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This FDA-approved injectable can be used to reduce the appearance of spider veins, vascular blemishes, or broken blood vessels. LEARN MORE ›

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Well worth the money if you see trained doctor. I have had 6 treatments over the last 30 years with great results. I wear shorts most of the year and am so grateful for this awesome treatment. READ MORE

I have been dealing with stubborn spider veins for a long time. Several doctors have treated them in the past-- they never got better and I was frustrated. She performed an ultrasound and found that I had sapenous vein disease. She treated it with a laser treatment then treated my spider... READ MORE

I have had no negative experience with this procedure. I've had it done 3 times, different places of course and none of the veins we did this to have had any further problems READ MORE

I've had spider veins since I was a teenager. Sadly, they probably are just inherited (I've never been overweight or pregnant)- my mom has them and my father had them. I wanted to treat just the topical small spider veins as the medium blue veins' appearance didn't really bother... READ MORE

I've been enjoying the results of Sclerotherapy for over 12 years; mainly as maintenance to get rid of spider veins that crop up from time to time. First session was the longest (about an hour) rest have been about 15-20 minutes depending what new ones have cropped up. All total-about 5-8... READ MORE

I had 3 sessions on my legs. I see no results and now my left leg is in constant pain and my thigh is swollen. READ MORE

It really hurt to the point where I was in tears ( this is not normal for me) and afterward the doctor never said that I should wear compression stockings which I understand is normal procedure. It really wasn't effective either. I've had much better luck and less pain with laser therapy from... READ MORE

I had spider veins on my ankles and lower legs and a few just above the knee. They would probably have been considered mild in severity. I had them injected and the results have been good. Not every one that was done went away, but the great majority of them did or improved significantly. I... READ MORE

Not worth it. My ugly purple veins are coming back quickly in less than a year. It hurts when the blood is trying to come back in the same vein or the one next to it. I am very disappointed.... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy perform on both legs (various locations) on August 31, 2009, for spider veins. I chose my doctor after visiting a neighboring plastic surgery clinic and feeling very unsure about their way of performing the procedure. At this other clinic, a nurse (who didn't seem like she... READ MORE

I simply didn't like the look of the quarter size spider vein on my lateral thigh, just above my knee.The spider vein is pretty much gone but after two months I'm left with a raise brown mark running down my leg which is bumpy like vericose veins and painful when touched.had sclerotherapy 2... READ MORE

I had one treatment - doctor said to start injections at hip (this was done) and move down leg in 6 or so more treatments. I see no improvement. In fact, injecting the hip veins seems to have made the veins in my legs much worse!Why close all those veins when they don't bother me? Is this the... READ MORE

I had multiple clusters of spider veins on my legs. Doctor performed sclerotherapy. All he used to find my veins was a regular light. Ended up going though the veins & injected solution into soft tissue. Now I have ulcerated scars on both of my legs (he made the same mistake twice!!).... READ MORE

I had about 6 Sclerotherapy sessions a 7 months ago . The veins appeared to vanish for a few weeks then they came back with a vengeance and new ones...many new ones.It took over 15 years for me to develop the few that I had. Then after Sclerotherapy I suddenly had legs covered in ugly veins. Now... READ MORE

The nurse here said that she only uses saline, because the others cause staining that may be permanent. I've researched other vein centers in Nashville on line that say they use other solutions.I just don't want to keep paying $200 per treatment at my dermatoligists office if i'm not going to... READ MORE

I spent $350 per leg, had one treament session and have had poor results-only one of my veins dissapeared- all the other areas are still just as visible as before. I am extremely dissapointed and refuse to pay $700 more for minimal improvement. But if you have enough money to keep going back i... READ MORE

I have been treated with sclerotherapy injections for several years with mixed results. The veins in my upper legs have been helped, but the spider veins in my shin and ankle areas don't seem to be any better. My doctor told me that because these veins are so tiny and numerous he probably... READ MORE

Sclerotherapy has been the most effective cosmetic treatment I have undergone. For the cost, it yields great results and they are lasting...over three years passed before I needed a touch up. If you have spider veins, you will be very pleased with this procedure. Downtime is minimal. The most... READ MORE

I had the sclerotherapy injections done about a week ago and it was not so painful at all. It was like bee stings but would go away in a few seconds. I actually just went for a consultation and came out having the injections. I still have bruising and dark veins which the doctor said it was... READ MORE

I chose to do Sclerotherapy for the treatment of a spider vein that I was not happy with the apperance of. I went to the appointment and was told that I would pay the same for one vein as I would to have them all done. So I chose to have them do others that really did not concern me. This... READ MORE

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