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This type of dental work refers to thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the original tooth. Porcelain veneers enhance the size, shape, and color of those pearly whites. LEARN MORE ›

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All of my front teeth are bonded. They are stained, different colors and the front 2 crack repeatedly. They also different sizes. The estimate I received in NYC to put porcelain veneers on 16 teeth was $32,000. REALLY??? the last week of June i will be flying down to Costa Rica and spending a... READ MORE

It is been three months since I have had the veneers on my teeth and I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the results. Now i have an attractive and bright smile. I feel so much more confident and have not taken the smile off my face. Words cannot describe how happy and... READ MORE

I naturally have a space (it's called a diastema) between my two front teeth. As a teen, the braces I wore for a couple of years helped to close the gap - but fast forward to adulthood and I found that space opening up again. Ugh. In comes Dr. Lane - phenomenal and artistic dentist with both the... READ MORE

I just had received my temporary trial smile yesterday for 12 of my top teeth. I'm still getting used to it but feel the front two teeth are too wide and as a whole they are too blocky. I think I will ask the dentist to make the permanent veneers thinner. Appreciate any feedback! Thanks. I'm... READ MORE

Ok for starter I had temp vaneers places last Friday now I'm waiting on my perms to be finish I'm having a little problem with this temp thing because It's something I'm not liking about them I just can't point it out just yet I have been taking photos tryin to see what could be the problem I... READ MORE

I am a patient of Dr. Boulden's and would not trust anyone else with my teeth. I had 10 veneers put in and could not be happier with my results. The entire team is professional and they all make you feel comfortable. I cannot say enough good things about Atlanta Dental Spa and Dr. Boulden. I... READ MORE

My teeth were crooked and discolored. After consulting with Dr Young, and since I had such a wide smile, we decided to do 22 veneers. 12 upper and 10 lower. The whole process took approximately 2 months but went very well. All the long procedures were done under light sedation and I never... READ MORE

I have always had a smile that I was not happy with. I could never get my teeth as white as I wanted due to some discolorations on them. They also were a little out of line which drove me crazy. I promised myself when I got a good job I would finally fix my teeth. Well finally got a promotion I... READ MORE

Amazing Dentist! Jorge R. Blanco, DDS gets 5 stars! He just fixed my broken veneer and I cannot thank him enough. As a Medical Doctor working here in Miami I will recommend him to friends and family. Here is my story. 10 days ago I decided to have my teeth cleaned. I went to dental... READ MORE

I have always been self conscious about my smile. My front teeth were slightly out of alignment giving me a crooked smile and I felt it was holding me back at my job. I went to a few different dentists in town before choosing Dr Perrone. SHe was the only one who made me feel comfortable immediately. READ MORE

Having a healthy smile has always been important to me because I am always meeting people on extended business trips. I was on a recent business trips in the Dominican Republic and came across Dr. Alonso locally so i decided to just have a consultation and ask some questions. After a bit of... READ MORE

I am very pleased about how my treatment went! It cost 6800 for 16 Porcelain Veneers, which I had done by Dr. Alonso. I have so much more confidence and feel so much better about myself now. It is really changing my life for the better and I couldn't be happier. The prices in the Dominican... READ MORE

I consulted with Dr. Natwarlal roughly just under 2 months ago to seem what treatment was best to redefine my smile and he gave me all the help I needed to do so ! Over the course of the treatment I was given all the information I needed ! I had 4 veneers put in place on my top row of teeth with... READ MORE

I was involved in an accident that left me needing a crown on one of my front teeth (had to have a root canal and all that) and then my dentist talked me into getting a veneer placed on the other front tooth for cosmetic reasons. I was hesitant and freaked it but her persistence and my fears of... READ MORE

I have been thinking about fixing my smile for years. I just turned 40 last year and decided it was time to treat myself to a new smile. I have always hated that my teeth were out of line and was always self conscious when I would smile. Dr Perrone was able to change all that in a few short visits.. READ MORE

Dr. Boulden and his Staff were incredible from start to finish. I am now very confident when I smile. I highly recommend the Atlanta Dental Spa and Dr. Boulden. Overall it was a first class, five Star experience with incredible results. All my questions were answered right away and the follow up... READ MORE

I wish I would have read these posts just a few days earlier. I went ahead with my procedure, while they filed down my two front teeth I took a look in the mirror and I couldn't recognize my smile. It was the worse feeling ever. They filed down my teeth so much I can't believe I put my naturals... READ MORE

I thought when I was younger I got lucky in not needing braces, but as I got older (26 year old professional) I realized that I felt uncomfortable with my smile and never smiled around anyone or even in photos. I was always jealous of everyone who smiled and had perfect teeth so I figured it... READ MORE

I have hated my teeth for as long as I can remember. I was teased and picked on in grade school and it just made my self esteem drop. My teeth are all straight but I have spaced in between most of the teeth on the top. Im a very bubbly person and love laughing and making others laugh, so its... READ MORE


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