I get older I have been considering getting a face lift. I know the dangers, I've heard the horror stories and the success stories. Thermage seemed Like a good alternative to the knife. I... READ MORE

Thermage is a nightmare that has turned my life upside down. I have spent thousands of dollars on rectifying the damage, running in and out of  clinics. I really agree that it was not good of Oprah to recommend it... it is a disaster. It is dangerous and can damage your face, your mind and... READ MORE

I have read a lot of reviews about thermage and i would like to say is that it is not all that bad. I am sorry for all those who have had terrible experiences with the procedure.I feel bad that you had to undergo so much emotional stress and trauma. It is also possible that not all skin types... READ MORE

I thought for a long time before getting thermage. I wanted to understand what was that was bothering me. Was it age or was it bad skin? ( i have a severly sun damaged skin since i am a surfer and i am 39 now). I thought a lot and i realised that age has never been a problem with me. I am ok... READ MORE

Definitely do not do thermage.  It creates tremendous damage consisting of significant fat loss, scaring, and advance aging by 15 years.  Thermage should be taken off the market.  It was irresponsible for Ophra to recommend this procedure.  A few of my friends did it after... READ MORE

Thermage tightened my skin and i am very happy. It smoothed out the wrinkles and after 7 months, my face still looks as great as it did right after i got it done. The procedure was as painful or as usual as it is supposed to be. It burnt, i felt hot and flushed.The heat seems to be penetrating... READ MORE

Ladies, here is my horrific thermage story. Fed up of my wrinkles at a young age, i decided to go in for a thermage. A few of my friends had got it done with great results, so i went in pretty excited to walk out with a brand new look and feel. The treatment started with some mild burning,... READ MORE

Although, the Dr said there would be some pain in some areas of my face, and made  a disclaimer about this process approved for use with the neck area,  it was ENORMOUSLY painful under my chin where he spent an long time even though I was writhing in pain...during which time he merely... READ MORE

I was thrilled the next day to see my face nicely plumped up.  It was downhill after that.  The saggy chin & dewlaps remained, unimproved even after waiting the obligatory 6 months.  The doctor suggested a second Thermage that might produce better results.  No thanks... READ MORE

I’ve had three Thermage treatments on the backs of my arms and they’ve all gone great. I started going to my plastic surgeon for this a few years ago to help with the loose skin there and have had some follow-ups and trials with new equipment since then. The skin is noticeably... READ MORE

Here I am, living proof that men are vain too! I had Thermage last March and I’m going back for another treatment in a few days to work on my sagging neckline and jowls. The first treatment went swimmingly. The skin pulled right up and is much firmer now. More treatments will only make... READ MORE

I had Thermage done on my eyes in June 2005 and again three weeks ago. Each time it cost $1,500. My drooping upper eyelids are the biggest cause of my aging looks and I am not a good candidate for a full face lift because I have only a small area that needs fixing. Every doctor I’ve... READ MORE

I’m not a plastic surgery expert but after four kids even I knew something had to be done to help my flabby stomach. Working out toned the area but there was still a lot of hanging, stretched out skin. I’m still young - only 36 - and I really didn’t want that to be what I saw... READ MORE

I had a full face thermage done in October of 2006.  It was painful, even with the prescriptions I was given.  During the procedure, the nurse mentioned that the retin a I use probably caused a lot of the extra pain.  I see absolutely no difference in my face.  My PS agrees... READ MORE

I was stupid... naive and stupid. I wasn’t willing to believe the bad rap Thermage gets on the message boards so when my doctor recommended it to me after chin lipo, I had my whole face done. The first couple days I looked great! My skin was wrinkle free and tight. It even got rid of my... READ MORE

I debated Thermage with my husband and family for a long time but a few months ago I finally decided to go to London and do it. I had shopped for the right doctor and was very satisfied with choosing the one I did. He numbed the area with one anesthetic injection because I was worried about the... READ MORE

I did some research on thermage before I had it done. I actually wanted to have a thread lift. The doctor I went to did both procedures and convinced me I was a better canidate for the thermage. It was very painful even thought I was sedated. I saw no real results immediately after the... READ MORE

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