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This type of dental work refers to thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the original tooth. Porcelain veneers enhance the size, shape, and color of those pearly whites. LEARN MORE ›

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I needed help because my old bonding on my front teeth was breaking off and I was in pain from lots of old work on my teeth, caps, fillings leaking etc. I have been careful about caring for my teeth, but to no avail. I went there thinking I would get the usual quick fix and be on my way. After... READ MORE

I had severe flourosis and decalcification since my adult teeth first came in, causing my teeth to appear yellow/brown. Any whitening treatment would make the white parts whiter and the brown contrast more - every dentist I saw advised veeners would be the only option for a white smile. I... READ MORE

I went to Doctor Alberto Coto Calvo at High Tech Dental Clinic just outside of San Jose Costa Rica for some dental work and to have veneers put on all of my teeth. This man broke my tooth causing 3 root canals to be preformed while in his care, left me with 10 open margins ( the crowns are... READ MORE

I had teeth stained from tetracycline all of my life, and an overbite...so I have always hated my teeth. As I aged they got darker, and whiteners do not work for internal stains. A few years ago I sent to a big name dentist in Atlanta for an estimate for veneers. They quoted me a laughable... READ MORE

I had to broken upper front teeth due to an accident when I fell on the stairs when I was 9 back in 2001. Well fast forward to 2011 am now 19 and jumped at the opportunity to get my teeth fixed. But have regretted it since the moment my prep was complete. My front two teeth were shaven down... READ MORE

I was never really comfortable with my smile and always wanted a brighter, larger smile. Dr Wilcox achieved everything I had every wanted in my smile!! READ MORE

I had issues with many gaps between my teeth which have become gradually worse as I have become older.I tried having composite fillings but they wore away after approx 12 months and as a smoker they stained quite easily. My dentist advised that veneers would be a much more permanent solution and... READ MORE

I had jaw surgery and my teeth shifted. I needed to get braces (again) but the best result with the braces could only be achieved by leaving a small gaps in my smile. Dr. A did an amazing job making my smile complete again with porcelain veneers. I had to move away from Chicago, but every... READ MORE

There's nothing more beautiful, inspiring, contagious and fun then a beautiful smile. It can light up a room, bring a smile to someone else's face, and make you feel special. READ MORE

I had the top front 6 teeth veneered. I had bonding on these teeth before which i was happy with cosmetically, i just didn't like having to repair them when they chipped. I was told veneers would be superior in durability and cosmetics by my dentist. I'll summarize the problems: -The... READ MORE

Last year I started noticing my enamel on my teeth was wearing off. When Pronamel didn't help, I knew I would need veneers. I decided to get my new smile with Dr. Frey earlier this year and couldn't be happier! His team is extremely caring and he made sure every procedure was as painless and... READ MORE

I've been coming to Dr. Desiree Yazdan for over a year now. I am actually fortunate enough to be a patient of her and her brother, both of whom are fantastic physicians. Dr. Desiree Yazdan has performed several dental procedures for me, the most recent of which was for a set of veneers. I had... READ MORE

I heard about Dr. Yazdan and decided to visit her office when I was in town (I live in Arizona). I have been self conscious about my teeth for a very long time. She made me feel so comfortable during my appointment and I decided to have my treatment done with her. I had 8 veneers placed on my... READ MORE

My entire life, I've been insecure about my "gummy" smile and small, uneven teeth. I've always wanted veneers but was terrified of having an unnatural appearance. After A YEAR of meetings and research, I happened upon the incredible Dr. Rajpal- and could not be happier with the end result. My... READ MORE

Bill Linger is an excellent "General Dentist". However when it comes to Cosmetic- Porcelain Veneers, Bill relies on his esthetic Ceramist (Jake-at Metrolina Dental Laboratory) to fabricate poor quality veneers. I had to have my veneers removed and redone twice where the final results were worse... READ MORE

I have consulted several dentists to fix my veneers and now, I was able to narrow down to two but can't seem to able to pick one. Please help me decide! Dentist 1: accredited AACD member, has great pictures, has great reviews, low volume and personal- sees only one patient at a time and does... READ MORE

All of my front teeth are bonded. They are stained, different colors and the front 2 crack repeatedly. They also different sizes. The estimate I received in NYC to put porcelain veneers on 16 teeth was $32,000. REALLY??? the last week of June i will be flying down to Costa Rica and spending a... READ MORE

It is been three months since I have had the veneers on my teeth and I wanted to let you know that I am extremely happy with the results. Now i have an attractive and bright smile. I feel so much more confident and have not taken the smile off my face. Words cannot describe how happy and... READ MORE

I naturally have a space (it's called a diastema) between my two front teeth. As a teen, the braces I wore for a couple of years helped to close the gap - but fast forward to adulthood and I found that space opening up again. Ugh. In comes Dr. Lane - phenomenal and artistic dentist with both the... READ MORE

I just had received my temporary trial smile yesterday for 12 of my top teeth. I'm still getting used to it but feel the front two teeth are too wide and as a whole they are too blocky. I think I will ask the dentist to make the permanent veneers thinner. Appreciate any feedback! Thanks. I'm... READ MORE

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