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Using light or lasers to stimulate collagen production, ReFirme is meant to tighten saggy skin, reduce jowls, and minimize wrinkles without invasive surgery. LEARN MORE ›
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What motivated me was I am really feeling bad about my appearance since I noticed this like turkey wattle under my chin last year. also my jowls were a little looser. I have had a mini-lift 4 years ago and it seems to be wearing out. Since I do not have the money for another facelift. I opted... READ MORE

I had my first treatment in March and about to have my second treatment June 17. I liked it, I had it on my neck, jowls and face. This time around I am not having it done on my neck quite simply because I don't need it. I did notice my face toned with much less fine lines and sagging. (I am... READ MORE

I have not done Thermage or Titan but I have done many laser photofacials. Refirme is radio frequency, not laser. I had a topical anesthetic cream applied to my face 30 min. before the treatment. The treatment is painful. And I turned quite red. I ended up having some lines of burn marks, just... READ MORE

Not sure. I am seven days out after two refirme treatments. i think i have FAT LOSS! my cheek has two dents, my face is already thin, so i can't afford FAT LOSS! Scared! Anyone have this experience. So much out there now on RF and fat loss and i need someone to chime in! Please! A doc advice or... READ MORE

I purchased four sessions. During the first session, I didn't really feel that much and I didn't see any difference at all. She told me she had the setting at 5 and at my next appointment, I'm going to ask that they try a 7. I was also in and out of there in just under 30 minutes. Then, the... READ MORE

I have had one Refirme treatment; it was two days ago and now my skin is very very dry and my wrinkles look worse. This was not worth it and I am supposed to have 2 more treatments but I am canceling them. They gave me baby wipes to wipe off the gel and did not providesunscreen, luckily I had... READ MORE

I had a free introductory session with ReFirme at my local spa (I am a regular long-term customer). I am 46 and have never had anything "done" but lately finding myself with some droopy jowls. It didn't hurt much at all, a little warm at times. I'm surprised by the remarks... READ MORE

Bought a Groupon for 1 treatment. Paid $90. then tipped 10% of what they said normally costs $400. I am so disappointed! First of all, it hurt! She did full coverage of face (meaning just around one eye area I counted 160 pulses.) It took about 45 minutes to complete. Lidocaine is needed to numb... READ MORE

They say an hour but it is more like 30 minutes. I have saggy jowls and I did not see results on the first treatment but I didn't expect to but I'm sure it will take more then 1 treatment. I think the technicians are misleading people if they say you see results in the first session... READ MORE

This is hard for me to judge because I was so rushed while I was there. But I had no pain, no burning and no feeling of any kind. I'm just trusting that the machine was on. I had it done 5 months ago and have never seen even the slightest hint of a result or difference. UPDATE:... READ MORE

I have had only one appointment so far earlier today. I haven't seen any difference but I wasn't expecting to see results yet.The Refirme did not hurt at all, I also had the Fotofacial done on my cheeks and the Refirme was nothing compared to that. It was a very unique feeling, it was making the... READ MORE

Age 45, male Issue - deep horizontal creases in forehead, minor crowsfeet around eyes Area done - forehead and cheeks Number of treatments - 5. (total cost for 5 shown)over a 6 month period The treatment did not eliminate any wrinkles and I can't say that I noticed... READ MORE

Very positive experience. A technician did the treatment in a small spa like place, but saved hundreds, as here technicians do it anyway (in doctor's offices). Immediate noticeable results. No down time, people said I looked very RESTED the day after. I would recommend it, but don't... READ MORE

I am 46 years old had my first Refirme treatment 3 months ago. After my first treatment, I began to notice many blackheads, whiteheads and other blemishes. I did not associate these with Refirme. I have now had 3 treatments and have developed cystic acne - a condition that is causing devestating... READ MORE

So far I've had 5 out of 6 in a series of Refirme treatments over a 6 month period. I am 47 and while I'm lucky not to have wrinkles, I felt my neck skin was starting to feel lax (especially when I turned my head in specific positions). The process itself only takes about 20-25 minutes. The... READ MORE

I had refirme for neck tightening which did help but my cheeks lost volume, my eyes got very tried they're not telling you everything. I have to contacted the provider of the services but got no response for obvious reasons. Refirme refers everyone to the provider of the treatment if... READ MORE

The first treatment is done at a very low wattage. The next ones hurt at all the more sensitive spots on the face. It feels like a knife is gripping your skin. Absolutely no difference in wrinkles or firmness of skin. Thumbs down - don't waste your money. READ MORE

I was invited to try refirme at plastic surgeons open house. It was a disaster. I was severely burned and am left with scars on my face. It hurt terribly and when I told them, all they said was, "It will get worse" boy, they weren't kidding. I would never recommend this to anyone. READ MORE

I noticed a difference after one treatment.. plumper skin. and when my friend saw me, she said the same thing.i think its worth it, will do more. good for around the mouth and checks, doesnt do anything for the eyes. READ MORE

Refirme: Not particularly painful, but no results either aside from now having persistent acne (I never had acne before, not even as a teenager). I had three treatments earlier this year, each approximately a month apart. The treatments were administered at two different medical facilities... READ MORE

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