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This type of dental work refers to thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the original tooth. Porcelain veneers enhance the size, shape, and color of those pearly whites. LEARN MORE ›
Average Price: $6,950

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I'd broken my teeth at the age of 11, due to a cycling accident. My front four teeth at the top were severely damaged and the nerve was killed in one of them, leaving it a grey colour even after a root canal. When I turned 21, I inherited some money from my Grandad, which I decided to use to... READ MORE

Before I got my veneers, my teeth were pretty bad. I had gaps all through out the front of my mouth and this might sound a little funny, but I ate a lot of lemons when I was younger, so givin that token my teeth were a little on the yellow side and whitening really didn't help because the... READ MORE

I was born with a small "club" like tooth on one side of the my two front teeth. My story begins in my early 30's at trying to get cosmetic work done on this tooth. One dentist put a brace on my front tooth and the canine tooth to "make room" for crown. In the process he... READ MORE

Bottom line: i should have considered braces first to correct my tooth spacing, and probably followed up with a no/low prep veneer to fix shape of teeth (if needed). I have a slight overbite, somewhat small teeth, and some of my teeth were a little spacey. You couldn't really notice the... READ MORE

I had been unhappy with my teeth for a long time and was really self conscious about them. I knew that it would be fairly expensive to repair so I kept putting it off. I ended up getting two dental implants and full mouth veneers. It was SO worth the money that I spent as now I can talk, smile,... READ MORE

My front teeth were always different colors and that really bothered me. Now I have compliments on my smile all of the time. READ MORE

It is a pleasure to smile and let others see and admire the appearance. Many have shown how much they liked the work by asking who did mine so they could consider the same treatment. READ MORE

Obviously it's very important to choose the right doctor for you. Make sure you look at his/her body of work and when you speak to the doctor, try to get a sense of not only his/her technical knowledge, but sense of artistry as well. The right doctor has the mind of an MD but the heart of an... READ MORE

I grew up in the era before we understood that taking tetracycline when young could stain the teeth. My tetracycline staining was pronounced. I had green/gray teeth. Like most people who are uncomfortable with their smile, I hid it with my hand, refused to smile in pictures, and was very... READ MORE

My teeth are very nice. They look natural and the color is nice etc. The process is really not bad at all - a little Novocaine is needed. It is not a short process by any means but my new dentist has his own machine in his office which cuts out waiting for the lab to send them back. I say... READ MORE

I decided to get veneers because I am getting older (late 40s) and felt that a new smile would have a huge impact visually. I have some restorative crowns on back teeth because of decay, and they looked so good--I wanted to have that look for my front teeth. My dentist does exceptional... READ MORE

I had uneven teeth all my life. I decided to get Veneers to make my smile more "adult-like" and the results have been great. I found Dr. F browsing through the internet and I am very happy I did. He is a perfectionist and his work is very detail-oriented. He is a great communicator... READ MORE

Extremely happy with my veneers, I've had them for 4 years now and I'm 24 years old. I had braces first to help with the final out come of the veneers. I had a lot of room in my mouth and my teeth were really small. So the orthodontist could not fix my teeth with just braces (I went to two... READ MORE

I had 16 veneers redone after years, and I couldn't be any happier. The doctor was extremely professional and took his time with my case. This was my second time around dong my veneers. I had the first set for about 15 years and it was time for a new set since I drank a lot of coffee and... READ MORE

I had a vampire smile I would call it. My too fang teeth stuck out in front of all my other top teeth. I got 10 veneers done. It was the painfullest experience I ever went through... My painful story: Got my temporary teeth on, they looked perfect I loved them.Two weeks I went back in to... READ MORE

I had old bonding on 1 front tooth. I was told that if I had 2 veeners put on my front teeth then I would have to always whiten the rest of my teeth, so I decided to get 8 veneers for my front top teeth so they would look uniform in color. 6 of my veneers have small gaps between the top of... READ MORE

Prior to getting veneers I had a pretty good set of teeth except for two pegged upper laterals. The decision was pretty easy for me knowing that it was the only thing holding me back from having a excellent smile. Wearing the temporary veneers for two weeks is a bit of a pain because you... READ MORE

I wanted to look younger and yellow teeth can age a person. I tried all the whitening procedures first and they did not make a substantial difference. I wanted my smile to sparkle and reflect my enthusiasm and youthful attitude. READ MORE

I dreamt of having a perfect white smile but my teeth were undersized and grew in off-color due to medications at a young age. Since the veneers, i feel more confidant, smile more, and people assume that I'm younger than I am! This is not an easy procedure and there are adjustments to be... READ MORE

I've had my Vaneers for a few years now. When I was little I had a huge overbite and a small space in between my teeth. I had braces for awhile but eventually I finally had them taken off as they were just too painful. I was being told they would be done in a few more months again and again.... READ MORE

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